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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Evelynn: The Build of Madness

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on November 22, 2010
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Ok while trying to think of a way to make Evelynn stronger after her opener, I came up with this. The total cost is just a little over 11k. It gives her great dmg, and makes her stronger after she opens.

NOTE: I will be cleaning this build up and going into more detail for each build. This will take some time so bare with.

Masteries/Summoner Spells

These are fairly simple. All the caster friendly Offense masteries and the CDR, Mana/Mana Regen, and Experience in Utility. Thats all there is too it. I choose Ignite and Exhaust, since I have the mastery upgrades for them. Both have great synergy with the way the build works.

Since Evelynn is all about her opener, Ive got 3/5 Ravage before lvl 6. This since MR is low early game, and Ive got 19Mpen from runes, and 15% from Archaic Knowledge, Ravage will be doing sweet dmg.

After 6, I try to keep Ravage and Hate Spike about even. This will keep her dmg going after she opens.


Ive got all the Mpen I could get. This gives me about 19Mpen. Early game thats a little over half of most champs MR. Again, this will mean Ravage will do great amounts of dmg, and Hate Spike will have a lil bit more power.

Than I have Mana Seals. The more mana I have the longer I can lane.


I personally like to start with Guinsoo's Rageblade. This is an expensive item to build, but its work it early game. This will give Eve a lille more power after she opens with Ravage, and Ill tell you why. Rageblade grants AP and AD. This works with Eve because she has to depend on her basic attacks and Hate Spike while Ravage is down. Rageblade will also increase her AS and AP. She will attack faster, and Hate Spike will do more dmg with each stack of Rageblade passive. And when Ravage comes back up, its got more dmg thanks to the 8 stacks of Guinsoo's. Now thats synergy.

Next item is Sheen and Tier 1 boots. If you can get Sheen and Null-Magic Mantle, get that. Lich Bane should be your next item. You can build boots over time. Lich Bane will add to the power of Eve after she opens. Im going to explain how. You open with Ravage. This triggers Lich Banes passive, and since you had cast a speel you get one stack off Rageblade. This will increase your the dmg off your next basic attack. Though it has a 3sec CD, you will have full 8 Rageblade stacks. Be it Ravage or Hate Spike spamming that triggers Lich Bane, you will have 48 more AP, which means your next attack deals 48 more dmg. Hows that for Synergy. But its other stats are great too.

Deathfire Grasp is the next item. This screams Evelynn. This can be used one of two ways.

1) You can use this before you use Ravage. This will break Shadow Walk, but this is a great way to engage those high life champs.

2) After you Ravage. It wont do as much dmg, but if you are fast you can DFG, Shadow Walk and come back in with Ravage.

This also provides AP and CDR. This CDR with the 9%CDR from masteries gives Ravage a 6.84 CD. Thats decent CDR. DFG is one of those unexpected busrts items, and I think is just great for Evelynn.

Trinity Force is next. Out of place for Evelynn? I dont think so. Here's why.

As in the scenerio with Lich Bane, the Ravage cast will trigger the passive from Lich Bane. So with Eve having 158 dmg add 215 (not counting Zhonya's Ring AP and passive) and you get 373. But the thing is Trinity Force says, On cast, increases base dmg for one attack by 130%. Now I could be wrong here, but Trinity Force would make her dmg 363. If I had done the math right, and you add 215 from Lich Bane, her dmg is 578. Thats only in one hit. Now if on cast means everytime you cast an ability, Hate Spike spamming would mean that each attack you land would be 363, right? And you would be doing 578 every 3 secs, since Lich Bane has a 3 sec CD.

And to top this build off, and give Eve some longevity in team fights, Zhonya's Ring. this makes her AP 335. Now lets add that 335 instead of 215. Thats a total of 698. Add 6 from Rageblade, that makes it 704. Thats mean on Eve. Now assuming you Ravaged from behind, there is the ArP to increse that dmg.

I know that Trinity Force and Lich Bane dont stack. But I wouldnt discourage getting Trinity Force. All the bonuses that it gives would be great to have, yes? More health, mana, crit, and all them other good things.


Anyone with a stun or slow is your best friend. Im thinking in terms of skill here, but Nasus would be great. Wither slows, Spirit Fire lowers Armor, and that works great with this build. Taric can Dazzle stun and Shatter for armor reduction. Thats just as good as Nasus.


Everyone lol.


This video was done by Scrax. He found my build interesting and put it to action. Note that though this is practice, the build is still effective. Early Game MUST be AWESOME!!! If not the build will struggle NOTE!!!
The second Evelynn was added for the discussion on the official forums. The first one is the build in the Description.

The third is is me messing around, with the idea that Eve could be AD. Im in need of a distraction and that happened

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