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Fiora Build Guide by Taru the Great

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Taru the Great

Fiora the Furious

Taru the Great Last updated on March 5, 2012
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Hello I'm Adrian and this is my first Guide I have done so please bare with me as I may not describe much. I am a bit dyslectic so again bare with me I been using Fiora for many games now and have seen what works for me. So lets begin. This build is meant for survivability during 2v1 or more. After you grab a hold of the main items you will see that you will still dish out the damage and still able to push forward without needing to recall as much unless to purchase items.
I know this might not be flashy but I will update it when I am more familiar as to make it sparkle.

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I chose these runes because they are pretty basic for most melee champs that I have seen and work really well. Stick with what you know. I prefer resilience and warding, seal and glyph, to have a fight chance early on. I like the movement speed because once you nab the Black Cleaver you will be able to knock down their armor fairly quick and get that kill.

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I chose to 21/0/9 because I felt that the runes do their job to keep you alive early game. Crud happens and in case death does occur from a minor mistake you will be right back into the fight. The extra added movement speed will help you to chase down your enemy after you exhausted your lunge.

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I chose these items after tinkering around a bit and had seen what she is capable of if she can survive the 1v1 and more than one enemy are in the vicinity. I did try to go all out by buying going with IE, TF, Bloodthirstier; instead of Banshie, Frozen Heart and Lantern, but I found myself dieing way to quick after getting that 1 kill. I was able to finish 2 and even get a thrid one if he was close enough but that all depends on how much damage you take during a fight. But all in all this allowed me to almost guarantee that I would stay alive long enough in a 2v1 if I was able to initiate first.
Instead of Frozen Heart, you may also replace it with Frozen Mallet.

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Skill Sequence

This can be kinda tricky at first but I was able to get a a good sequence going. I always open up with Riposte then to Burst of Speed and at level 3 get Lunge. After this level up Riposte to lvl 5 first while doing ult when it comes. Burst of Speed will be the second to focus on so when that time comes when you cant lvl up Riposte select BoS. Lastly will be Lunge for me even though the cooldown will be long don't focus on that skill in combat.
You may also split BoS and Lunge if you want by getting both up to lvl 3. You will still want to focus on Riposte though.

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Summoner Spells

I wanted to be able to survive in a 2v1 so I chose exhaust instead of ignite. When I initiate the fight I exhaust the other enemy in site firs so that I can focus all my attack and skill to take down the other as fast as I can.
I have not tried Ignite yet but if you chose to who am I to stop you.

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I hope this guide helps you stay alive out on the field and dish out that damage that you are also looking for to get those kills climbing.

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Pros / Cons


    Not to be underestimated
    Great team fighter
    Amazing 1v1
    Really Fun

    Not good at escaping
    Trouble against
because of his dodge