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Fiora Build Guide by Duits

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Duits

Fiora: The Horroclific Duelsist

Duits Last updated on March 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The Reasoning Behind it All

Sup, first guide so bear with me. The summoner spells are for top or mid, I chose Teleport as it's needed to return to lane faster and out-level your opponent. Exhaust is for many reasons. The main reason I decided to always get it because I fought another Fiora top and she exhausted me right before I used my ult (while tower diving) and missed all 5 times. Other uses are obvious especially since a lot of champs who are top are melee aside from a select few and the obvious escape from dieing if you absolutely must. She can be slow to start but will still more than likely push harder no matter who you are laning against unless it's some hard AP at mid. Just be patient and last hit as much as possible until you can finish Razor. As for the rest, read up and I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

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Pros / Cons


Very mobile
High damage
Crazy Ult
Fast Farm
Out pushes most other champs


Squishy Early-Game
No Escape skill
(unless you use lunge to a minion if possible)
Focused All Game
(you will be priority to get ganked if the enemy knows what they're doing.)

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These are very flexible, other choices can be HP Quints - CDR/Lvl Glyphs and a mixture of Attack Speed and Armor Pen Quints and Marks. I would suggest keeping the flat armor Seals due to the ability to run into jungle and farm quicker because of the higher sustainability and still being able to return to lane with at least 95% HP or more.

I have the Magic resist incase I have to lane mid and they are usually AP champs you are Vs.
Movement Speed Quints to help kiting incase of ganks as well as I don't finish boots until I port back for the second or third time to base, but mostly because when you use your lunge to close in on a kill there's a high change they will use Flash (or Ghost) to escape you and these make it possible to catch up for that second lunge.

Edit: I have messed around with HP and HP% Quints and 1 26 HP along with 2 1.5% HP Quints seem to work the best. Using the 26 HP gives you a good start but falls off mid-game. using the 2 % and 1 flat HP Quints gives you and advantage early game and keeps it useful throughout the battle.

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Masteries are flexible as well. Nevertheless I would greatly urge you to at least keep 9 into the defensive tree no matter what route you decide to take. The extra HP is always nice since she starts out with so little, and I don't use HP Quints (working on getting these now will update guide more in-depthly once I've gotten them.) I go with the offensive for a 19/11 to give me more AD and a little bit more survivability when laning. Why the 11? Every once in a while you will get someone who is an AP ganker or has a snare or other cc skill that is magic damage and this just lessens the damage you take. I use the masteries and runes to beef her up because I don't build her like DPS/Tank such as Renekton or sometimes Riven because shes more of an Assassin but needs the survivability to live long enough after she gets her combo off to put her life steal to use while they refresh.

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The bread and butter to this build are Lucidity and Brutalizer, attack damage - cooldown reduction and move speed. Everything you need to win top and harass like there's no tomorrow. Once you get Blood Razor it's just that much easier. And starting with the cloth makes obtaining it a little simpler. You can get any of these 3 items in whatever order you wish, typically I use cloth but I have started with boots, and either 5 or 3 HP pots (if you start with cloth you might consider getting a ward too if the enemies jungle is a Shaco, Rammus or Lee.) I've been ganked by all 3 and the masteries and runes above along with cloth have enabled me to live all 3 times along with the skill sequence which you will read next. The other items aren't a must but Bloodthirster helps you a great deal and considerably when you use burst of speed as you leach while waiting for parrie and lunge to come off cooldown. Warmogs and Atmas gives you more survivability and a little more damage mitigation to help you continue on your glorious slaughter. Some wonder why finish Yumuu's last and I'm explaining it because I think it's stupid that you don't realize how little it offers when it's finished. The active is null unless you're backdooring a turret or soloing baron (which you can do with ease with this build and fast) and you already get all the stats you need from Brutalizer. Finishing Yumuu's doesn't offer a big increase, thus making it a last buy. Wrigglers can be switched for anything you seem necessary such as a Force of Nature, Madred's Bloodrazor, Aegis of Legion for more sustain or Guardian Angel to just piss off the enemy.

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Skill Sequence

I've went through every guide for Fiora so far and none have done this and I have done this every time. Why max Parrie first? More damage to help you farm and push if needed, but the main reason is because it lowers the cooldown and when you get ganked that extra ~250 damage reflected while you are simply running away can give you a kill if it's a jungler with 50% HP at the initiation of gank. Lunge auto attack Lunge auto attack and you have a kill, exhaust the enemy top laner and continue to your turret or drink an HP pot and go for the double if you feel confident. Do Not do it if it's Vs. a champ with 45 armor or more. Armor is something you will need to pay attention to as you will not start off with a lot unless you change the build a bit. So far no one has had more Magic resist or Armor than me that I have laned against top or mid. I max lunge second because you NEED the cooldown to be lower, it will enable you to use it twice if the chase or fight is long enough. Burst of Speed is last because you get more than enough Attack Speed at level 1 to leach enough and farm fast. Yes leveling it reduces the cooldown but it's not needed. Especially if the game lasts long enough to finish Yumuu's. Activate Burst of Speed and when it wears off Active Yumuu's or use both at once, up to you.

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Team Work

I've fought a lot of Fioras and this needs to be explained. You are not an initiator, you are not a carry and you are not a tank. You are the ASSASSIN who destroys their AD carry, even if you use your ult to simply annihilate the carry it will change the team fight. Never ult on their tank as your ult will hit the first champ last and leave you sitting next to the tank at the end wondering what the heck you did that for as you die in agony. If you feel the desire to ult the AP nuker be my guest just make sure they have used whatever stun/snare they happen to have - avoid going for Brand and Morgana, this is self explanatory. Any stun can stop your ult so stay hidden until say Amumu or Malphite ults, then go in. Your place is near the back with the carry but close enuf to lunge in and ult, use parrie immediately after your ult ends because you WILL be focused as soon as they realize where you stopped.

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This guide has been created because although I've fought many Fiora's who start out better, they fail at level 3 top laning Vs. me. A jungle guide will be added once I finish getting the HP quints and jungle Fiora is the only threat I've come across early game, end game this guide will allow you to beat her if you play cautious and skillful. If you decide to comment please vote and I welcome all kinds of comments criticism and suggestions. I will test them all and change the guide accordingly. It will be changed and updated regularly as I play Fiora more and test other builds. One suggestion is do not try getting a lot of Attack Speed items as they are of no great use becuase of Burst of Speed. Enjoy the Horroclific owning!