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Renekton Build Guide by ezking

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ezking

ezking's Renekton - Fawk you I'm a Dragon...

ezking Last updated on May 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

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Renekton is by far my favorite champion. Probably one of if not the most under estimated champion on the field. With this build I will show you how to rock as your teams main tank the whole game, while holding most of the kills. This build is primarily set for 5v5, but as it has a slow progression it can be used in all modes, with a very simple modification in build order, you can follow this build against any team by just buying your last 2 items in a different order. I have put this build to the test, as this character is my main, it has been worked out a million times, and to prove it works, I've given it to my 11yr old little brother, and watched him dominate games.

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Runes are simple.

RED - Armor Penetration

YELLOW - Defensive runes, I choose HP@LvL18, but armor runes will work here too.

BLUE - Cooldown runes, I mix them 5 Flat CDR, 4 CDR@18 for a total of 7%CDR @ LVL18

QUINTS - Armor Penetration

This gives you max CDR with my item build, and max Armor penetration, these two things will give Rene the dmg output that can match any champion on the field. What you use for your YELLOW runes is flexible, I choose defensive runes to help me maintain as my groups tank, but if you feel something offensive is needed, go for it.

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Masteries are simple. I rock defensive because it fits Renektons abilities the best, gives you a nice amount of CDR, movement speed for ganking, and of course the HP boost / stun resistance is always a must.

Honestly with Rene's skill set I don't see much of a gain by going Offensive, but if your group already has a tank, feel free to try and mix it up. If you do, I would also recommend going for max armor penetration and working a black cleaver into the build, I used to do this, but then I realized I can be just as much of a damage powerhouse while being the groups main tank, and abandoned the build.

Even if your group has a tank, I recommend just changing the items at the end of the build, drop either Thornmail or Force of Nature and pick up a Black Cleaver, making you the Off-Tank.

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Skill Sequence


From here, max Q first, then W, then finish with E, grabbing your ultimate of course every time it is an option.

It is very rare that I die, against good teams my score is usually 7/3/7 or around there, if they are lacking in any way, I am usually around 10+/0/10+ as the groups main TANK.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer Exhaust and Ghost, burn improved Exhaust to help with the armor penetration and guaranteeing you a kill, then Ghost to escape or help track people down, If you aren't completely confident in your reaction times or use of Rene's dash, go ahead and drop Ghost and pick up Flash. If you burn his dash and flash and still don't get away, you need more help then this guide can offer.

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1 - I always start with 3x HP Pots and Boots

2 - When I go back I pickup Boots of Lucidity, a sword if I can afford it, and always another HP Pot and 1 sight ward

3 - Turn the sword into Brutalizer and pick up another sight ward, if you didn't buy a sword earlier just make sure you can afford Brutalizer in 1 shot when you go back to town.

4 - Next I build Wits End while trying to return to town as little as possible

5 - By this time in the game the AD champions are usually starting to get their **** together, so I pickup Sunfire Cape as my next item.

6 - This is where the only variation in the build occurs depending on what you are fighting, take a look at the opposite teams score. If you notice that they have a an AD champion leading the way in kills, pickup a Thornmail, if you see that its AP leading the way, grab a Force of Nature. If the scales are balanced, grab the Force of Nature first, but make sure you keep on eye n their ranged carry's items, if hes close to completing a pretty godly setup, don't be scared to grab the Thornmail first, as your wits end will supply you with plenty of magic res to counter the nasty AP people until end game since you have such a huge Health Pool.

7 - Turn the Brutalizer into a Ghost Blade, and your build is done, nothing will be able to stand in your way a while before you reach this point, as you will find out.

- - Your final build is as follows
1 Boots of Lucidity
2 Ghost Blade
3 Wit's End
4 Sunfire Cape
5 Force of Nature
6 Thornmail

That's a Tank ;P

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Farming / Laning

Q, Q , Q and watch the QQ

Spam it on as many mobs as possible, with max CDR you are looking at a 4sec CD and 2 of them will kill a whole wave of mobs since you maxed it first. Do not use your dash or your W on mobs no matter the situation. Save those for harassing.

Harassment - Dash in through mobs, W, Q, Dash out back through mobs or into bushes, you shouldn't take any damage doing this, and should be doing at least 1/4 of your opponents health depending on where you are at in the build, further along it will start being more like 1/2 their health.

Because of your super low CD's if they are under 40% health after this combo, Exhaust and dash through them instead of retreating, your W should refresh before they get to safety unless they burn a summoner spell, and the kill should be yours, if the other champion is whaling on you, turn on your ult as soon as you decide to commit to the kill. Afterwards retreat to the bushes, stun your chaser with your super short CD's, Q him as you are running away and your dash should be up soon. Remember you do about 100 damage per sec to everything that's standing around you while your ult is up, not including your attacks or your abilities, if you have 35% or more health, turn around and kill the second champion as well, I do this a lot while soloing the top lane.

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Unique Skills

Because of Renekton's unique dash, you are the ultimate initiator, the softy you dash in and stun is dead as long as your team is around, because of your unique skill set, you do a ton of steady dps, that is not counter-able as it is 75% AD ability damage, and 25% magic damage without any AP nukes, there is no counter to you, the only way you can really die is if the other teams 2 heaviest hitters focus everything they have on you, and in that case you can lead them back into your team and guaranteeing you guys come out on top of the team battle.

Remember to spam your Q is often as possible hitting as many champions as possible, it does a great amount of damage and it HEALS you.

Don't initiate unless your ultimate is up, and do not back down from a 1 on 1 if your ultimate is up, no matter who trys to take you down. They cannot win.

With your ultimate on, your W in combination with Wits End is a huge AD nuke, that stuns. It hurts everyone, including tanks because you stacked Armor Penetration instead of straight damage, so there is nobody who can stand against you. Because you are doing AD ability damage, you don't trigger most peoples defensive abilities, for champions like Jax, just run around him in circles and let your 100 dmg/sec aura hurt him while your abilities refresh, the more he attacks you, the more damage he will take.

The only champions you need to be wary of are ones with abilities like Garen's ultimate and Nidalee's Q while in cat form. They can hurt because of your large health pool, but they cannot kill you on their own.

Get used to using the active ability on the Ghost Blade, end game this will make you a god. On games where I am dominating hard, I will often take on 3-4+ other champions in quick succession or 3 of them at once with this ability activated 1 "w" will give you its max benefit, as long as their aren't more then 3 of them you will win, and if there are you will probably kill 1-2 of them before your team shows up to finish them off.

Remember you are a tank, your death is OK as long as your team gets an Ace out of it, and take every chance you can to save your teammates. You can escape better then anyone else with your healing, stuns, and dashes. Your build is also very low cost, so help your teammates with as many kills as possible to guaranteeing yourself an easy win.

You are the TANK, work for your TEAM and you will win.