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Fizz Build Guide by I Screw Whores

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author I Screw Whores

Fish Fish Fish! (Ap with a twist)

I Screw Whores Last updated on November 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys, this is my first guide on Mobafire and it is going to be with the new and very unique summoner, Fizz, The Tidal Trickster. I am a pretty decent 1500 elo player and just decided to finally make a guide . Also; although this is my first guide it does not mean I haven't been on Mobafire. I have been looking at guides for many months on this very helpful site :) THIS GUIDE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, MORE UPDATES TO COME. Just wanted to know what you guys thought of the general build :) Asking for constructive criticism please <3

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Centuries ago, an ancient water-dwelling race built a hidden city beneath a mountain in the sea. Though these creatures had their enemies, the city was an impenetrable fortress, and, in the safety it provided, they grew complacent. Fizz, however, harbored a curious spirit that could not be satisfied living so cushioned a life. Unable to resist the allure of danger, Fizz had a habit of sneaking out of the city to look for trouble. In his many adventures he grew to be a powerful fighter with a keen resourcefulness that let him skirt danger with clever ease. One day, Fizz returned to find the city abandoned: his people had vanished, leaving Fizz without a clue to explain their disappearance. With nothing left in the city to keep him, Fizz salvaged an enchanted trident from the ruins and set out alone.

For years, Fizz wandered the ocean, using the skills he'd learned during his adventures as a young boy to survive. Finally, Fizz discovered the port of Bilgewater. He was fascinated with the existence of life above the water and could not resist exploring the island. In his endless curiosity, Fizz inadverently meddled in the affairs of the humans who lived there and his presence did not go unnoticed. His mischief angered many residents who eventually sought to capture or kill him. Fizz found himself cornered, and he prepared to return to the sea despite the fondness he'd come to hold for Bilgewater. As he stood at the docks, a massive dragon-shark attacked the port. Fizz defeated the beast, using his resourcefulness and knowledge of the creatures' weaknesses to his advantage. Having earned the gratitude and respect of the humans, Fizz decided to stay in Bilgewater. He joined the League of Legends to further serve his new home.

''Fizz makes even the saltiest sailors of Bilgewater look like drunken landlubbers in a fight. Good thing he's on our side.'' -- Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter.

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Some of you may be wondering why the f*** I chose attack damage runes on a character with all AP spells. Well to simply put it... damage. Early game with these runes a Q and hitting a W once or twice will drop a targets health to below half easily and sometimes pick up a kill. This can be done as early as level 2 but usually the kill start coming in at level 4 when you have your E. This combo has INSANE damage with these runes. Don't hate on them till you try them :) The armor and Magic resist are just for some survivability that scale nicely into late game.

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The Masteries are also a pretty unique selection. 26 in offence to absolutely maximize damage while leaving 4 in defense to give an either magic resist boost if you are mid or an Armour boost depending on another lane situation.

Reasoning for not getting lifesteal

I feel the life steal is a waste of a very valuable 3 mastery points that a better put in the defense section. here's why:
Most of the time playing Fizz you wont be auto attacking away in lane, you will either be going for a quick burst or last hitting minions, that 3% isn't really going to help too much while that 6 MR or armor could be the difference between staying alive or dying to that last tick of Malzahr's E or a Teemo's poison.

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I like to start with boots and 3 pots as it lets me dash towards target, do damage then leave in a hurry or alternatively, chase a target down or even escape from gank with much more ease.

Another option would be to start with a dorans ring, I could see either working but my preference is boots/3pot.

Here you have a few choices..

1) If you are doing very well you can rush deathcap for the extreme damage it gives you, once you get this you become a killing machine.

2) If you are doing okay then you might want to think about picking up rod of ages first. It gives you ability power, mana and a much needed health boost.. what's not to like. However the damage boosts are just not as great as death cap but still a very solid pick.

3)If you are just losing your lane you may want to just pick up a few dorans rings, it will give you health, ability power and mana regen at a very cheap cost so it might just help you catch up in the lane. However this will slow down your overall build so as you will have to sell these eventually.

Next I pick up a lich bane for the nice Ap boost on your autoattacks which you are doing anyway. While also giving some magic resist and a nice movement speed buff.

After that you may want to pick up some survivabilty so I usually pick either Quicksilver Sash if they have heavy cc that shuts me down like WW's or Malze's ult. Or a Randuin's Omen for a heavy AD team and a nice slow comes with it. Alternatively if they have a bit of both you can pick up a GA which gives your armor, MR and a nice passive that can save you from death.

The last few items I will pick up are void staff if they are stacking MR, Rylai's for a nice health and slow benefit or possibly another defensive item if I am melting away in team fights.

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Skill Sequence

I max W first as I think it is just the overall most helpful skill. Once you get it to level 5, get some Ap and maybe even a Lich BAne, You auto attacks hurt.. ALOT. Thats the reason i max this first, also maxes last hitting a-bit easier while having basically no mana costs.

Many people may disagree with me when I max this second but I think as I picked up the AD runes, this skill start really hurting when your AP starts meeting your AD amount you have and amazingly damaging gap closer on a very short cool down, and not to mention the extremely low mana costs.

Just because I max this last does not mean its useless, It is far from it, I can chase, jump over walls, escape ganks with ease, there are just so many uses for this skill. I just feel damage wise it is a-lot more unpredictable than Q and W so I max this last. Feel free to max this second I just feel Q is more important.. but that's just me ;)

Lastly we have this beast of a spell. The AOE damage it does is amazing while also having some utility. You will want to take off smart-cast for this spell as it is very helpful to see the range, at least until you get used to it. Make sure you level this whenever you can!

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Summoner Spells

These are my top 3 picks, Surge is actually a-lot more helpful than you may think on fizz. The bonus Attack speed and AP both affect him greatly and can really turn the tide of a 1v1. Ignite is amazing for picking up kill along with your W. Ghost can be avoided with Fizz as he has many different methods of escaping but if you feel like you need it to catch up to enemies or just to outrun them to be my guest to pick it. It is still a very strong choice.

Cleanse can really help you out of my sticky situations, After the recent buffs it will now stop summoner spells like ignite and exhaust so using this spell will make you practically un-gankable. This is a really good option to choose. If you decide to take cleanse I would recommend trading it for ghost.

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Optional Spells

I really feel flash is unnecessary on fizz as you already have one flash so It seems having 2 is just redundant, I feel if you need an escape ghost is a much better option, feel free to pick this if you need it though still not a terrible choice. Especially after the recent nerfs to flash, it just seems a-lot less viable on him.

After the recent buffs to Heal it may be viable on Fizz for an early tower dive or baiting someone in to kill you, also Teleport can come in handy for fast ganks or getting back to your lane instantly, these aren't bad choices but I feel Ghost, Cleanse, Ignite and Surge are a much better way to go.

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There is much more to come for this guide I just wanted to get it out there. Let me know if I made any mistakes and please comment and vote on your opinion. Please try it out first though :)