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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bobklafg

Evelynn: Wicked Witch of the West

Bobklafg Last updated on May 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So this is my first ever build guide (critism would be nice XD). This is how my brother taught me to play Evelynn (shout out to Octarchy) and I've been doing it since I started playing Eve. So basically the whole premise of Evelynn is to run around, confuse the living hell out of the opposing team, and gank when no one else is around.

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Runes don't really matter, I personally like magic penetration (heheh penetration) marks, AP per level glyphs, CD reduction seals, and magic penetration quintessences, but whatever 'mageish' runes you have will be fine.

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I personally like the 10/0/20 setup. Archaic Knowledge is a must, and everything else is just totally preference. If you feel like you run out of mana a lot, change to mana masteries, if you feel like you are dieing a lot, get defense runes, etc.

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So, we now are on items, the meat and potatoes as it were. Here it is:

First I choose Sapphire Crystal just for that extra mana to harass and maybe go for first blood easier.

Second I go for Sheen, try to stay in-lane long enough to get it. When ganking, proc it a lot with Hate Spike to maximize damage output.

Third is Boots of Mobility. Stay in lane when playing Evelynn UNTIL you get boots of mobility, then you gank like a boss and confuse your enemies while at the same time pwning them.

Fourth Lich Bane just to make ganking that much easier.

Fifth you want to go for Mejai's Soulstealer. You want to max it ASAP to maximize your late-game effectiveness.

Next you get Rabadon's Deathcap just for the raw, unadulterated Ability Power. You might substitute it out for Rylai's Scepter depending on if you need survivability

What you didn't get sixth should be your next item, be it Rabadon's Deathcap or Rylai's Scepter.

Lastly I go for Morello's Evil Tome, but that can be substituted by items such as Zhonya's Hourglass, Will of the Ancients (just to be more helpful in teamfights), or even Deathfire Grasp to catch those pesky fleeing enemies.

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Skill Sequence

1. Shadow Walk (to at least try to help with getting first blood)

2. Ravage (easier to harass)

3. Ravage (easier to harass still)

4. Hate Spike (Proc Sheen)

5. Ravage (You night have boots now, if so, start ganking and building up those kills)

6. Malice and Spite

7. Ravage

8. Shadow Walk

9. Ravage

10. Shadow Walk

11. Malice and Spite

12. Shadow Walk

13. Shadow Walk

14. Hate Spike

15. Hate Spike

16. Malice and Spite

17. Hate Spike

18. Hate Spike

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Summoner Spells

I usually go with ignite and teleport. Ignite just so I can get that last hit on that runner without having to tower dive one to two towers to get him, and teleport is a great ganking tool when the enemy is unobservant, and it can help you farm faster early game. You can substitute ghost or flash for teleport for ganking, chasing, and escaping, but I prefer not to. You can also substitute in exhaust for ignite for chasing, escaping, and ganking, but again I prefer not to. You might also want to try clairvoyance instead of ignite if you feel like you run out of mana quickly, but I feel that ignite/exhaust is much more useful.

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Creeping / Jungling

Now we're on to creeping and jungling.

When creeping you want to last hit as much as possible until you get your Sheen and boots of Mobility. You might even go as far as to ask your laning partner to let you get the last hit until that point.

When jungling ¦ why are you jungling? You're Evelynn. Get out of the jungle. Now. Unless you're counter-jungling in which case, why didn't you tell me? What is counter-jungling you might ask. Well it will be explained in the next section.

In short, last hit and don't jungle (unless you are counter-jungling)

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Counter-jungling, if you know what it is, skip this section. If you don't, read on, it isn't that complex. The whole idea of counter-jungling is to prevent their jungler from jungling. Now, how you do this is, most of the time, wait in the bushes at their blue buff (picture at the bottom of this section[in that graphic, the blue circles represent the blue buff, that is where you want to go]) for their jungler to come along. When the golem is at 1/3 health, go into stealth mode and go near the golem. When the golem is just about dead, attack and kill it. You will now have the blue buff and they won't. This will greatly hinder them while jungling, and you will have an extra 60 gold.

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Team Work

This is tricky, most of the time you are going to be roaming around the map, ganking 'till the sun don't shine, but in large teamfights it is your job to find and kill the biggest, squishiest, and most damage dealing carry. When you kill this carry you need to run and your team needs to facilitate that, let's say you have Shen as a tank. After you kill the carry, Shen needs to taunt as many enemies as he can so you can get away. Once you feel like you can, you have to go in and kill the second biggest, squishiest, and most damage dealing carry. It is then Shen's job to, again, taunt as many of their team as he possibly can, and so on and so forth until they are all dead. When you're just roaming like a boss, there really is no teamwork involved. You just find one single person, and with a couple clicks of a button, they are dead. No help from your buddy down the lane, just you stunning the person, and before or very shortly after they are unstunned, they need to die.

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Pros / Cons

Let's weigh Evelynn's pros and cons shall we?

Excellent ganker
Can easily kill any carry with the right combinations
Can escape from a sticky situation
Easy to play with a little bit of practice
Can counter, the enemies counter techniques with somewhat ease (i.e. telling someone to get oracles to kill sight wards and just plain avoiding non-squishies with oracles)

Escapes don't work as well against ranged enemies (i.e. trying to stealth away while being bombarded by arrows doesn't work very well)
Can be countered fairly easily (i.e. sight wards and tank and off-tank getting oracles)

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What you want to be doing with Evelynn is farm like mad (but not solo. Never, ever. Promise me. You WILL get dominated) at the start, then once you have your boots and sheen, gank like mad. That's basically the whole premise of Evelynn. You will be somewhat useless in teamfights, what you need to do, being a HUGE burster, is take out their carry, run away, then take out their support. If someone has Oracle's Elixir, STAY AWAY! You will die, die, die. And that my friends, is no fun.

Now, if you take away only one thing from this guide, let it be this: Evelynn is a burst damage, stealth, ganker. It is your job to kill their squishies and discourage them and/or piss them off royally. The sadder/madder a player is, the worse they will perform. Keep this in mind while playing Evelynn and I'm sure you will do great.