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Shaco General Guide by Jhod

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jhod

Fear the Boxes (Updated)

Jhod Last updated on October 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well this was my first build I put up over 6 months ago. I decided to redo this and give it more of a detailed guide. Let me start off by saying that AD Shaco is just boring. He is not fun in anyway. I enjoy AP Shaco because he is highly underestimated. I know that many people feel that he is not viable. Unfortunately those people do not know how to play him. That is the reason for the opinion. One of the biggest problems that I see people have with AP Shaco is that they stray away from the exp range which sets an entire series of events that causes them to lose the match. It under levels them and more often than not they end up feeding the loss for their team. I can not stress the fact that staying in your lane until level 8 is paramount to success. I will touch on that later though. Another thing that I have noticed about the problems people encounter is the box placement. I will go into that later also. Now that we have all the nitty gritty out of the way. Lets get into the poo.

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Pros / Cons

Before I go into the other stuff lets discuss the most common arguement. Why would you choose AP Shaco over AD Shaco?

1. Most of his moves are AP based. Only deceive is based with damage. It is much more useful as an escape tool or an initiator. Also If you get the Lich Bane it procs upon going stealth which turns it into an AP move. 4 AP moves = A viable AP champion.
2. The moves that are AP scale very nicely.
3. An AD Shaco tends to focus on the Q and E moves. This is an absolutely cripples your team. It removes a fear that is such a powerful crowd control. Not to mention it is a mass fear. Also with box placement. You can have multiple mass fears.
4. His clone use is greatly scaled with AP. A fake tower dive on a low health person results in a kill 9 times out of 10. Also your clone blowing up in a crowd causes mass aoe damage.
5. His E move is a very effective harasser as well. It is dwarfed greatly by going AD.
6. With his boxes he has a very comfortable laning phase. Most people are afraid of a good AP Shaco. Setting up your boxes in the bushes allows you to move freely so that you can last hit.

1. The biggest con of all is that very few people in LoL have the comprehension to understand an AP Shaco.
2. He is not a effective backdoor. This is one of the biggest gripes with AP Shaco. I feel that if you are doing work you have no need to backdoor. It's that simple.
3. Without proper box placement you really become ineffective. It is one of the hardest concepts to understand with this guide. I will explain it in detail.

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Recently I have changed my masteries to all offensive. With the new trees I still go 9 0 21. I get the Spell vamp which helps. CD and magic Pen. It is about the output.

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Recently I have changed my masteries to all offensive. Magic pen for Quints, Reds, and Blues. With solid AP for the yellows. You want the beginning power. The mana isn't as useful. Plus with items you have no need for blue buff.

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I roll items in a specific order for a reason. I grab Amplifying Tome first. This allows for 2 paths. Both will end you up with the Deathfire Grasp. But If you are last hitting good and the lane seems very controllable get Fiendish Codex. If you are having trouble last hitting and you are constantly having to back off. Grab the pick first so that you have the extra 5g rolling in. Stay in exp range and wait until ur E move gets higher. Sorc boots are a must. you will have 35% CD reduction in ur first 3 items. Finish it off with a will as a 4th. This will make you get good heal and some extra ap. Then get Void staff. The concentrations are CD reduction and Magic Pen. Ap will come later. If you cant have the quick CD then ur not as effective. With magic pen if u make Magic resist go negative. The damage goes off the charts. Finish with a Deathcap and it is geegee.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is not that hard either. As I said before the largest problem that someone will encounter playing AP shaco is staying in exp range while setting up the boxes. Once you have that under control the rest is really simple. Wards are your friends. I set up boxes along the path. I can set 5 down in a short period. When they run into them I deceive then shiv. That is honestly all you need. Even after the overnerf. He is still powerful. It just takes smarts to finish the job. Don't underestimate shiv either. It is a very useful move in lane. With AP it scales very nicely and does some nasty harassment damage.

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Summoner Spells

I decided to change my summoner spells recently. with the overstack of OP heros that riot is pumping out. To be successful as an ap shaco you need to be in lane as much as possible. I am using Teleport and Ignite as of late and it is producing great results. I think that it has drastically improved my kill ratio simply because of my ease of leveling.

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Team Work

This section right here screws more AP Shacos than any other thing in LoL. For god sakes. You can hate AP shaco all you want. Its your world. But if you are in a game with one use the damn boxes. It is just beyond me why someone would not run into it and end up dying. When they would have easily lived should they have used the boxes. KSing is not real. It is a team game. Ksing does nothing. Its that simple. Also as a note to the AP Shacos reading this. Learn when to not set up boxes. If you need to shiv and duck out for a bit do so. If you base your entire lively hood around boxes you will screw your team.

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Well that wraps up my world of AP Shaco. I didn't put cute pictures or videos up. Because I want this guide to be read not scanned over. The content is what is important. Try this and you will be successful. I will give you a short list of the essentials before closing.

1. ALWAYS stay in exp range. An under-leveled Shaco is a feeder.
2. Harass with the shiv. Living in box land will turn you into a feeder.
3. Communicate with your team. That is the cause of more losses than anything.
4. WARDS WARDS WARDS! Its that simple. You need to be able to see the tendencies. Without them you are powerless.
5. Have fun its a game. The second you get upset a game serves no purpose.

Thank you guys for reading this. I really do enjoy making guides. Add rep for meh. I like to feel special. Add me in game my name is Aïdyn. You make the i buy holding the ALT Key and putting 139 in and releasing the alt key. For those of you who don't know how too. Cya on the fields peeps. Hope I don't hafta murk ya.


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