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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wafflmao


Wafflmao Last updated on February 13, 2011
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Introduction ;)

This is my first ever build on mobafire.. so dont hate so easily. this is my personal build for fiddle, and well, it is amazing for me. so i hope you enjoy :D and make sure to vote

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Pros and Cons

Fiddle has great cc
Able to stay in lane for a long time due to drain
Wonderful in team fights

Very low base health
can get stunned out of ulti
can get stunned out of drain

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Why i chose my items.

Early game, rushing mejai's as a good fiddle is amazing. Fiddle NEEDS feed early game to help late game. Sorc shoes are quite obvious why i got them. then we move on to banshee's veil. For most squishy caster's i think of this as a must. Banshee's veil will allow you to escape stun's or cc. Plus.. it makes fiddle impossible to stop. When you ulti.. they stun you.. darn.. Psyche Banshee's Veil *****! Rabadon's is quite obvious. Fiddle is a caster.. and caster's use ap, so rabadon's is the boss. Abyssal sceptre makes your Ulti even more deadly reducing their magic pen makes them more vulnerable MUHHAHAHAHAHAH

Seperate items you may consider: Rod Of Ages: i find RoA to be an awesome item, but if you have enough ap, they'll die before they can focus you. If they do manage to focus you on a regular basis then i suggest it.

Void staff: Definetely get this if the other team is building magic resistance like jews. 40% magic pen is amazing :D

Rylai's Crstal Sceptre: Tbh, i don't really like this item too much on fiddle. but i suppose if you aren't fed, and you need some chase ability + survivability, then go ahead. but imo the fear is enough cc for me! :D

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Summoner Spells ;D

Flash and Ghost Imo, Are, AMAZING for fiddle! When you ulti. ghost. and they will DIE. (or flash :)) If you're going in for a team-fight, they are amazing, plus. you can use them to get away overkill tbh ;D

Other useful Summ Spells

Cleanse: Cleanse is always good. and if you find that people are stunning you in ult (even after Banshee's Veil) then go ahead and get it :D

Exhaust: Exhaust makes you an incredible 1v1 player. But Fiddle is best for pentakills not single kills ^.^ still a great summoner spell

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Runes and masteries

For my runes on fiddle, i like alot of mana regen, so you dont have to waste money in game for mana items. I also love magic pen on him, just to make him deadlier :D. for quintessences i like ap, cause honestly 35(+20 for amplifying tome) Ap at the start of the game is just amazing. Or, if you'd like to play it safe, get some health quints. also very nice :)

For masteries, it's really up to you. i like 9-0-21 for the magic pen in attack, and the upgraded flash/ ghost in utility.. plus utility adds mana regen to fiddle, which, is awesome.

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Ssskkkkiiillllllllzzz sequence

For my skills, i always go, Drain, terrify, drain, terrify. that combo is EXTREMELY lethal, your lane partner will be very satisfied with the lvl 3 killings ^.^, the cc combined with a good drain, will get any champ down to half beginning game. If you're laning against a ryze or other nuke, you could consider getting dark wind to silence them, then ryze will just stand there, crying, and get 1 shot. And i know, dark wind is good at farming! but whats better, farming ten extra minions, or getting a double kill?

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Gameplay with fiddle <3

Early game: Typical, just farm, play it safe, and when they make a mistake, BAM! Terrify, Drain, Game. if you get low ever. try to stay in lane by draining, but if it seems too risky, recall

Mid game: :DDDD, this is where the ganking is sexy, when a gank is needed go in to the closest bush, ulti close to them, BUT NEVER LEAVE THE BUSH WHILE CASTING. right as you ult. ghost or flash towards them terrify one of them, and drain him, generally a double kill, or 1 for you, one for someone else with you. But remember , if you can push a turret or get a gank. get the turret :D

End game: This is generally where the 5 on 5 team fights go down. What you do is. go in a bush or behind a wall, and when the time is right ulti in on their team, if your team is good. they'll go in as well and your team should get an ace if executed properly :)

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Fiddle is one of my favorite champs, but he is squishy, so be careful :O. Using this build i've become in love with fiddle... I definetely recommend him to you, because i mean, CMONN hes only 1350 xD