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Fizz Build Guide by Azune

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Azune

Fizz a health Destroyer

Azune Last updated on November 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello people, this is my first guide ever so please comment as much as you like. the more the better that way I can start making worth reading guides. Enjoy my first guide!

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My build

Ok basically, my build is quite different from any others you will find around, if you decide to try it out, you will most probably hear people saying why you are going attack damage since fizz is an ability power char, dont mind then just either explain it or ignore them. my build is focused in health percentage removal and a little health to last longer in there. I made it this way so he could have enough burst to take on the fragile chars as intended, but also to be able to take some chomps of stronger chars. with this build Fizz does the extra damage from Madreds and its dot on the enemies health.

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Ok Items, I always start with a cloth armor and 2 pots. then I get some attack speed and eventually build madreds. although I do recomend buying the first boots in between since this guy is quite slow.

after Madreds, I end the boots building the beserkers for extra attack speed.

Then since after all, Fizz is an AP char, start getting some ap for some extra busrt damage. So I build Sheen.

Depending on necesity of burst to attack speed, I finish Lich Bane or make the Stinger. and eventually get nashors.

by this point Fizz is pretty easy to kill, so I build warmogs for an extra health boost.

As for the last item it really depends on what you need the most.I normally put rabadons for the extra burst, but you could build angels for the extra life, or even get a frozen malet for the slow and extra health.

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Summoner Spells

I normally pick Exhaust and Surge as my summoner spells. this is specially because im focused on health percentage removal and speed. that way madreds is more effective and fizz can burst faster, while exhaust makes fizz to take less damage while he bursts. I normally use both at the same time, but that depends on the current fight

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As for runes I go for Attack speed and Ability power, to be able to start with some nice damage, and the main reason why I get a cloth armor first.

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Skill Sequence

For Skills, the one that I recommend to max first is Seastone Trident. that 8% dot on attacks is really useful.

as for the other skills I normally max Playful trickster first. but depending on the people we are dealing with I alternate with Urchin Strike.

Playful trickster is really useful, it can evade most attacks that only actually do something when they reach the char. and its also a useful way of escaping.

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For the mastery, I went full 30 on offense. getting all the ability power and attack speed masteries, also getting a bit of crit and damage percentage increase.

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Fizz is a really fun char to play with, he can destroy alot of chars on a 1v1 but he is really fragile. after getting his first 3 skills he can harass a bit more in the lane jumping in with urchin strike getting one or 2 hits, leaving the dot that deals a percentage of health and then jumping back with playful trickster.

Fizz ult is really useful but one must learn to use it, it costs a good quantity of mana and the cooldown is not huge but not small either. its a great start on team fights, always better to be used either on the char you are going to focus on, or on the enemy char that has skills that require staying in a place for a while.

Thank you for reading my guide I hope you like my build.