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Evelynn Build Guide by Calfurion

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Calfurion

Evelynn - Ranked Roaming Ravager

Calfurion Last updated on June 17, 2011
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Utility: 21

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"To do well with Eve you have to know what Other Champs can do well"

Hi :)

This is my second Eve build.

It is in no way intended to replace my original build. It's just a completely different way to play her.

A couple of people have raise the point that once you reach a certain ELO, Assassin Eve just doesn't seem to cut it any more. So, I present to you: Roaming Eve!

Now this is hardly an original idea and it is quite commonplace in the higher ELO's but hopefully this will serve as a nice foundation for those wishing to make the transition from Assassin Eve.

NOTE: If you haven't played Eve before, I recommend trying my old build first.

A few things about this build:

    -It requires a high level of understanding of the game as you will need to make intuitive decisions throughout the match in order to be effective.
    -It is a bit more high-risk than my old build.
    -Your damage will suck, and your kills will be low. But your assists should be very, very high.
    -This is a SUPPORT build.
    -This build is about small steps. Hundreds of tiny things that each slightly increase your teams advantage building on top of each other until you are dominating.
    -Pull it off and you will look like a God :)

Anyway, lets get started :)

Pro Tip: Just skip to the "early game" section. The rest is boring.

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I've gone for Utility as this is a Utility build.

You don't need to use the exact runes I do but your primary focus should be movement speed, regen and CDR.

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Pretty bog-standard utility mastery build with imp exhaust. Tweak to suit summoner spells.

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Ah items. I've done what I consider core items and left the rest blank.

To be honest. If you're using this build you're going to be pretty knowledgeable about items, just build accordingly. Here are some idea's of my own aswell as some from the comments.

A slow/health item like Rylai's, Frozen Mallet, TF or maybe Gunblade is a good idea for helping you set up ganks. Someone pointed out Rylai's > Mallet as it lets you slow 2 people with Q. Really liked that point. However, for around 1k more you could get TF which in my eyes has a lot more benefits for your money.

Aside from that, I usually stack aura items, prioritizing different one's based on their comp. It's also been pointed out that Abyssal Scepter's debuff could potentially alert enemies to your presence. (pretty small risk though if you ask me).

IMO when compared with other factors. Build is so insignificant. Eve is about map control, initiation and intimidation. Just by being MIA you will encourage passive play on the opponents team. These are Eve's true strengths.

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Skill Sequence

Stealth first for the increased duration on the stun followed by Ravage for the increased resistances reduction.

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Summoner Spells

    -Exhaust for slowing while setting up ganks
    -Smite for stealing/farming/getting buffs
    -Clairvoyance for vision
    -Ghost for added mobility when switching between lanes

(Exhaust/smite personal favorites)

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Early Game

This is the most important part. If you don't establish an early lead you will face a tough time in the later parts of the game.

Start off with boots and a mana pot. Go guard your jungle or whatever it is your team wants to do and use stealth to scout until minions spawn. ( Remember stealth is only 10 secs at this point. Don't let it drop off at an unfortunate time :P ).

Once your jungler is a happy chappy have a look at the lanes. You're probably going to want to leave bot alone as it will have 2 enemy champs in it. Keep an eye out for champs over-extending. There's a lot to think about here:

    -Can your team member in that lane cc/damage them enough to kill them?
    -Do they have any amazing defense/escape moves. (Valkyrie, Arcane Shift etc.)
    -Do they have flash?

There's nothing wrong with making a champ burn their flash, but it's no kill and they will know what sort of play-style you're going for as well so you need to think whether it's worth it.

Communication is massively important, make sure you tell the person in that lane you are going to try set up a gank. Ping them when you want them to move in on the champ and then stun with your stealth opener and exhaust followed by ravage if you have it yet. Keep up the auto attacks and pray that your team mate closes in for the kill. Mid ganks are always hard because they tend to be more cautious and there's less far to run so don't be disheartened if you don't get it.

If there really aren't any ganks on at all then go for the jungle. Try find him and wait in the brush till you can smite steal. If it's red or blue this will really screw them over. This is really easy to do but most people neglect to do this which i find surprising. Especially considering what a difference it can make to the game.

After your hp/mana get low recall and buy Boots of Mobility and some wards. Place the wards in the river (I usually buy two and put one on each side in the middle so you catch most traffic). Then carry on trying to set up kills. There WILL be kills available. Just be patient and cautious and you will succeed.

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Mid Game

By now the other team should be raging that they can't go past half way without getting brutally ganked. So you can expect lots and lots of wards to appear. This means it's time for you to get oracle and take all those expensive wards out.

By now you should have quite a few ***its and your team should be getting pretty fed.

Keep scouting, warding, counter-jungling and ganking. Don't be aggressive. Be calculated.

Stop people escaping. Stop people landing killing blows on your team mates. Be everywhere.

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Late Game

Sit back and relax. You don't need kills, you don't need gold. Keep scouting. Keep warding. Allow your team to be well informed enough to be able to decide the perfect time and place to initiate team fights. Hang back, observe. You have the unique advantage of being able to clearly evaluate everything. Compensate for your team mates mistakes and punish the opposing team for theirs. By effectively utilizing your stuns, slows, and vision you can ensure consistent favorable outcomes to situations.

Seize every opportunity you can to backdoor. No one can catch you with your ult and stealth.

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The Hard Part

This is a support build. Which means if your team fails, you are in trouble.

The hard part is not being like 95% of other LoL players and going "/all My team sucks! GG".

Support is more than just supporting champs. It's supporting players aswell. At level 30 there's no such thing as a really **** player. They all know how to play the game. Every single person reading this knows that one game you can go 0/8/0 and look like the worst player ever only to go 20/0/0 the next. There's more than raw individual skill to LoL. It's a team game. If solo top is failing don't flame them. Help them, ask them what you can do, tell someone from bot to go top or tell them to swap. Act like a team, manage your team mates. Chances are they are all capable of some feats of skill. It's up to you to coax it out of them. Tell them when they are overextending or chasing (in a nice way). Saying "back mate you're over-extended" is way more effective than "B NOOB OMG". Keep morale up. Bring structure to team fights and positioning, tell them who to focus.

Play off your teams strengths. If you have cait and nid in your team, fight near brush. If you have nunu, fight near minions, etc. Think of yourself as a caring father. If you know their veigar is constanly focusing your malz, stun the B*stard before he can ult and make sure he's focused hard.

This is a hard build. Sometimes it's frustrating, and it can be very hard work. But, mastering this will lead to the ability to rally teams which are destined to lose and turn those games into wins.

And that feels good.