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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ezreality

Ezreality - AD Trinity Rush

Ezreality Last updated on August 16, 2010
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Last Updated 8/15/2010


This is my first time making a mobafire build. After examining many AD builds and playing over 900 games as Ezreal, I've come up with my own build. Please give it a try and let me know what you all think. This is not a guide on how to play Ezreal.

Important things to note about AD Ezreal.
(1) Ezreal lacks any kind of natural CC.
(2) Most of Ezreal's damage comes from his Mystic Shot spell, besides auto attacks.
(3) His damage output is reliant on the player's accuracy with Mystic Shot as well as having a clear path to the target. Which means his damage output can vary greatly depending on the situation, such as in messy team fights where he is unable to focus fire. However, given ideal circumstances, AD Ezreal has among the highest raw DPS output coupled with the ability to kite effectively.

Ezreals Abilities:

Rising Spell Force
Excellent passive that meshes extremely well with AD Ezreal. You can basically get up to +75% attack speed (the equivalent value of approximately 2000 gold) at any time, which is incredible for a passive! The passive stack is incremented and the timer renewed every time you hit anything with any of Ezreal's skills, ensuring ease in maintaining stacks of it.

Mystic Shot
The foundation and core of AD Ezreal because of how good it is. As such, beefing up Mystic Shot is key to being successful. Doubtful? Then let's analyze why it's so good:

-At max level with max cooldown, this skill has a cooldown of approximatly 1.4 seconds if you hit something!
-Its damage is incredibly potent, starting at approximatly 100 damage at level 1 and up to around 600 damage mid to late game.
-It has around 1100 range, meaning it out-ranges all other non-skill shot single target spells in the game! And its projectile speed is very fast, as well
-Its extremely low mana cost allows you to spam it indefinitely all game long
-It procs on-hit effects like sheen, life-steal and slows, but not crits.
-As if that's not enough, this spell also reduces the cooldown of all 4 of Ezreal's skills (including Mystic Shot) by 1 second every time you hit something

What does all this mean? It means using a single spell AD Ezreal is capable of spamming 600 damage per shot every 1.4 seconds with 1100 range! Extremely effective for sniping targets during tower sieges or before team fights begin.

Important: Mystic Shot deals physical damage

Essence Flux
Before, it was an overpowered aoe heal + aoe damage + aoe attack speed buff on teammates + aoe attack speed de-buff on enemies all packed into a single spell with relatively low cooldown. But now its just a shadow of its past with everything heavily nerfed except for its aoe damage component. In other words, this spell is no longer as good as it used to be, and should therefore be neglected on AD Ezreal.

Arcane Shift
A blink (600 range) with an added damage component that strikes the nearest target within 700 range of your landing point (which means this spell has a strike range of 1300!)

This is Ezreal's survival and semi-initiation spell. With it you can blink out of reach of the enemy's spellcasters in team fights or hop over walls to escape a chase. For initiation purposes, this spell allows you to get in range to dish out some damage. Its cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds for every level, which is very useful.

Keep in mind that blinking while a homing projectile is heading towards you will not prevent the damage, unlike flash.

Trueshot Barrage
Ezreal fires bolt with global range that damages anything it passes through. Excellent ultimate with many many uses. Never be afraid to use your ultimate unless a team fight is imminent. The cooldown is low and is further reduced every time you use mystic shot. As such, you should be spamming mystic shot on anything you can hit whenever your ultimate is on cooldown.

Summoner Spells:

Clarity: Lets face it. Ezreal is a mana hungry hero and you should be trying to Q as much as possible in order to bring up your passive spell force ability. Sometimes mana at the right times is priceless. Some may argue that this is a waste of a summoner ability, "Place ghost instead of clarity." Clarity is important in this build because we are going with the offensive master tree in a 21/0/9 formation. This is great because it allows us to do even more damage but it leaves ezreal out of mana very often. Clarity supplements this weakness and allows us to pack a punch without comprimising mana for damage.

Flash:Think of it as your oops button. If something ever goes wrong (like say you arcane shift incorrectly, you have flash as a backup. This ability is also priceless and makes you much harder to catch. In addition you can use Arcane Shift in conjunction with Flash in order to bound large spaces effortlessly. This makes tower diving a breeze and escaping/initiating almost to easy.

Item Build:

Doran's Blade: The reason I get the Doran's first, is because the fact that it gives Ezreal survivability, and damage. Ezreal's largest weakness is his survivability. Others may argue to go for potion first but this item solves that and gives you added damage. Bonus!


Health Pot or Mana Pot: Your Doran's blade has 4 life steal which should allow you to stay healed from the creeps in the lane at this point but if you need the extra health just pot. For now focus on leveling and don't be to aggressive until you can go back and pick up your next items.

At 1610 Gold pick up..

Sheen: Sheen may be one of the most important, if not the most important item in the build. The thing about sheen is it stacks with the use of Mystic Shot to deal the bonus damage on impact


Boots of Speed: Enhances your movement speed by 1.

At 1965 Gold pick up..

Boots of Swiftness: This is important because your characters speed is very key, getting in an out of fights effectively is crucial. This item is always situational however and can be substited for Mercury Treads for those CC or Magic heavy lanes.


Phage: Phage will not only give you health which will make you less squishy and Damage which is one of the core purposes of the build, it will also give you a good chance of slowing enemies on the run with your auto-attacks. Not to mention the fact that it also builds into our next item...

At 1.5k Gold pick up..

Trinity Force: Trinity Force is an all around balanced item that complements everything Ezreal needs. It gives a whole bunch of interesting bonuses including attack speed, attack damage, ability power, critical strike chance, health, mana, and movement speed. The most interesting thing though is this items passive. More chances to slow enemies with auto-attack and an increase in base attack damage by 130%. That's huge!

From Here items are flexible. Choose whatever fits your needs and try and build to counter your opponents. Might I suggest a Madred's Bloodrazor for those tank Heavy Games, and The Black Cleaver to lower your opponents armor. Bloodthirster for Attack Damage and life-steal. Items are limitless.. Up to you.. :D