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Janna Build Guide by fishbully

Top fishbully's S11 Janna Top Guide

By fishbully | Updated on February 11, 2021

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Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band

Taste of Blood
Relentless Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Ranked #5 in
Support Role
Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide

fishbully's S11 Janna Top Guide

By fishbully
Janna has a strong history of being one of the best supports in the game. Not only does she deal decent damage, her high movement speed and ability to kite allow her to do poke. Combined with a "get out of jail free card" which is her q, allowing knockups, Janna has a shield that scales with AP.

That is why Janna is the perfect support, or in this case, the perfect TOP LANER.

Janna's Q is a tornado that does damage and travels based on the cast time. It can be re-casted to activate. The tornado is best for getting out of sticky situations.

Janna's W is your damage dealing poke. Therefore this must be leveled first. It scales with AP damage.

Janna's E is your shielding. It helps to turn ganks into your favor and can save you if you get in a sticky situation.

Janna's R heals and can knock back enemies. It is good for getting out of sticky situations and healing your teammates if they make a bad engage.
WHY? Back to Top
I prefer to have fun when I play league of legends. I like to test the waters and play what people do not expect. For this reason I have played Janna in every single role imaginable (that's right, even ad jungle.)

While AP Janna Top is in no way going to carry you to challenger, it's much like a Lulu mid, or a Seraphine. The champion is designed to support your jungler and assist him/her in getting kills.

Have some fun, it's just a game afterall.
PLAYSTYLE? Back to Top
The ideal playstyle for Janna top is either incredibly passive, or incredibly aggressive. The matchup is very champion dependent. If you are wanting to win the lane, you must first decide whether or not you need to play passive.

When to play passive:
Janna does not win against champions with gap closers or that can alter her high movement speed. For this reason, let's say a DR. MUNDO manages to hit you with q, he will run you down and you will die. Therefore, your option to win is under your own turret.

Why is Janna under turret so good you may ask?
Janna has insane healing, knockups, and shields. Therefore if a tower dive occurs, Q to knock up, E to tank damage, and ult to knock up once again and heal. This is the perfect counter to all tower dives.

When to play Janna aggresive:
Janna wins against tanks and squishy champions for the most part because she is able to out-kite, out-run, or out-shield their damage early. Therefore this is when playing aggressive is very viable. If the lane is pushed roam with jungler for a triple gank mid. Janna does not need kills to scale well.
LATE GAME? Back to Top
Late game Janna takes the role of a support. However, Janna will out-shield and out-damage her support counterparts. Therefore, in this way Janna becomes better. Think of her W and E being on meth.

Janna can turn around team fights and make a winning fight a losing one. Once again, it all depends on how well a teamfight is played.
WHEN TO PICK? Back to Top
Janna top is not always viable. I don't want to admit that it is as I would be lying. Janna top should be picked if your team is relatively tanky and the extra support/shields are necessary. If your team is all AD, Janna Top will work. If your team is all tanks, Janna Top will work.

Janna is not the carry that a game may want, but by god is it the carry that they are going to get and are going to enjoy.
League of Legends Build Guide Author fishbully
fishbully Janna Guide

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fishbully's S11 Janna Top Guide

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