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League of Legends Build Guide Author Redmark

Faith in Cards

Redmark Last updated on September 22, 2010
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Allright guys...

This is my first build and i hope you like it.

I love LoL so much and i would like to share my secrets to you guys for now on.

I recently bought twisted fate and i totally owned with it. Twisted is very good to be so cheap card. This build makes twisted to annoying life stealing bastard that is very fast.

----Positive in this build----

- Good at team fights
- Very strong against single champions
- Kills any neutral unit in seconds without taking any damage ( life-steal )
- With teleport ability he can take out weak fleeing enemy units
- Flash and Exhaust makes him very deadly in the foregame
- Some items are not expensive so they can be bought fast

----Negative in this build----

- Weak alone against enemy squads with 3-5 champions in it
- Not very good at fleeing when running on low health. ( Be sure your flash spell is ready )
- Im not sure u can call this a tank. Has low health but good life steal :)


The lifesteal item at the beginning is very good because if enemy makes hard damage on you just run away and kill some of enemy creeps to regenerate. Be sure to kill lot of creeps in the beginning for good experience and lvl up fast. If you are heading enemy alone ( 1 on 1 ) you can kill him easily. Make sure he is just below half of his healthpoints. Let him and his minions come closer to you. When he is close to u and the turret rush against him, cast the exhaust spell, throw as many cards to him as you can, when he starts to run shoot the 3 cards on him. If he is not dead yet just use Flash, teleport to him and finish him off. You get some gold from the kill and that is good. Kill the creeps and if possible, destroy the turret.


Now you should have some good items i recommended up there :) I recommend in this part of the game to kill neutral minions to get gold and buffs. The twisted should be around over lvl 10 and you should at least have the boots and starks fevor. If not, you have phailed badly :D Middle game is not very important in this build. There is not many things to do. Just kill enemy creeps and annoy champions with throwing cards and running away. Kill lots of minions to get gold for good items and grand finale. In middle game your main thing is to get gold, so i recommend to kill champions too. Check out the map and find as weak enemy as you can. If you are full health it is not bad thing to teleport close to a turret. Use the ultimate of twisted fate. Find a weak enemy. Teleport there where u can block his way. Then if you want you can use the Pick a Card ability. Make sure the card is Red or Gold card. Blue sucks :D Shoot cards against him. When he tries to run away use exhaust and then hunt him down with Wild cards. If he is not yet dead, you know what to do. Use flash and finish him off.

Grand finale!

This is the most important part of the game. Victory and total humilition of the enemy team :) In this part you should have now all the items i told you. If not you should really now get some gold to get them. Tell your team to rush all the turrets surrounding their base. Destroy the turrets and fall back. To help your team out you or your team should kill Baron to get good buff and gold. When turrets are out there should be no problem anymore. Tell ur team mates to hide on to the bushes close to enemy base. Wait until you see 3,4 or all enemy team mates attacking to your base. Then call all ur teammates to attack the enemy base and the inhibitors. With the speed of twisted you are able to destroy enemy buildings very fast. If units annoy you use the cards to clean down the whole way. Now just destroy the last 2 turrets and the nexus and you are done.

Congratulations! You just won the game :D I hope you like this action packed build and be waiting for new builds from me.

Try the build and tell me if it helped you!