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Teemo Build Guide by ThePsychoLegends

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThePsychoLegends

Fear the Squirrel and Eat some Mushrooms!

ThePsychoLegends Last updated on June 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The Hybrid Teemo will allow to kill fast and make rage the other team for sure :D
The way to kill an enemy changes if you are in the beginning, the middle or the end of the game. It will perfectly worked if you have to play bot, but if you are crazy enough you can also play mid, it works too (I've tested it so I'm as crazy as you guys).
I know it makes a lot to read but take your time, any advice is good to take!

Sorry if there is misspellings i'm French and enjoy the build! :)

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Greater Mark of Desolation will be very helpfull in the beginning. I start to play Teemo as an AD because start AP or wanting to start Hybrid at level 1 would make a useless Teemo without damages. If you wan't to start AP (not recommended!) than just take Marks of Insight.

Greater Seal of Attack Speed will support Teemo's skills and allow him to grab kills easily . The poison of Teemo can stack but if you attack slowly, the damages won't be really impressive. If you have ability power AND attack speed, the damages will be much more profitable.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power and Quintessence of Ability Power will enable Teemo to make much more damages with basic attacks as soon as level 2 with Toxic Shot and Blinding Dart will scare enemies who try to grab too much minions.

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The only thing that I want to comment in my mastery choice is Demolitionist. I take it to help me in a strategy who consists in pushing the towers alone.

This move will only be used if your team is lame and if you cannot destroy turrets by a simply team push, you will have to put a mushroom beetween two towers of the same lane, on the side of this lane and then stay invisible with your passive. When the minions arrive, attack and touch as many minions as possible with your mushroom. They will be killed in 2 sec. Repeat it IF YOU ARE SURE THAT NO ONE WILL GANK YOU and then just push the tower.

I recommend not to use this move twice because the enemy will know how to anticipate your move the next time. Generaly the destroyed tower will deliver gold and trust to your team. Your team will then be able to push without being slaughtered.

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Skills Sequence:

The reason why I take Blinding Dart at level 1 is to pick up kills easily and win fights by making the enemy miss all his attacks.
Decrease enemy's life in the beginning without Toxic Shot will be useless. You only will prevent them to farm minions at level 1 and 2 with Blinding Dart and Toxic Shot.
At level 3, you will finally be able to attack them from distance without taking any damages with Move Quick.
I next up Blinding Dart to level 2 because the enemies won't be scared of it if at the level 4 if it stays at level 1.
After the level 4, just up Toxic Shot, then Blinding Dart and finally Move Quick.

If you are about to gank at the enemie's blue in a ranked game, I recommend to take Toxic Shot and stay behind your teammates.

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Summoners Spells:

Ignite is very usefull in a fight. To kill with Teemo, you will have to make a lot of damages in a restricted time. And you will have to kill faster as the game runs along.

Flash will be usefull for lots of techniques already known (escape and offensive) but you also can use it to escape a melee character and safely attack it again. Teemo is very squishy. That's why you need to kill fast and that's why Flash will be perfect to kill someone like Xin Zhao (you attack him, he charges, you get away from his attack with Flash, you finish him).

You can also take Cleanse instead of Ignite if you think you already do considerable damage but get to often traped by enemie's skills.

You can take Ghost I you prefer it to Flash but it won't really help.

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I've seen a lot of times some people playing Teemo without using two skills witch is to me THE MORE IMPORTANTS ONE!

Camouflage is an awesome skill for teemo. It makes you invisible and give you an attack speed bonus when you end it up by moving or attacking again. It will be an avantage when you will get into a 2v2 in bot lane. You and your teammate will know if enemies are coming and you will gain the element of surprise.
You can also use Camouflage in middle game to "escape the enemy". Your are ganked and you Flash and use Move Quick to run away but they are coming from all the side and you can't escape! Just wait them to come at least 3 sec in a bush and they'll have the weirdest brain ever. Just stay until they go away and back in security ^^

Your mushrooms in Hybrid are a death trap too. I try to put them in strategics point when I know that a gank will happen in a specific sector. I grab 3 or 4 kills each games with this move.
I also put them when we are all on the same place in strategic places too. If they hit one, I'll just have to come over with Move Quick and use Blinding Dart/ Toxic Shot(/Ignite if necessary) and the Dots combined to Malady will do the rest ;)
The mushrooms slow the enemy and alow me to come and attack him without any problems.

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.Teemo is squishy so you'll need to attack fast.

.Don't understimate the passiv and the mushrooms.

.Take you time with tanks, you will not have them in 5sec.

.If an AD enemy attack you, use Blinding Dart as soon as you can.

.If you can have the red, you will have a lots of nasty Dots.

.Using Flash to avoid a melee will make you win the fight.

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Good Luck!

Thanks for reading my guide until the end, I hope it will help you for your games!