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Fiora Build Guide by Raegwyn

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Raegwyn

Fiora - Pentakill Guarantee

Raegwyn Last updated on March 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Pentakill Fiora Explantion

This Guide focuses on getting multiple kills, nothing else.
Its very easy to get a triple kill or even a penta with this Build.
As we all know, getting pentakills is always good in any way.

Well im focusing on maximum Dmg output with our Ultimate
Tiamat affects out Ultimate, thats why its the most important item in this Build.

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Math Part

Example what we want to do:
Let us say 4 Opponents stand near to each other, or they are doing Baron.
you Jump in with your Q target one without armor items and use R on him.
You will deal 4 Strikes รก 500 Dmg on every champion and also another 375 to the Champ you targeted.
Now the Funny part. You have 3 tiamats thats 150% AoE Dmg. and for every single 500 strike you deal on one champion ALL others who stand near him get 750 dmg.

We have 4 Champions so thats 500x4 + 375 and now we add the Tiamat Dmg what would be 750x4 x3 (because it will procc on the 3 champs you didnt strike) + 562,5 x3
So looks a bit strange but altogether its 13062,5 Dmg with 1 Single ult, 10687,5 of it just from your Tiamats

Easier: 1x500 Strike on a Champ and 4x 750 Tiamat Strikes on the same champ because Champions near him got striked

remember that those numbers are just the Standard numbers without AD or Opponent armor calculated (and you will have a LOT AD).

I need to mention that this just is the optimal situation. Of Course it will almost never happen that all 4-5 Champs stand near enough to each other that every Tiamat Procc hit every Champ or that all Champs are near enough to ult everyone but even if they arent for every stike of your ult or every Tiamat Procc the DMG output still is extremly high.

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Playstyle Exlanation

NEVER use your ult for 1 Champ
its easier to win a 1v2 than a 1v1 for you.
In Teamfights, expect 1-3 dead opponents or their whole team at low life right after you used your ult.
How more Champions you strike with ult how more Dmg all of them will get

NEVER run alone always have atleast 1 teammate with you. best would be a Champion with a Aoe Stun like amumu or veigar.

1v1: dont join 1v1 fights late game when you are not totally sure you can win them
1v2: run away until the position is right and ult them when they are near to each other -> guaranteed doublekill
1v3: depends on their positions. If they are near to each other Ult them. if just 2 of them are you can kill both but the third one will kill you.

Stay back and wait for the perfect moment. Dont attack to early. Wait till they are totally in the fight and when they are near to each other jump in with Q and use R on one without armoritems.
If it strikes 4 Champs it maybe wont kill them but their whole team will be very low and they gonna start running away from you, but you can easily catch them with the speedbuff of your E and with your Q

If you fail and they were not near enough to each other you just bring them a bit lower and you are useless for the next time.
The hardest part is using your R at exactly the right moment. You need to always remember that you want to use your Tiamats effectivly.

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Pros / Cons

VERY High Dmg Output with R
Awesome Bait
Easy 1v2 win even with low health
High Attackpower so also good dmg while R is on CD
Can completely change a Teamfight
Can do a Penta with 1 Button

VERY Squishy
Short Range with R
Very hard to know when to use R at best
Opponents need to be near to each other
not very helpful while R is on cD

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