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League of Legends Build Guide Author Weas007

Fiora Solo Q season 5

Weas007 Last updated on March 6, 2015
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No. Despite having a great AP gain on her W, AP Fiora is ridiculous; waiting for your opponent to hit you every 5 seconds to counter with 1000 dmg when you could eb hitting them for over 1000 dmg a second is not a good trade. This is not AP fiora. This build does exploit magic damage, however.

Hello, I am Rydia is Hax on NA. I am terrible at making guides (checkout my frozen mallet sona guide) but I have played Fiora for over 2 years now and am certain this build is viable, not just because of the math but because I have stomped with it so much.

You will probably not get past gold with his build, as fiora is simply too weak to compete plat and higher with the current meta (look at me sounding so smart!) but you can EZ your way through solo queue and for those haters out there: 1) check the math and 2) the play style hasn't changed so its not a troll build. Just unconventional.

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No, I do not get mpen runes. I have yet to try hybrid as you do quite a bit of magic dmg, but I still feel that flat ad marks, flat armour seals, flat magic resist glyphs and flat ad quints are the best way to start off strong with Fiora. Broad sword and a rank in w and you're doing over 100 dmg a swing at lvl 1. CSing has never been easier. There may be alternative (try move speed quints to keep up with opponents?) but this is solid. You want to be as strong as possible until 6, at which point you spike hard and want to abuse your ult.

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Masteries I choose 21/9/0 pretty standard. Some people don't put more than one point into warlord, opting to maximize executioner by in that extra 15% HP range, as well as add in dangerous game. If you're playing right, you're gonna die. The extra hp from the kill is useless because if you win the fight, you don't need it anymore, and if you didn't win it because you did less damage, it won't proc. Again, your job is to split push, solo drag, and kill the ADC/APC. Survial isn't in fiord's cards, despite your misleading passive.

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Ah, heres where things get interesting: I still recommend getting hydra as a first item, for farming via aoe and the fast wave clear. Lifesteal is an added bonus but not key here. Next I insist on wits end. Heres where the hate rains in. No AD item! Lowers Magic resist are you crazy? why not black cleaver? This is because people forget about the +42 magic dmg. Near mid to end game, your opposing Ad carry will probably have almost 80 armor, yet only 30 mr. That means your AD is only 55% effective while your magic dmg is more than 75%. and after 5 hits that 30 mr becomes 5, and your 42 magic dmg is doing 40 dmg, while your 80 AD item would also be doing 44.

Now factor in cost, and the bonus from any of BT, SR

Another way to look at this is that, after getting IE for your crit, and one other 80 AD item, Zephyr is highest DPS time for AD, and it gives 25 dmg and 50% AS. Where as wits end gives 42 magic dmg, and the same AS.

Moving on, you want to get Zephyr, and sell you boots eventually for another zyphre (ok now he's nuts). The reason is the cool down gives you more chance to spam your e, which is your pushing mechanism, and the combined speed of the two items gives you the same as boots, escially when paired with ....

Triforce. If you got money to waste, waste it here. The on hit effect is still great. No other item gives you +200 dmg in a hit, a bunch of nice stats, and the crit helps boots up your IE.

Oh yeah, last item is IE.

So I'm not saying don't get IE because it does less dmg. I'm saying get Wits end first because it is more affordable and does more dmg with your abilities.

Wait, what? Wits end does more dmg than abilities? lies.

Cue Next chapter.

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Skill Sequence

W Q E Q Q R Q W Q W R E E W E R W E.

Because you are focusing on attack speed and procin your on hit effects as much as possible, you need ranks in W to compliment. Again, its not about maxing one stat; its about having a well rounded value to max your DPS.

A bit on skills and why wits end is the better choice (over say, blood thirster, LW etc).

Q is going to scale off your bonus AD 60%. So every point you add to AD you get .6 back in your lunge. But Q also prods on hit effects. So lunging with wits end adds 42 magic dmg. when you compare an 80 AD item, whats more: 48 AD or 42 magic dmg? The answer is: depends on their mr/ar. But remember you are focusing either the ADC, who will have 2.5 as much armour as magic resist (factoring runes and average ADC stat growth) or you are hitting fleeing tanks assassins and brawlers who have been worn down by your own brawlers and ADC. Because you have some life steal, you should be able to out duel most brawlers or better yet, you can go split push at this point.

W obviously scales better with the AS from wits end than any AD item.

E simply increases your AAs, so the same logic to Q applies to your E.

Which leaves R. The AD ratio form R starts at a whopping 90%, which is great. But every other hit to the same target is reduced to 40% damage, which yields a minimum of 126% AD over 2 hits, or 234% AD over 5 hits. However, each hit prods on hit effects. Meaning 2 hits will yield 82 magic damage. Not so great compared to 100.8 Attack damage. But factor in MR and AR, and unless their MR is higher than 81% of their AR, you're doing more dmg per hit, which is increasing slightly as your targets MR goes down. But over 5 successive hits? 234% AD vs 260 MD? You'd need an item that gave you 111 AD to compete, and thats if their Armor and Magic resist values were the same.

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In conclusion, this build is situational. And Fiora is not a strong team pick by any means (if anything someone should try 2v1 top with fiora as the ADC with a leona/annie/etc support, or vs bot even 2v2) since she is not a tank, has no CC, and no escape. She's an under developed yi with an extra dash and a fancy but slightly weaker ult. But the numbers don't lie. Try this build in Solo Q; guaranteed wins.


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