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Fiora Build Guide by Vaurs

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vaurs

Fiora - speed is everything (AS/Crit)

Vaurs Last updated on March 15, 2012
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Welcome Fiora fans! Here I got a build for Fiora that touches the very soul of this amazing champ it self. It is an AD carry build based on critical damage and maximal speed. Maximal damage at maximal speed - it sounds good,right ;)

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Main idea

So, Fiora is a champ based on attack speed. Her ability Burst of Speed gives you 120% attack speed at ability level 5, but that is not enough to get to the max allowed speed in game. So why not do that? I use runes, masteries and items to push her to the limits.

Of course we need damage too. There is two ways how to accomplish that:

  • rise your flat attack damage
  • rise your crit chance
I start with the second, because it is easier and faster way to get more damage + it works very well with Fiora because of her high attack speed - she gets more tries in a second to apply a critical hit so the average damage output in some time period will be higher then with the simple attack damage increase.

And another thing that helps Fiora with her crits - her Riposte rises her attack damage and it is enough to get a decent base for those crits. At the beginning no extra attack damage from items is needed.

Then throw in some life steal for survivability and you are a complete set.

The last and probably the most important thing: AS/Crit build gets you to great damage fast and cheap!

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Base shape:

With the items I try to accomplish three things:
    [1.] get some life steal
    [2.] get attack speed closer to the maximal allowed
    [3.] get critical chance over 50%

I start with the Vampiric Scepter to last longer in the lane and that is a part of the 1. then I get the Berserker's Greaves for the 2. and start to shape my build. The second Vampiric Scepter gives you a lot of durability and with Zeal you got yourself a mini base build and a little bit of 3. accomplished.

Now lets grow up:
number crunching:
Berserker's Greaves Executioner's Calling Executioner's Calling Phantom Dancer - this is your base build. When finished together with the following runes and masteries you will have 60% crit chance,37% life steal and almost 2,500 hits per second(2,480ish). At this point you can win 1vs1 with anyone.

your crits will be around 250 damage, that means 625 damage per second at the best, and you will get around 92 health per hit back, 228 per sec at the best.

The best part is that this will cost you about 6465 - great power for less money. And that means that you will bee powerful very fast. You will start to really rock at midgame and continue to the end.

Final touch:
So the base idea of this build is finished. That means now we can relax and just try to scale things up a bit.

For the next item I like to buy The Black Cleaver for the damage and the armor reduction. Another and a cheaper version is Last Whisper but I like that 15 more damage and The Black Cleavers armor reduction better. Since at that point you are really powerful , money is not a problem ;)

And, if the game goes far enough, I like to buy something for the pure power like the Infinity Edge for its high damage and crit damage increase(that really goes well together with the whole build idea).

Thing about the Frozen Mallet:
Many think that the Frozen Mallet is needed to help Fiora catch enemies and get all those hits in a second applied,but it actually is not definitely so. With this build and Fioras Burst of Speed Fiora gets a lot of additional movement speed and actually can catch anyone after a couple hits with Burst of Speed and her Lunge helps to get those initial hits on target.

why double Executioner's Calling?
This Item is cheap (1350) and gives both needed abilities - life steal and crit chance. I choose to buy two of them because it is the cheapest and fastest way to get what this build needs. replacing one would increase the duration of time that you need to get the base build thus making it worse because speed is everithing ,right ;) Test for yourselves. At the end one can change one of these to The Bloodthirster but only after Infinity Edge to maintain crit chance over 50%

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The most important part of the runes is the Greater Mark of Attack Speed runes. Those give additional 15 % of attack speed thus enabling you to reach the max attack speed with Fiora with the base item build I showed earlier.

For another important part I like to use Greater Seal of Health and Greater Quintessence of Health runes - these fulfill the role of keeping you alive at the very beginning,when you are most vulnerable.

Lastly I use Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction runes. It is an individual choice what to use here but I like these ones because then I can unleash the full fury of Fiora more often. Her ultimate has quite a long cool down and these runes brings down it to 100 secs.

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In masteries I put 22 points in offence and 8 in utility.

In utility The important thing is to get the full 4/4 in Swiftness . This together with items and Fioras Burst of Speed will enable you to catch and repeatedly hit enemy even without any slows or stuns.

In Offence take all masteres supporting attack damage and crits. The Alacrity is very needed for that max speed idea of this build. One point goes in the life steal because I think that is the best use for the last point but it is not actually necessary to put it there.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I choose Exhaust and Flash.

Exhaust helps you both in chases and in retreat. Good for ganking and to keep enemy in place for your team to eat up.

And Flash... Flash is op ;)

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  • start with getting max attack speed and critical chance high enough to strike almost every time. for survivability you get life steal.
  • continue with more attack damage that will do great putt on the AS/Crit chance base.
  • All this is accomplished in a short time with a small budget,that means you will beat opponents to full build and will always have an edge over your enemies.

Yes,speed is everything ;)