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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lyriath

Fat Kat

Lyriath Last updated on November 1, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, I'm new to making guides so any criticism would be greatly appreciated.

I used to main Kat, and did so as AD. I always thought this was the best method and just stacked BestFriend Swords firing away with my ult.

Though lately I started trying a new AP build with tank aspects in it, because Kat is awfully squishy when built as AD and suffers from lack of survivability. So let's start with my potential build sequence.


The items I start with are a Doran's shield and a health pot, I start with these for more survivability in the laning phase and without any extra damage aside from your runes, with good harassing you can often get first blood.
EDIT: I've recently played some games where instead of a dorans shield I'll just grab my boots first or an amplifying tome and they work great. It's really up to your preference but until I make this a solid build I'll leave this here as it may be easier for people newer to Katarina.

On your first trip back, I'm a fan of speed, so I go ahead and grab my boots and usually I'm able to buy a giants belt as well on my first trip back. Though my item sequence says build rylais first, I'm huge on speed for getting away and getting the kill so I get my boots first. Why merc's treads? Sorceror's shoes work just as well, but in reality most teams you get put against will have a lot of CC if they're serious about winning. It allows you to walk off Galios ult and escape others better, as well as the extra magic resistance boost. It's up to your preference which boots you choose.

I build Rylai's scepter first because at the start of the game I try to start as tanky as possible why still retaining some damage. Not to mention Rylai's can help slow down anyone trying to get away when you're ganking.
I then rush a needlessly large rod for Zhonya's, which will get you to almost 300 ability power already. Zhonyas activation is EXTREMELY useful, I can't even stress how many times you can use it to save yourself after successfully landing an ult if the announcer isn't screaming double/triple/quadra/penta kill at you already.

Thornmail. Some argue that this item is not worth getting. I personally find myself put against heavy melee carries frequently in the mix, though if they have none you can skip right to an abyssal scepter or guardian angel, and get mejais earlier instead. Thornmail makes you even more survivable, and helps Yi/Ashe/Twitch kill themselves.

Guardian angel is just another obvious tank item thrown in, and you'll be near invincible with a zhonya's activate and flash and/or shunpo to escape. With your short cool-downs because of runes and the added passive, you can come back to life and ult again as well.

Abyssal scepter is also for more survivability and damage, these last few items are interchangeable and mejai's is a great item to get as well if you find yourself racking up the kills early which you often will.

I have not yet decided if this is the final build that I'll be happy with, but the results so far in game are more than satisfactory.
Any criticism would be greatly appreciated.

Skill Sequence

Again, this is quite interchangeable. If I'm put in a tough lane with say, Xin, I will just get bouncing blades first to just harass from a distance because if you shunpo on him you're more than likely to become an easy kill. Another option is to level Shunpo first or level them somewhat evenly depending on the game. It's really up to your preference and who you're facing.