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Teemo Build Guide by Extigent

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Extigent

F*** you teeto

Extigent Last updated on October 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is going to a very in depth Teemo guide for those of you which really like to play champs which just annoy other people. If you have any further questions just ask them via inbox and I'll try to answer most of them (even though, I believe I won't get any inboxes, etc).

I hope you enjoy it...

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Runes aren't really as complex as you would have thought. Teemo is a very versatile champion, all the way from early game to late game.
I usually like to run 9x Armor penetration runes just for having the sheer early game advantage vs most bruisers that go armor, and sometimes flat MR runes for top... Late game you'll barely notice them, but there's not really much runes do for you late game.

As my yellows I go FLAT ARMOR! This is VITAL for your survivability in lane vs most bruisers/hardpushers, eg; Rengar, Jax, Olaf, Garen, Riven etc. I can almost express it any more, how important FLAT Armor is against people in toplane. (PS, you're useless vs most mages).

For my blues I go flat mr x 8 + 1 attack damage rune. This gives you decent capabilites to survive a jungle gank like Maokai, Malphite, and midlaners (even though if they're top, you're mostly screwed). I take an extra AD blue for just having that one extra full dmg on my Teemo base lvl 1 stats, (which doesn't make that much of a difference, seeing that it's only 0.28 or so damage in differential.)

For my quints I go 3x Flat AD just to have a nice amount of AD at lvl 1. AD is the best stat for Teemo, but this whole guide is going to build on a hybrid build, which deals the most damage over the timecourse of a game, than any other build. Sure you might say AP or AD just beats it, but with the dot from his "E" spell, and dps from shrooms, you get AP from nothing else than your items. You're going to rely mostly on items!

This should be what your runepage looks like :

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Masteries are going to be the standard 9/21/0.

I like to spec tank for Teemo, seeing that he really is one of the most squishy champions in the game, and he needs these masteries to survive, either lane harass, or jungle threats.
You already have good enough AD stats at level one and further throughout the game.
It should look something like this, although if you feel like you have an easy enough lane, you could just go damage, to make it even harder for your opponent.

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As I've mentioned previously ITEMS IS A NECESSITY! Without a decent build on your items, you are going to struggle like hell. Teemo is a very versatile because of a instant proc on your poisons and then with almost 2 attack speed, you're going to do "Tons Of Damage" over the course of 10 secs <, just because of a fullbuilt Teemo, with a Madreds.

The first items are ALWAYS Boots and 3x pots... No matter what, you need the extra speed and pots, for early lane dominance, being able to push and still get away from a gank from jungle or mid, with your "W" and pots...

On your first back, ideally you should get 1 or 2 dorans, depending on if you're winning the lane in both CS and kills, or if you're losing. Usually I get 1 dorans, because I only counterpick people with Teemo.

The first complete item you want, and will keep throughout the whole game, is Malady. Not only does it sound like a Sir, but because it's passive is so friggin overpowered.
It's passive is :
Decreasing their MR by such an immense amounts, makes your "E" procs shred their health, as if it was nothing, seeing that it is magic damage, and the fact that this procs 4 times, makes you give them 4 stacks after 2 seconds, with 2 in attack speed.
The fact that it decreases MR, is the only reason it is viable for later in the game.

The second item you need is Wit's End :
Not only does it give you even MORE attack speed, but it gives you MR + an MR proc on each basic attack, which gives you even more survivability against the pesky AP carries, which usually want to focus you.

After that you can get your full boots. NOTE! I have not bought them until now, just because of how overpowered the speedboost from your "W" is...
It is usually very dependant on the team, but you usually want to get Mercury's, just so you can get out of stuns, faster and be more viable in teamfights. Only go Berserkers vs more subtle opponents, and not as handy opponents.

After that it is needed for you to get a Phage, just so you can be able to get the procs, some extra HP, and then chase down opponents easier than making a girl squirt (well at least if you know what you're doing). Remember guys, playing video games is a lot like treating a girl right!
Anyways, the Phage stats! :
PS: Really important to get it! You'll struggle without it!

The next item you want to get, is the most expensive on your list. All you want to buy before getting the whole item is the recurve bow.
This item is Madred's Bloodrazor :
This item just TEARS through their Hp, seeing that it takes 4% of their max HP, as magic damage, and with 4x stacks from your malady, they're pretty screwed :)

Finally you want to finish your Phage -> Frozen Mallet :

And then your last item is a Guardian Angel seeing that you'll most probably get focused by the whole team at this point ... :

As well as this, you would like your support character go for a Zeke's Herald, just for the extra attack speed and lifesteal. It's incredible how much it helps!

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Skill Sequence

One of the most important things with Teemo is his skill order. Especially when you go hybrid. You NEED to max your "E" as quickly as possible, together with your ult, just to make you that much better, and scaled in damage, together in unison with your items. You want to alternatively level up "W" and "Q" just to get a decent level of equality between both of them, seeing that they aren't really that useful on a hybrid Teemo, even though your "Q" saves your life from melees or fed AD carries.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I usally go for Flash + Ignite, just to secure an easy First Blood, or be able to get away from a gank, or if you're in trouble.
Another thing you could do is run Ghost + Heal, just for a better sustain and over 500 move speed, with the Ghost + "W"

If this doesn't suit you, just go for whatever personal preference you have. If you want Revive + Teleport, go for it :)

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Pros / Cons

Pros :

    Really good early to late game if you can keep up the solid equal gameplay + harass vs opponent
    Really hard to counter if you are a melee bruiser
    Looks cute like ****, and gets ALL THE LADIES

Is really viable late game with a build like this
Has great map control with shrooms, and can pick up many unexpected kills, and can really turn a teamfight around.

Cons :
    Is very bad against most AP casters
    Doesn't have a good enough escape if ganked by several slowers and stunners, etc Maokai + Riven
    Isn't good enough for teamfights if he doesn't get the necessary items

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Farming is one of the most crucial parts of this game, as most of the people know. And with Teemo it's usually an easy job as you just harass the opponent, and then get to take all the farm in a peaceful and quiet way. But, a good Teemo should have a LOT of farm at the end of a game, and A LOT of items. You should have over 200 farm after 30 minutes, and you should always try to find jungle camps to take out time after time, just to be ahead. If you can't farm kills and minions, you won't do good all game long.

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Teemo is a good versatile hero, but he takes a little time to get used to, and should be experimented with when it comes to build. A good Teemo player should always know when his limits are reached in lane, and should also learn how to fight in teamfights with his poke on Malady and Madred's.

In the end you might see something like this

I hope you enjoyed my guide, and if there is anything I can improve on, please leave a comment and tell me what you liked/disliked .)