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Fizz Build Guide by MolleLarsson

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MolleLarsson

Fizz build Burst and dot damage + survive-ability

MolleLarsson Last updated on March 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I searched only for interest on Fizz build, and was surprised that none of the good rated builds looked like mine, since i have great success with it, and from time to other gets complimented on my Fizz play.

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Why this build over others?

First of all, cause i had A lot of success with it!

Other builds talk about using Playful/trickster to dodge enemy harassing already from lvl 1 Thats just stupid! It costs too much mana! Then you are sure to run shorton manatoo quick.

Also Some builds has nosurvive-ability, THIS BUILD offers GREAT POWER and Survive-ability

Some has no FLASH = No surprice and easy kills :( Well this build does offer an Early game advantage, making you STRONGlate game.

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I take flat AP runes for Seals , GLyph and Quints

Magic penetration as Marks

Why you ask me? Because early game is Fizz game. With as much AP as possibly at start, you will have great chance of getting early game advantage, by using a method explained further down.

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21 - Ability power! and 2 in attack speed to fill it out to 21
9 - Mana and mana regen. a little movement speed and Buff duration

AP AP AP AP! do i have to explain why?
Mana/regen: Fizz temps to run out of mana when you need it the most early game, this can be avoided from time to other by using utility to mana and regen. (get Blue buff from jungler as soon as possible!)

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Explanation / lvl guide

Play Fizz as mid. You can be very agressive from the start, Best from lvl 3 with all basic abilities
lvl 1: Start with W, if you are against melee, hit once when you can, or just farm

lvl 2: Urchin strike, if your enemy is low, you can already now w,q into them and igniting them, after some time you get used to him, and can estimate when they will fall to the DOT (damage over time).

lvl3: Playful/trickster: Now you have playful, you can really mess with your enemy. W,Q and hit at least twice if possible, then you can back off. If they dont recall, but just farms on on safe distance, wait for cd to reset.

When reset: FLASH (SURPRICE!!!!) your in range now = W,Q. Now they probably flash away, then you just use e to catch up, taking whatever little hp they have left.

Now go back and buy "Blasting Wand"


LVL 4 and forward:
Max W first: Better initial damage and better DOT damage
Then Q: Even better initial damage
Last E: Used as escape or chase tool, therfore last
I know cd drops with each lvl of E, but max it last anyways, Because you want the DMG output first

Take ult lvl 6 11 16

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Ability COMBO

Activate W
Q to enemy
Hit as much as you can, if countered by a disable, then avoid with E, OR just E to chase and finish
With ult prepared
- If your opponent runs all over the place then save ult until you have Qéd to the target for Easy Ult landing

This method works great with flash as engagement. REASON!

When you have harassed enough,enemies tends to stay at safe distance and farm on. When you try to run them down, they just run as well. If you enter with E, you are not sure to pick up the kill. SO CLOSE GAP WITH FLASH AND USE COMBO!

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Summoner spells / The core of this build

The reason behind this build is Burst and DOT damage.

SO Flash & Ignite Is required

Fizz´s W ability offers Damage Over Time. W and Ignite Deals Great Damage over time.

When you get used to it, you can figure out when the enemy will fall to the DOT damage or not

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boots and 3 pots: because being quick is important for fizz, and the pots help him stay in lane longer. He will take more damage because he is melee farmer.

Blasting wand: i prefer getting more AP early on because then with the AP and combo you can easily kill mid again.

Rod of ages/ Lich bane: I prefer rod of ages first, because it gets stronger over time, but lich bane is very powerful and offers some MR, and if you dont build Lichbane before rod of ages, you have to do it after.

Rabadons Deathcap: Take this after rod of ages and lich bane, to really power up your AP, to boost abilities and Lich banes AP scaling basic attack.

Then it could be useful to get GA. Do this if your in a lot of teamfights and suffer from death! It is a great item, that can save your life and gives you armor and MR.

Last The Hourglass: This gives good AP, and Fizz are melee, and quite powerful, so when focused, use hourglass!

Why not Crystal Scepter over Rod of ages? Rod of ages gives more Health, the same AP, and offers more Mana than Crystal scepter. Mana and health is more important to fizz than slow effect is!

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Teamwork / Gameplay

Fizz is AP carry, and with this build you can carry hard.

But you have to play your cards right to carry your team:

First off: Win your lane! This opens up the possibility of ganking.

Gank when possible:
Fizz is an assassin, and has great gank abilities.
(If you have pushed your lane, or just killed enemy mid)

At the dragon:
Often i wait in the litte bush left to the dragon, if i expect enemy team coming.
(As AP carry you will get focused, avoid this by hiding and wait for them to engage. Hiding in bush can also be easy surprise kill, if enemy carry or AP runs by = Combo = Instant death )

Teamfights / 5v5 poking:
Mid-late game you will get in teamfights

Dont get too far ahead of your friends, it is tempting because of burst damage, but watch out.

If you are close together wait for an opening. Try focus the fed one first (usually ad carry or AP). Land your ult! This should be a clear sign for teammates to engage.

If enemy team has much Crowd Control,then dont be the first to engage.
Waiting can resolve in a better result, because your burst damage can turn the match around, if enemy team has fully engaged in the fight

Focus the worst thread!WITH DEADLY COMBO
W,Q,+ ignite should take good care of ad carry and AP.
!only if you got lich bane!

Dont go rambo mode!
Fizz burst + Dot/ignite and escape abilities allows him to enter a 1v2 battle. kill one with burst and ignite, then E to escape.
But know your limits!
(Keep an eye on the mini map, and dont go too far in lane or enemy jungle)

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Everyone with snare, suppress and stun are great threads on fizz.
Quick silver sashcan help you

RYZE! Ryze is the worst to lane against with fizz, since he can have snare from the start, and it isnt skill shot. He can easily snare you, get away while throwing an artillery of spells on you.

Malz: Be agressive early! Make sure he uses his abilities on minions, and when he has, then engage and finish him off. Malz is only thread in lvl 6, where you might should be getting QSS (quick silver sash) Only if necessarily, it is possible to own him without.

Morg: The same^ counts for morg, awoid her bind, then attack, but be aware of spell shield. She is hard to poke down because of passive Vamp spell. But it is possible, best chances early game.

Warwick: If you get caught by WW ult with no one to stop it, and no QSS then your screwed, because you will probably be the one focused. Stay behind your friends, and if possible wait till he uses on another, and then ult on him, as others will come and attack the one supressed.

AVOID STUNS AND SNARES! Use e to avoid getting caught = Always only use e when necessarily!
SION MORG LUX KAYLE MUNDO, and more have CC which easily can be avoided before your hit, because of delay.

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Use the combo. Always activate W just before engaging

Save E to chase and finish, dodging or escaping with.

Turret dive! Fizz can easily turret dive to finish or damage/poke enemy laner, and escape and dodge turret shot with e. NOTICE! You can land two W attacks before turret hits you!

Be sneaky, go gank top and bot, to secure kills = A FED FIZZ.

Save ult until necessarily, maybe an allied need help to escape while chased down.

Dont hesitate! Be agressive! Search for openings ( ideal after enemy cast spells on minions and has Cooldowns )

When you got enough AP you can clear a minion wave by playful. NOTICE! Playful only gives greather splash area and slows. If activating trickster, there are no slow effect, and splash area will be smaller.

AD carry dies instant to a Fizz with Lich Bane

Q is also escape mechanism (Q charges through your enemy and continues to cast range)
If chased go to bush, wait at the edge and wait until the enemy is as close as possible, then Q through them and run the other direction.

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My first build guide

Please try it out some times, if your new at fizz, you have to learn to control his abilities first, be patience, but i promise that it will be awesome in the end.

Also because of my method i ALWAYS have flash for fizz = Surprise attack, close gaps so you can "playful" and slow, or make the gap even bigger when escaping.

Remember with great power comes great responsibility! Fizz is extremely powerful, and i carry each game, as will you. But he is squishy as well, though with great escape abilities, so DONT DIE! Be sneaky, be Quick.

Plz try, comment and vote.

I you need more info request it in comments. THX for using time on this, hope it wasnt a waste ;)

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Ps. pic of 3 win streak

How do i put in the picture? O.O