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Not Updated For Current Season

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Irelia Build Guide by Ryodoan

face jumper waaaat! owned

face jumper waaaat! owned

Updated on September 20, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ryodoan Build Guide By Ryodoan 2,848 Views 1 Comments
2,848 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ryodoan Irelia Build Guide By Ryodoan Updated on September 20, 2011
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Chapter 1

ok so this build is wicked awesome. u can take just about anyone with it. it swaps the nuke from equilibrium strike to blade surge, your equilibrium strike is more to keep your opponent where u want them. wicked survivability. uber 1v1, face jumer pentakill prone, owned
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Chapter 2

ok so pre game you'll wanna get blade surge first. it helps u cover that distance u need to get the first kills. i usually go with blade surge. hiten then equilibrium strike. the blade surge and hiten is the perfect harass especially with the dagger upgrade. blade surge is also a nice harass. it doesnt take too much mana and it does a significant amount of damage. never activate your hiten until u get the bloodthirster in the build because u lose that passive lifesteal which is bad juju
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Chapter 3

now, late game is a different story. especially when ur goin for a tank. you'll wanna activate hiten before u bladesurge. u dont have to worry about health because u can use your ult to both farm minions and replenish your hp before pushing again. i dont suggest using your ult to try to do damage to someone with this build. use it to replenish hp on minions or as a last line in a 1v1 or gank
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Chapter 4

for the upgrades i go with the dagger first. and start building my first zeal. after purchasing the zeal go for another dagger and get your second zeal and then your berserker greaves. after that buy 2 more daggers and save up until u can get a phantom dancer then another phantom dancer following the previous. build your third phantom dancer the same way. now this is when your already whuppin ***. literally. keep in mind your a backdoor beast at this point in time. you'll have 520 moving speed and 586 if u ghost. it makes for the perfect getaway. but start farming minions and make sure you control the dragon. gank from the bushes. u dont have to worry about runners because even IF they ghost, your usually moving faster than they are. so your definately prone to kill those sad little runners. after your phantom dancers build your infinity edge. then purchase your bloodthirster. right now. u control the battle field. if u catch someone alone they're dead. hands down. and once u get your frozen heart after selling your berserkers greaves its gg. the armor. the cooldown and the enemy's reduced attack speed reaally helps in the team fights that you'll NEVER EVER initiate.
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Chapter 5

runes i got for armor pen marks and quints. and atk damage seals and glyphs. never go with atk damage per lvl it kills your pre game and defeats the purpose of my pregame strategy
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Chapter 6

skills i go for blade surge, hiten, then equilirium strike
after getting all 3 upgrade bladesurge to 5 then follow up on your hiten. always upgrading your ult when possible of course. make sure u upgrade equilirium strike last. this build swaps the nuke from equilirium strike to blade surge. not that u need your skills really. o.o summoner spells that i always use are ghost and exhaust.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ryodoan
Ryodoan Irelia Guide
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face jumper waaaat! owned

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