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Fizz Build Guide by Soul786

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soul786

Fizz,the humaneating Fish :D

Soul786 Last updated on February 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

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Hi and welcome to my guide for Fizz! I hope u enjoy my tips and build for Fizz. U can use the build for dominion also but ranked ive not tried yet:D,i worked so hard to make it work on normal first.Nad i wanna put in that say thx to jhoijohis nice Making a guide which helped me here.

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My marks: I use magic penetration marks for early dmg with ur marks and Shoe"s(both magic penetartion)

My seals. Here i chochie the armor seals for dont get sqizzy early game.

My glyphs: Here i had chochie the flat Ap for some nice early game dmg without buy early AP

My Quints: For quints i take the flat 5 AP"s for some great early dmg without buy early AP(same as the glyphs)

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Many of u guys i think wonder why 9/0/21 instead of 21/0/9,thats i gonna explain here.

Offense tree: I take the Mental Force for make some Ap(4AP) which it great early game. The Sorcery for the Cooldown Reduction( I love CDR at AP"s). Arcan knowledge will work so good with ur marks and Shoes which mean u will have nearly 40 Magic penetartion in early game with the Shoes,Masteries and Runes.

Defense tree: here i put NO points i dont think i need it for Fizz.

Utility tree: I start maxing out Good Hands for the Reduction of dead time with 10%. Put one point at Expanded mind for 4 mana so u can upgrade further.Now i maxing out Swiftness for some nice movement speed and Scout for some increased vision range. Then i max Transmution for the 3% Spell Vamp(i know it isnt much but it may help litlle). 4 points for Aweraness for the EXP boost4% and 1 point at Wealth for 20 more gold.

Thats why i chocie the Masteries i chocie!

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I start of with a boots of speed and 3 Health potion,Boots for some nice move speed so u can quckly go back to ur lane after RC and Health pot for more Surviveability in lane longer. After That i start build for my Rod of Ages with a EARLY Catalyst the protector , Its a nice early item cause the Effect when u lv up reagaining HP and MP. After catalyst buy the Sorcerer Shoe"s for some move speed and magic penetration.Now u build further for Rod of Ages with a Blasting Wand. After Blasting finsih ur Rod of Ages and then start Build Lich bane with a Sheen. Finish ur Lich Bane now! Now buy the Deathfire Grasp for the CDR,AP Mana regneration and the Spell u can use with it. Buy a Rabadon"s Deatcap and now u should have about 450-500 AP. Finish off the hole with a Archangels staff.

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Item Chochies!

Boots of Speed: For the move speed so u can return to ur lane fast after RC.

Health potions: To make u more longlived in lane and regan health fast.

Catalyst the Protector: I choche the Catalyst for 290 health and 325 mana and also cuz the AWESOME passive when u lv up u will regain 250 helath and 200 Mana which make u stay longer in mid lane.

Sorcerer Shoes: Buy those shoes for magic penetartion and Move speed.

Blastin Wand. Buy the blasting wand for 40 AP and u could make a Rod of Ages then.

Rod of Ages: Buy it for AP,Health,Mana,Lv up and make HP and Mana Regen and finnaly have some 20 more Ap,180 more HP and 200 more mana after 10 minutes u bought it.

Sheen: Sheen is a most for Fizz because it will deal HUGEEE amount of dmg combined with ur Seastone trident.

Lich Bane: Now buy a Lich Bane fore move speed AP mag resist and same passive as Sheen( deal more dmg one basic attack after u used Ability.

DeathFire Grasp: Deathfire grasp is very good item for Fizz with the CDR,Ap mana regen and the spell cast with deals dmg to 30% of thier health and 3,5 for each 100 AP.(to minimum of 200)

Rabadons Deathcap: It nearly a most for AP chars like Fizz,With the 140 AP and increases ur AP wuth 30% u always should buy it with AP chars.

Archangels staff: some of u i think now wonder why Archangels staff??? I buy it for 40 AP,Massive mana,mana regen and the ap for 2% of ur mana.

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Situonal items!

Rylais Crystal Scpeter: U could take it of u feel for more HP and 80 fine fine Ap.
What to Replace for it: Archangels staff.

Guardins Angel: If u feel ur self very Squzzy and further in teamfights so buy this here awesome item.
What to Replace: Dathfire Grasp.

Will of Anceints: If u liek spell vamp a lot like i do (but not for Fizz) u could buy this here item.
What to replace: Archangels Staff.

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Pros / Cons


He is Great dmg dealr.
He is Great Inthitaor.
U can play him mid or lane or jungle u can play him everwhere
He is one of the best champs in game .
Nice escape ability(Playful/Trickster.

Litlle to Squzzhy i think
Not the best mid because he need to get close to the minions when he isnt mage.

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U should always chochie ur roll if u should be Intihator(what i think its best) or dmg dealer.

the intihator roll: Here in this roll u are the one WHICH take the INTITAVE and go first to battle with with ur ur ulti mate and then jump in with Urchin strike and owns the *** with someone with combe Q+W

The dmg dealer roll: here stay behind the other and try Focus to DONT miss ur ulti first of all then u can go in to teh teamfight after the other in ur team has done it.

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Summoner Spells

Good summoner spells:

Ghost: u wanna use move speed often with Fizz because he passive which allow u to walk thorugh enemies so try run away from enemises with this spell and hunting if it need but i use it to ran thorh my own minions where enemies cant walk.

Ignite: I take it to kill enemies with low life or decraes a heal ability suchs as Fiddle Drain or Swains ultimate, it useful for most things and my fav summoner spells.

Flash: If u wnat u can change the Ghost with a Flash to make it hard for enemies to hunt u as u flash thoruh walls and juke th shiutof them with jumping back with playful/Tricster or something like that.

Dont good summoner spells to use but wrks:
Teleport It good to fast came to lane but toooooooo loooong Cooldown for me.

Surge: JUST IS IT FOR AS/AP Fizz for just AP fizz it now useful if u asking me.

heal: I dont liek to play with heal if u not are SUUUPERSQUZZHY and that not Fizz are i use more ofeense spell for him.

Claity:if u are a very mana hungery CHAR but that dosent Fizz are so i dont us it.

Exhaust: I use it for laning but this guide is most for mid.....

Bad spells to use:


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Early game Items!!!

In the begine of early game u should have:Boots of speed and Ruby Crystal(begin of early game is 1-8minutes.

Ine the last early game u should have: Sorcerer and Catalyst(Last is for me minutes 9-16then mid game cames)

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Mid game Items!!!

In begin of mid game items u should have: Sorcerer Shoe"s,Catlyst and Blasting Wand!(Begin of mid game for me is 16-23 minutes).

In last of mid game u should have: Sorcerer Shoe"s, Rod of ages,Sheen and Blastin Wand.(Last of mid game is for me 23-33 minutes.

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late game Items!!!

In begin of late game u should have: Sorcerer SHoe"s,Rod of ages,Lich Bane and a deathfire Grasp.( Begon of late gam is for me33-43 minutes

In the last of late game u should of the items:Sorcerer Shoe"s Rod of Ages,lich Bane,Deathfire Grasp,Rabadons Deathcap and Archangels staff it could de different how long the game is.(Last of late game is for me 43 to the END

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Now this is my build for Fizz i will came with updates and further but plzz say how i can pick in pictures in my guide just not say u should do something with URl(idk what URL is)