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League of Legends Build Guide Author JEFFY40HANDS

Evelynn The Blue *****

JEFFY40HANDS Last updated on August 21, 2010
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Evelnn: The Widowmaker
A Comprehensive Guide on how to make your opponents pull their hair out and most likely cause them to chase you down, A LOT. Which has it's advantages if you think about it.

She's beautiful, busty, and blue. If you play her well though I can promise she will be bloddied too. ((Covered by her enemies blood never her own))

A lot of people tend to shy away from this character it seems, something about a stripper with hands that can rip the spine out of a lone Veigar ((If he has one)) tends to scare people away from playing her.

Great to look at ;D
Fun to play
Good Minion Farmer
Decent nuking potential

By far the squishiest AP melee I have ever played
Hard to handle at the start
Isn't too potent in a team fight
VERY CD dependant. ((If you can't finish your target in 2-4 seconds you had better be running FAR AWAY))

Summoner Abilities I Recommend:
Ignite:If you have improved ignite (Burning embers I think +10AP when ignite is on CD) then it behooves you to apply this to an enemy champion whenever it is off CD. I've been using it more recently when a champion has heal but thinks they can get away without popping it, fun to watch their HP drop, they pop heal and the DoT finishes them.

Ghost: Great for the chase or the escape. It's woth the talent but depending on group comp and comfort with Evelynn you can always switch it out with something like Exhaust.

Champion Abilities:
Hate Spike: This is your back stab if back stabs used tiny needles. It won't hit hard until fully leveled and even then it won't be one shotting anything. But it has under a second CD and is able to hit multiple targets in close proximity. (Great for minion farming)

Shadow Walk: This is your stealth and the main reason Evelynn is played with a certain finesse. It has a long CD and the initial affect of stealth happens 1.5 seconds after you hit the button. But it provides a 1 second stun when you use an attack to come out of stealth. It is worth the first point in your abiltiy build and then some which I will explain later.

Ravage: Your hard hitting attack. Decreases enemy magic resist by 10 when used from behind and can hit VERY HARD 500-700 mid to late game. 5 second CD so if you're not already running by the third second of opening and not killing someone I hope you can get off another to finish your target.

Malice and Spite: Hit and run faster for 15 seconds. Damage a champion within 10 secons of popping your ulti have 25% HP back. And you can cast it while stealthed AWESOME. Later on this is how you will pre-open on a target.

The Meat And Potatoes:

Playstyle Overview: With most characters that have this kind of "in and out" style they are a bit of a carry. If your lane partner expects you to dive into the fray and save them from levels 1-5 you'd either be sure you can kill one of the two people you are laning against or your partner is **** outta luck. Later on however once your AP starts getting up there you can use your lane partners failure to understand what "Stop feeding them" means to your advantage. Evelynn is pretty much a finisher SHE can stand toe to toe with squishies and even take huge bites out of tanks BUT you have to use YOUR judgement.

Playstyle Basics Harassment: As a stealth character your bread and butter is suprise. Don't be over confident in your abiltiies though it takes a lot to kill some characters and sometimes that means a "rinse repeat" harass. Stealth, wait, auto hit, run. Basically all you can do before level 3-6. With a smart lane partner the people you are laning against won't suspect that you're about to pounce on them.

Playstyle Basics First Kill/Assist: With a good lane partner as stated earlier your enemies will not know that you're sitting stealthed behind them ready to open with Ravage and a stun THEN spam them to death with Hate Spike. By level 3-4 you have all the tools in your arsenal to get your first kill or assist. All it takes is paitience and the abiltiy to realize what comp you're going against is either good to try and gank or the worst mistake you're going to make. Look for squishies like Annie and Veigar but be weary they are Nukers/Stunners. Not too much early game but later they can create problems. Just because you want your first kill ASAP doesn't mean it's worth your respawn timer and the gold you gave away to the other team. I always grab my stealth first, use it to scout the area ahead I generally go top in 5's scout all three bush areas. One on your side near the top, one on the enemy side near the top, one in the river. Then I pull back to my tower. Wait for minions then just go back and forth hitting minions occassionally I stealth and walk towards the enemy then I just sit there, I don't attack until my stealth is about to wear off then I move back near my tower. This is how harassing starts, you're annoying and your enemy gets scared everytime you stealth that you're going to hit them. It's very affective to keep them guessing. By level 2 I have ravage. Now this is where harrassment becomes more annoying to your enemy. Not only do you actually hit decently hard in these early levels but the stun allows you to get away, if you are worried about mana issues simply auto hit. Level 3 I get hate spike again something to add to harassment and possibly your first kill/assist. If first blood hasn't happened already this could be your first blood as well. Stealth, Ravage, Ignite, Hate Spike spam. Make sure you have plenty of mana before you go for the kill, at low levels this is almost always a guranteed kill to a squishy and for sure with a smart lane partner you'll be able to get away clean possibly even get both people youre laning against into their gy and then push the tower for a bit. That is just basic harrassment though, if you want to be more of a pain then you just be more agressive stealth. Aggressive does not mean stupid though.

Item Order: I feel that with Evelnn a quick escape is always a must. She is just too squishy to stay around when three champions are running to kill you after you killed a tower or a teammate. So get your basic boots and rush them to boots of mobility ASAP. Merc treads if there is a lot of CC. Then get your Amplifying tome to up your damage output when available. Grab sheen then start building for lichbane. After that anything that builds AP is a plus. Soulstealer is a decent choice I used to use it more often in my builds but now it has less priority but now abyssal scepter and Zonya's are priority. If anyone starts stacking MR (Magic resist) Void staff will be one of your best friends. Deathfire Grasp isn't all too good for such an opener dependant character like Evelynn (You need to open with ravage otherwise an active item ability will blow your stealth and your chance to stun stun). If you can remember to use it in your rotation then feel free to grab it. Towards end game you should have Boots of Mobility, Lichbane, and possibly a Zonyas but deppending on how you and your team are doing you may just start stacking AP items like Hextech Gunblades. I generally have around 300-320 AP +10 from having Ignite on CD towards late game. To some not much to me that's pretty average in a 5's game that Ive been playing in for 45 minutes or so. If zonya's ring just seems too difficult to pull together STACK OTHER AP ITEMS.<---Reiterating.

In Game Experiences For 5's And What I Find Works:

Early Game(1-6): Grab basic boots and put a point in stealth. Go top or bottom(I've never gone mid with her). Scout out the area and then wait for minions. Start grabbing up last hit's with auto attacks. Then get Ravage, start harrassing your opponents and keep them on their toes. At level three grab Hate Spike and if you have the mana attempt a kill with your lane partner. If you don't have the mana, recall and grab your boots of mobility run back to your partner THEN attempt a kill. If it doesn't work out then just retreat, at level 6 grab your first point in Malice and Spite either recall and start building Sheen or stay in the lane longer and harass your opponents more aggressively.

Mid Game(6-12): This is where you start to shine. Team battles break out and what do you do? You stalk an enemy, many times I see a Veigar or Annie at the back of their team as they assault a turret. What do I do, I remove their back up. Goodbye Squishy hello gold and EXP. Promptly get you cute little *** outta there after you've left the squishy dead and in pieces. ((I've even ganked a Xin as he sat in the back of his team as they pushed our middle turret. His team never knew I was there OH so fun.)) The thing about stealth characters is that without spending gold on a ward or elixer I can rule to roost. AoE champions using their ulti in a last ditch effort? Wait until it's over and attack them from behind, you'll probably kill them if they're half health or less.

Late Game(12-18): This is much like mid game. If you haven't died often and have been cleaning up scraps of champions when they run from a team fight then you've got a decent item build and plenty of gold to spend on MORE AP items. I see Evelynn as an all or nothing character. Because she is melee she is very open to being killed if your opponent isn't dead immidieately after you attack them. (2-3 seconds sometimes a little longer if you can handle their damage and then stealth away ASAP)So choose your battles if you decided to build a soulstealer and want to keep the stacks then run and apologize to your teammate as all they get to see is your blue butt moving in the same direction they are, just full healthed and invisible where they are probably stunned, slowed and then dead.

Tips and Tricks The Things Work For My Games:
-If you do want to help a teammate escape then make sure you're stealthed, position yourself essentially on top of the enemy(s) chasing your teammate down and use Hate Spike if there is more than one of them, ravage if there is only one. Hate Spike can hit multiple targets and stun them for 1 second which could be enough for your teammate AND you to get away.

-When attacking a harder target. Someone NOT like Annie or Veigar than you should stealth, approach your target, make sure they are alone or seperated from the main pack of their team, pop Malice and Spite then get behind them and Ravage, Hate spike spam, Ravage again when off CD and Ignite if it is off CD. If they aren't dead or near dying you should be long gone.

-HP is a waste on Evelynn and most of the time so are mana regen items unless they are being used to build another item.

-Coordinate with your teammates, especially in the beginning when you are with your lane partner. Explain and then mark your target so they can either protect you from the other opponent in the lane OR focus with you on your primary.

-Play smart, don't over extend yourself in a lane and don't pursue someone to a turret. Evelnn cannot turret dive at all.

-If you want to push a turret make sure you're surrounded with friendly minions, pop Malice and Spite if it is up and get to town meleeing it down. If it is taking too long and your minions are dwindling then stealth and run. Many a time I've run out of an area when I see three enemies MIA just to watch them pop in on my mini map and see me not there. Evelnn is not an ideal tower pusher but if you feel up to it then be my guest.

Closing And End Notes:
Evelnn is a hit and run character so play her like one. But you can also be a psychological factor. Make people rethink chasing down your teammate if you're not visible on the battle field at the moment. In the end of a team fight when all your opponents are weakened you can pick off one of the stronger characters. Say a Chogath or Xin. Just use good judgement. Most recently when I play evelnn I get 10+ kills with very few or no deaths. No screen shots sadly to back this up but OH well you may just have to take my word on it.

This is not an end all to beat all guide, it is just how I have success at playing Evelnn. She's easy enough to pick up and play but because she is a stealth the way you play her can and will affect your performance, unlike some characters who are so overplayed...Master Yi and Xin Zhou are some of my least favorites to play or play against just so...Simple to understand and even simpler it seems to run up a KDR with. Feel free to comment on this guide it is my first, there is a lot of overhauling to do and I can make it prettier later but this was just something I wanted to try out and put my spin on. I'm not a level 30 master and I have no runes yet,I'm just hoping in and out of LoL to keep my anxiety away. Writing this guide was one of the things I decided to do to help. Hope it helps you play Evelnn better and rack up KDRs and Assists. My min maxing capabilities are lack luster but my idea is that AP(Ability Power), MP(Magic Pen), and more AP(Ability Power) runes fit this character. I've never thought about an AD Evelnn and currently I think a hybrid build is out of range for her too.

Comment and Critique leave remarks on how to make a better guide. Positive/Constructive critisicm is a powerful motivator. Enjoy the read I'll update if this thing ever takes off. Thank you for reading