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Fizz Build Guide by Ibathesometimes

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ibathesometimes

Fishy Business (Fizz guide to awesomeness)

Ibathesometimes Last updated on August 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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You wanna play Fizz, right? I can teach you how to be so good nobody (except champions that will be named later) can stop you. Let's begin. ALL COMMENTS AND VOTES ARE ENCOURAGED

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most people start "E" so they can avoid and harass, I've tried it out and i find that all it does is waste my mana, plus the extra damage on Seastone Trident gives you a little help farming as well. Maxing Seastone Trident is a must, the kill securing capabilities on it are unmatched, especially when paired with ignite . Urchin Strike is maxed second due to it's fast cooldown and low mana cost, it is much more useful than your Playful/Trickster, which, for this build, is primarily used as an escape early game and should only be used offensively when there is little to no possibility you will need it to get out of a pinch.

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easy early game farming
ability to demolish any non-tank late game
surprisingly durable, even late game
high burst capabilities

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Horrible if bullied early
item dependent
no sustain
cannot maintain high damage for very long

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Notice there are 6 final build items listed above. I know, crazy right? Well it's mainly due to the fact that you should only get a zhonya's if you're getting focused because you're fed. if you're being focused because you're an easy target (I.E didn't do well and they aren't afraid of you) then land a Rylai's. that puts you above 3000HP and will set you up with the ability to win a fight even though you're the weakest link. Also, if you manage to grab 1-4 kills before 10 minutes, grab a Mejai's before you get Sheen, this will allow you to almost one shot any carry on their team and live to tell the tale, very safely.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost/Ignite is really the only way i see anyone playing Fizz. Those who get Flash make me giggle since you can already leap over almost any wall on the map with a CD of 14 seconds (for most of the game, since you max it last)

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Why listen to me?

When i play Fizz, i win. Very rarely do i lose a game and an even more uncommon sight is me being negative. Follow my advice and i assure you, you'll do well.

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There are some Champions that Fizz just doesn't stand the smallest chance against, i will list them below with reasons following.

Kassadin: He's Kassadin, You're melee AP, nuff said.

Malzahar: if you don't display dominance early, or if he harasses enough early game with his DoT, he could burn through your potions and have you under your turret while he pokes you, this would hinder your late game.

Galio: Galio isn't that bad, but it's almost impossible to land a kill on him, but you should be able to farm decently as he is very mana dependant. Gank out of lane often and your late game should be amazing.

Morgana/Lux: If you're not quick-minded enough and get caught by a snare, it could mean the end of you, otherwise, these two are cakewalks, although their shields make it difficult to finalize a kill.

Diana?: I haven't had a chance to mid against a Diana, but based on her skill set, she could possibly be a tough cookie. Again, i have no way of knowing, based on experience.

Viktor!!!!: prior to level 3-4, Viktor will wreck your ****. but if you can hold out long enough to get your catalyst, you should be able to regain some footing in your lane.

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Farming, while not exactly where ALL of your money comes from, is where your steady income lies. while this build is centered around ganking and champion kills, farming gives you a safety net. So do it as often as possible

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Team Work

End game you might be able to global somebody, and yes you might be able to 2v1 or even 3v1, but if one thing goes wrong, you die and your team loses their highest damage output. Early game, your team, excluding your AD carry, should be letting you have kills when possible, for instance, lets say a 3v3 breaks out at dragon, someone on the other team starts running at your team with 50 hp, a good teammate would let you get that, since you do insane burst. Your team, although doing less damage than you most of the time, is your giant force field blocking all the bad things from murdering you. All your teammates are invaluable to you, never forget that. whether it be their great CC keeping all the bad guys off you, or you using your almost dead ad carry running to you for help as bait so you can get a double kill, at the cost of their life, they mean a lot. It may seem cruel to sacrifice a team mate for two kills, but a fed Fizz forces surrender votes quite often.

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Doran is a pretty cool guy, sure. But if you're Fizz, it's not worth the time. Doran's Ring is an early game item that is meant to give a boost of HP and AP, with a minuscule amount of Mp5. This seems nice, right? wrong. your early game damage comes from magic pen, which is why you rush sorc shoes, and the %HP damage from Seastone Trident. Your Ability power doesn't do much for you until you get a Lich Bane.

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You can't push towers, so what do you do?

GANK ALL THE LANES! when your minions are pushed to your opponent's tower and he's not tower dive-able, (more on that later) leave! Go to a lane that needs you and murder someone! (don't be seen by mid, however.MIA's are your enemy)

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When i see this, all i think is "enemy has a huge wallet" go shut that down and pick up your bonus, because you love gold and stuff.

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"I have a full build and a lot of gold, what now?"

Focus on doing damage, but try not to pick up any kills that could be left for others, it's now your turn to repay your friendly teammates that fed you early game. however, in teamfights it's a good idea to just go all out since everything counts in teamfights.

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"I bought a Meijai's but i haven't gotten a lot of stacks"

if you did well enough to decide to get a Mejai's and you haven't seen more than 4 stacks (that's 50 AP, not a bad thing to have if you have at least 5 stacks) sell it and move on, it's not worth it and the 800 and change it gives back could be used to get a blasting wand that could fund another item.

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The only time you should choose Fizz in ranked, is when none of the champions mentioned in "BEWARE THE FOLLOWING:" are included in the enemy team's build, with the exception of Lux/morgana.

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Advanced Play

In this section i will let you in on some of my tricks and tips on how to make people really angry with you as you rack up gold and kills.

KNOW WHEN TO JUMP- your Playful/Trickster is not to be used to initiate on anyone that you're not going to kill safely. and when i say safely, i mean there's nobody else around and they're almost dead with no CC cooldowns up.

AUTO ATTACK AUTO ATTACK AUTO ATTACK!!!!!- I see people just Urchin Strike in and jump out. Don't waste your mana like that, auto attacking not only gives you the extra damage from your AD, but it gives you another tick or two from Seastone Trident, which could make a huge difference in a trade.

Tower dive tower dive tower dive- i cannot stress enough how easy it is to tower dive somebody, even as early as level 3. People assume they're safe while under their tower. Urchin Strike in to close the gap, AUTO ATTACK ONCE and then leave via Playful'trickster

Don't try to fight before level 3 (usually)- You don't exactly nuke anybody (safely) before level 3, and since most AP mid's are ranged, they will most likely bully you before then. but some people are just asking to be poked (I.E getting too close to you)

Don't underestimate yourself (or overestimate)- When you engage an AP mid, they will most likely nuke half of your HP in one burst, which scares most people,but not you! You need to know that your damage isn't all at once (early game) and that even though they nuke half your HP, you can still win most trades if you stay on them until their CD's are back up, since your DoT will make people assume you're not hurting them a lot when really they've got a DoT on them that will make them lose the trade no matter what. so just don't be scared off.

Avoid CC- when engaging someone with CC, use Playful Trickster to negate their CC as it's traveling to you. Taric, for example, Dazzle's you. you can easily see that coming and leap before it gets to you, putting it on CD, wasting his mana and closing the gap all at once.

Karthus ult?- yes, you can dodge a Karth ult with Playful/Trickser, but it's not as easy as most people think. You can't just hop up on your pole and sit on it until you come down on your own, because if your trident is on the ground, you can be targeted, make no mistake. In order to dodge a Karth ult, go by the guideline of "be in the air when it hits" whether it be on your way up or down, you have to be in MID AIR when it hits.

You're the tidal TRICKSTER, do some ****ing tricks!- your Q jumps THROUGH people, use it to get you closer to a bush or your tower, make them follow you where you want them to go. waste time while your team closes in by jumping over walls only to Urchin Strike back through and confuse people. The more you hit people, the more they want to kill you. if you're low on HP and your team isn't quite there yet, play with them while avoiding as much damage as possible. You're not quiet a Shaco, but you're the next best thing.

Your ultimate does not kill people...- It doesn't do anything special alone. Use it to set up kills for yourself, start the engagement with it and Urchin Strike as it deals its damage, this will lead enemies to believe your ult does all that damage that will surely happen. What this does is make them try to run from you when you tag them with it, which as you already know, is useless.

Activate Seastone Trident first- Activate Seastone Trident before Urchin Strike, this gives you a small amount of damage and also activates your Sheen/Lich bane, making your Urchin Strike deal intense damage.

Protect!- if your team is in a bind and you showed up late, analyze. If the fight seems like it's a lost cause and you'd only get yourself killed by going in, throw your ult at the enemy closest to your fleeing team, this will slow them, making their team mates catch up to him, and the ult will knock them all up, allowing you and your team to flee to safety.

Infiltrate!- it's quite easy to jump into an entire team by yourself and kill a squishy, right? Right. But take caution when doing so. If you throw your ult and you hit someone you didn't want to hit, or can't kill (or if you missed completely, but who does that? right? yeah...haha...FISH ARE SLIPPERY!) don't go in. Cut your losses, your ult has a really short CD and it's not worth your life. On the other side of the coin, if you land your fish on that fed AD carry building glass cannon, and you decide to go in, here are some steps to not get caught: get in and out quick! if you stay to auto attack, you're almost certain to get CC'd in there, so don't bother. This should only be done late game so if you land your ult and slam a squishy with a Lich Bane'd Urchin Strike with an ignite for assurance, there shouldn't be any reason for you to auto attack at that point, since they're pretty much gone already, so Playful/Trickster your way out of there in the safest direction possible (preferably into a bush or over a wall if possible)

Have fun!- Fizz is the most fun champion i've ever played, his skill set just makes him easy to enjoy and mess with the enemy team, so have fun with it!

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You read all that and now you want a summary? please refer to sections above for more information