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Singed Build Guide by ryaggron

fast tank singed

fast tank singed

Updated on January 22, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ryaggron Build Guide By ryaggron 0 9 8,793 Views 4 Comments
0 9 8,793 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ryaggron Singed Build Guide By ryaggron Updated on January 22, 2012
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singed guide YA

ok this is how i usually setup singed wen i play, but i just play 3s usually, and i dont lane top, i dnt kno y other singed or wat ever wanna lane top with singed, personally i like laning bot with a buddi, for 1 theres 2 enemies to feed off of instead of one and u hav a teammate helping u :P and its easier to kill on bot then top i say BECUZ u can ****in fling an enemy to ur teammate spliting them up and killin them hard, and either get kill or assist, so i say bot lane is better with singed then top lane, and plus since ur soo ******** fast, u can actually easily gank top lane with ur speed and slow ****, run up **** in front of them make them waste the flsah or fling them into ur top teamate and get the kill/assist, this is how i play singed and find him rape pwn times 5000

for anyone that fiends first blood or ganking bot bush first i suggest buying health crystal first, not the mana, ive played against many singed and i always see them buy mana crystal or boots never health crystal and i laugh, cuz im just soo tank soo early like FTW im hard to kill watsup, and with all that health usually u can go in first and make them focuz u while u separate one and get first blood or ur teammates will get it, then u can pree much get mana crystal so bam u got the mana to fling and more health cuz of singed passive, usually wen i gank with my health crystal i get the kill or assist which leads to mana crystal b4 level 2 which r the 2 main items u need that early which is bomb as ****, and with the runes and masteries ur so fast so u dont need boots till u get another kill or assist or enough minion kills then by like lvl 3 or 4 u hav first boots health and mana crystal, wow ur beast and the other team hates u so much already, lololol then once u get another kill or wat ever u can get catalyst converter or watever which is BOMB period cuz usually i get that item at lvl 4 wen im having a good game, if im having a decent game i hac catalyst at lvl 6 maybe 5 but if u get that **** at lvl 4 holy **** ur a on a rampage, and if u kno the passive on catalyst man that is just soo awesome
soo imagine this, u hav low low health and ur baiting the enemies or wat ever and u got ur ult and ur buddi is hiding in bush, then they go to attack u as u lvl, which kicks in catalyst, then u pop ur ulti, ok now ur health regen is ******ed and u get a double kill or assist lmao done that too many times :P
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basic rune setup for most singed, makes him defense early game and mid game so he can take the damage and laugh at there opponents still, but the movespeed quints r key, being fast makes singed so versatile its awesome he can quickly run in flip a guy and poison and then pce
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i use this masterie setup because for one i got all the speeds down plus the quints in the runes which makes me a total of 350 movespeed without boots how awesome is that for level 1, easy harrasment i say, some people say its not hard to harras with singed but not easy, but with this much move and level 1, u can easily run in and out, even get some kills to get boots to make u 405 movespd which is faster then most champs even with 2nd boots they have
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items meh, main 3 items singed rely needs is boots of swiftness, makes u so fast its ******ed, rod of ages which jus makes u so tank ur pre much impossible to kill unless ur versing ******ed op champs :S and force of nature cuz it gives u more move spd to screw ur opponents over more and easily flip em back to ur teamates while u poison there ***, and the rest of the items rely all depends who ur facing, if ur facing ad thornmail like always just a huge pain in the *** no matter wat, but like if ur raping which u usually do with singed is rape, i usually build fat AP for the last 3 items, im already soo tank and wen i pop my ulti my health regen is ******ed especially withh force of nature on, but yea 3 main items boots of swiftness, ROA, and FON
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Summoner Spells

i choose these spells cuz there just simply the best for singed, ghost, so awesome ur hiding in a bush with a buddi or ur far away and ur buddies gettin ambushed pop that ur there in secs raping them and flinging themn around to save or assist ur teamate, or if u hav ult and ghost ready, its just not even fair how fast u r, but heres where it gets stupid, so u got ur boots of swiftness roa and fon and speed buff in the jungle and u got ur ult n ghost ready, now thats some ******ed speed, literally nothing can escape u if u hav those all on, lierally someone can flash through a wall, and ud run around and still kill him, lol makes u laugh, thats y ghost is dope for singed, and ignite lol ohh ignite soo funni, these r usually how i get easy kills with swuishys or wat ever, u kno im doing my thing in the jungle or at the base or wat ever, and i see someone i wanna kill pop ult n ghost run at them fling them poison poison poison ignite run away, and all of suddden there dead and i dont even hav them on my minimap lol, u can literally fling poison ignite tele back to base get to base then get that kill, mmm to ignite and poison, lol i bet people get soo pissed wen there like oh **** singed bam fling poison ingite runs away, oh ok singe djust ran away, oh oh oh **** im dead lol DOT
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Pros / Cons

-with this speed great harrass
-tankk early mid and end
-hard to kill just soo hard
-fast, wait did i already say that?
lol well yea FAST
-poison GREAT farm tool
-fling great feed tool for u or ur teamate
-theres soo much more pros i cant go on

-ranged or slowing enemies r singed worse nightmare
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poison trail that is all
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ryaggron
ryaggron Singed Guide
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fast tank singed

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