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Brand Build Guide by turbotanic23

feel the heat! the ultimate guide brand!!!

feel the heat! the ultimate guide brand!!!

Updated on July 23, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author turbotanic23 Build Guide By turbotanic23 1,541 Views 0 Comments
1,541 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author turbotanic23 Brand Build Guide By turbotanic23 Updated on July 23, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



hello everyone i'm turbotanic23 and this is my build for brand. brand is a great farming champion as well as having a ton of burst damage. as i talk about his passive i would hope you pay very close attention. first his passive is when ever he hits a target with one of his abilities they a ablaze this means that they take damage over time and if a target is ablaze while you hit them with a ability then it will have a bonus effect. if your target is ablaze when you strike with your Q then they are stunned for a short time. if your target is ablaze when you strike with your W the enemy takes bonus damage. if your target is ablaze when you strike an enemy with your E then it spreads to nearby enemies. if you target is ablaze when you strike with you ultimate then the missile will speed up and will be harder to avoid. in this build i will tell you all of his possible combos.
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Runes and masteries

with my runes and masteries your able to have exceptional burst damage. when you lvl up your W first you tend to run out of mana early so that is a reason to get extra mana. with more mana you can preform your combos more often.
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Ability combos

Farming combo: when you farm with brand try to catch a big part of the minion wave with your W and then tag one of the ablaze targets with your E that way it'll spread to all of the minions.

Damage combo: if there is more then one champ around then use this combo Q,E,W,R if there is only one champ then use this combo E,Q,W. P.S. don't use ult on one person cause that would be a big waste.

Escape combo: somehow just get the person ablaze then tag them with your Q and stun them, while they are stun you can deal a little more damage or if you are really low then just run to your base.

Double kill combo: tag one of them with your Q then hit the same person with your E for it to spread they should be grouped together then get them with your W and throw out your ultimate and let it bounce back and forth.
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Summoner Spells

i take Ignite and flash while playing with brand. i understand that brand's passive is basicly a ignite, but i bet you have no idea how many times an enemy has lived with like 5 hp after my passive. so this can give you a bit more. and of corse i got flash so that you can get out of there just in case you need to.
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with very early game you will be low on mana so just build a tear of the goddess then pick up a rylai's crystal scepter for more HP and AP. eventually pick up sorcerer's shoes for magic penetration. later get two rabadon's for AP and then get a Zhonya's hourglass for the extra AP and for the Active just incase you are easily dead. when you get through the whole build you will end up with about 480 AP which will make people fear you so take my word and get these items.
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with farming on brand you should find i big built up minion group, then throw pillar of flame in the middle then tag the center one with your E so it spreads in all directions. Farming on brand can get him overleveled and then he could eventually get fed. So what are you going to do? FARM!!!
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Pros / Cons

pros: brands combos make him exceptionally dangerous.
with the masteries and the runes he is unstoppable eventually with all that burst.
minions can almost feed him!
can steal baron easy!

cons: he is rather squishy and low on mana early game.
brand is usually targeted first and your teammates need to understand that you do outrageous damage. so they should take damage instead.
League of Legends Build Guide Author turbotanic23
turbotanic23 Brand Guide
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feel the heat! the ultimate guide brand!!!

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