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League of Legends Build Guide Author XKenshin

Fear The Boxes (Redone)

XKenshin Last updated on March 1, 2011
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Original Build Notes

Fear the Boxes
By: Jhod (Redone by XKenshin)

Well this is my first build. I do hope you enjoy it. Shaco is free this week, so I have been playing him just for fun. Its always so sickening to me to see someone play him AD since 3 out of his 4 moves are AP. AD Shaco is good for some cases. However you do not see his true potential until you focus him Ap with a combo of shiv and boxes.

The key to Boxco as I like to call him is setup and map awareness. You may not perfect it in the beginning. Rome wasn't built overnight as I say. Recognizing tendencies of your opponent. League is a chess game with fancy pieces. Your piece placement is essential to get a checkmate.

Item Build:
I see it easy enough to just not get mejai... It is a waste of time for most people. You will get rare games where you dominate with it. But those games are few and far in-between. I like solid items built around AP and CD reduction. Start off with a doran's it gives you all the goodies health, Ap and Mana Regen. grab a health pot. head to your lane. Port back when you can buy fiendish codex and your starter boots. After fiendish finish your Boots Of Lucidity. then finish Deathfire. it is an added slow active with extra damage on a full health enemy. its like a double shiv before level 10. after level 10 it is an awesome slow while waiting on your shiv to come off of cooldown. After that grab archangel staff. I find myself in games with the buff hogs so having a smexy mana pool is important. After that its typical build. void staff, lich bane, zhonya's ring. You can leave all the replies you want about mejai's. I hope I face you :D.


Your rotation should be: decieve, they run into boxes, you hit and shiv. then walk away. even tanks cant survive that most of the time. pop clone if you get in a 2v1 situation. and get ready to hightail it with decieve.

Early Game:
Early game is boring til lvl 6. Grab Doran's ring and a health pot and head to your lane. It is good to grab a lane with a tank or a strong support. I do well with nunu, shen or rammus. Any would work however. never extend into the bushes near the opponents tower. Rather you should set up in the ones next to yours. Start laying boxes. This will be your home away from home. Even if they charge in. Run back but be persistant about laying your boxes. It will wittle away at them even if it is one at a time. by level 5 you should have your decieve and your shiv at this point. one point into each and the rest into your boxes. With the box fortress you are building a comfort zone. It allows you to creep freely in the middle of your lane with a quick decieve into your boxes. I've been in a lane solo against double opponents and have gotten a double kill when they chased.

Mid Game:
AP shaco has an early midgame. I go out at level 6 freelancing. You do not necessarily want to jump into others lanes and gank. It is not really your element. You have the ambush surprise. This is where your awareness of the opponents tendencies will kick in. Just set up where you know they will go. A good place to start is the buffs on their side. Buff hogs plague both teams. Most people are alone when they get them too. So stack dem boxes. I usually keep 6 up at a time in a location. They can pretty much kill anything (INCLUDING TANKS) by themselves. I recently watched 5 boxes nuke a fed singed before the fear wore off. Grab a golems when you can. not necessarily for the mana but for the CD reduction. I bring clarity for those dire needs. Everyone can gripe about it but I tend to get more kills when I have it than when I don't. To each his own though. Usually by lvl 12 i have about 10 to 12 kills. you should be at least through archangel and building void.

End Game:
Late game is the prime. You will start to notice that even the tanks dont like the jungle and the opponent will move in a pack. Have your team stick together and you set up what I like to call "finisher traps" in the bushes along the enemy jungle. I set up 2 boxes in several random spots for finishers. I get at least 5 to 10 kills endgame by someone fleeing into these traps. When you notice them being aggressive have your team pull back. With lichbane in hand you can nuke a tower with the clone. With your box fort nearby knock em down. The boxes provide a sanctuary in this stage. with your CD reduction maxed or close to maxed you should be able to put down 5 in a short period. If someone chases you. They will get smoked. After that chase the runners and push the towers. It's pretty easy peasy after that.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. I enjoy constructive criticism. Feel free to leave your thoughts. With my job I'm on here often and I'll drop you a reply. I hope to play with you guys soon.


Always remember: FEAR THE BOXES!!!

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Okay XKenshin here, As we all know this build is kind of outdated and since the original author didnt wanna remake it, Id figure I would. This is because I like this build alot and it really demolishes people if you play it right. On this build I will be focusing more on cd reduction because waiting 10 seconds or so for each box is crazy. Then if the opponents change up their current path your stuck with 6 boxes you sat and made for a min straight and now have to go set up for another min.. p.s. NOT STEALING THIS BUILD JUST UPDATING the Original authors idea into current gameplay and items. Enjoy.

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Greater Mark of Insight: Mpen Nuff said
Greater Seal of Clarity: Magic regen for all the boxes your gon' be placing
Greater Glyph of Force: AP for some extra damage
Greater Quintessence of Fortitude: Since the dorans nerf i find it easier to use these and build into to my first main item and start off with a pot.

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9/0/21 Simple mana based utility build. Took the magic pen instead of ignite because i didnt take ignite cause i think clarity is the better option for box placing then true damage and 10 ability power. If you feel diffirent just change up the points to your own liking

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Okay the big change, the introduction of the new tome! I believe this to be a very nice item If you want the Deathfire first go for it if your doing well but I feel the tome is a bit better in the beginning.

FIRST OFF: Grab that little book and pick up a hp pot while your at it for some more survival in your lane. then grab your FIEND CODEX when you can. etc etc etc Boots ETC ETC Lucidity! BAM! CD Reduction. Next the Tome. Now after your done with Tome and you can begin building into your slash attack against tanks (30% is a very good hit to any champ but its good for softening up those tanks in team battles when you've demolished all they're carries and they have to run girls <l:D@

ETC and more etc the items are simply based around cd reduc and ap. You'll prolly never get to the last items because the opposite team would have eventually surrendered because "That ****in Shaco is a ******** hacker theres no way he can rip my XIN appart thet ****in quick im going afk." Lols heard it so many times from ad carries who think their champ is 2 op to be raped by Shacos boxes.

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Summoner Spells

Removed ignite from the original build cause i felt teleport was a very nice way to get back to your box brigade (Tehehehe) If you have to b for items or tower defence or whatever. Also very nice for random box placements to beam up to an enemy tower that maybe getting hit by teh minions ;D or to gank etc etc etc Great spell.

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Hope you all liked it, I know I do! Rate Comment Critique. Dont be 2 harsh, Im still a virgin round these parts :3