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Fizz Build Guide by Draki

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Draki

Fizz APizz

Draki Last updated on November 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Fizz is primary a ganker while people stay on lanes and an initiator on teamfigths.

His biggest points in ganks are his mobility, and his burst damage.
His biggest point on initiation are his way in and his way out (with its 0,5 attacks inmunity), he could "Urchin Strike"+"Chum the Waters"+"Playful/Trickster", and go back to join their teammates against 4 or 5 disoriented and quite harashed enemies (and from now on his trident will put a nice DOT on his bleeding enemies).

Well, this was all the intro, from now on i'll try to keep it as simple as possible, so it will be easy and fast to read and understand.

I hope you enjoy it! Here we go!

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GANKS (and why this Runes & Masteries)

Well, runes and masteries were choosen thinking on ganks (you base your damage on skills at the beggining, and on trident DoT at the last).
For Fizz ganks got 3 phases.

The opening:
As a ganker u will need a BIG burst of damage at the beggining of the gank and you took it from skills and this skills uses AP. (So we like AP and more skills uses AKA CD reduction)
Use Urchin + Ulti here, and deathfire (if you got it).

Mid gank:
He will be at 50% (+-10%), now activate trident and stay hit him twice, then use "Playful" (do not trickster unless he was running away to fast), and attack him again. Soon he will be running back, but it will be too late.

The hunt:
Let him run (chasing him) like 2 seconds after your last hit landed on him before "Urchin" on him again, so you will refresh your DoT in the perfect time. Hit him a little bit more while he runs back, at the end let the DoT do his job. Use ignite if u think he need more DoT :)

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"Urchin Strike" + "Chum the Waters" + [Zhonya's Hourglass] (if you got it) + "Playful/Trickster" (to get out)

There u will get the openning done, while Zhonya u will avoid 3 or 4 skills from the most enraged of the enemies, and win some time distracting your enemies to let your friends shoot their skills on them.

if you will go to the initiator role, you will be quite confident on avoiding damage instead resisting it, so if Zhonya is on cooldown, put a finger close to flash "just in case..."

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Skill Sequence

First point on Trident, it helps to creeping, it helps to first confrontations (not for chasing, but if they insist in the fight).

Second one in Playful / Trickster, a nice way in and YOUR ONLY way out (with flash).

From now on (except in levels 6/11/16 when ulti will be avaible) you will max Urchin then playful and last trident.

Urchin is your way in, and you want to get it maxed when u reach [lich bane] (each 6 seconds big hit and 3 seconds of DoT is a hard chasing style).
Playful provides with great movility, and get it back each 10 seconds (7,5 if you get the recomended CD reductions) should be a first target.
Trident is a pretty nice skill, but once you get the first point the next four will only get the effect of the first one doubled (4 levels to get the same effect than the first does is not a big bet), except that you got the full heal reduction effect since the first point.

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First of all, the doran's ring won't help you so much as it would do to other characters, you will farm quite well with AA (autoatacks), so i preffer doran's shield which lets me stay on lane much longer than ring.
If you didn't reached runes and masteries to get 4 or 5 mana regen since the start of the game probably ring would be a nice idea. In that situation I could imagine getting both, the ring just affter the boots. But only if you need that mana regen.

Lich bane + abbadon gives you a terrible damage output
Ryalai's Crystal Sceptes will give you 500 HP making your ganks much easier.
Deathfire will help you on ganks too, bringing the magic of your trident skill even faster. While provides some pretty nice CD reduction and mana regen which lets you throw doran's ring away if you got it.

The last item depends on their team, if you need magic def an get enemies magic def lower you could abyssal, but i think your boots runes and masteries provides you with magic def reduction enought for most of the games.
Here i recommend you Zhonya's Hourglass. Not only because those 100AP or its 50 armor (which will be the extra phy aromor that you need), but because its awesome skill will let you open combats like an angel. And your team will apreciate that.

I discarted items like Hextechs because u are not trying to sustain damage or combats, your damage came in bursts each 3 seconds, and between one and the next you wanna be out of combat.
Items like attack speed or Madred's, Malady or Wit's because thouse ideas are completly opositte to the trident skill DoT, where stay hitting only refreshes its effect, so you only need to hit them once each 3 seconds to get the effect maxed.

But maybe other items could fix better to the situation of the game you were playing, remember, this is only a guide (recommendation), not a must. Check your enemies, ask yourself why you were killed on that teamfight or why thouse two enemies runned away on many teamfights. Search all these tips and react to them.

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Big burst go first: Hight damage at the beggining, do not reserve tricks for later, you want your DoT damage as big as possible.

Mobility: You got two mobility skills, and you could use your ulti to escape if they are chasing you. Use these mobility, enjoy this mobility.

Hit and Run, your way of fun: after the big opening [Urching+hit+Ulti+hit+playful+hit+trident+hit(5secs)] your fight will go into a hit and run game, staying close to them, using Urching+hit, waiting 2 or 3 seconds, using playful+hit+trident+hit, waiting 2 or 3 seconds, Urching+hit,... and so on

Well, I hope you had enjoyed this guide, I hope you forgive my english writing and constructuion mistakes and you get nice victories with this little blueboy ;)

See ya!

*One last thing, the new masteries are not counted on stats, the CD reduction is over 27%, AP over 550 and you will get an aditional 10% of magic penetration.