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Fizz Build Guide by PhreaKsOpinion

Fizz, The ranged's Terror

Fizz, The ranged's Terror

Updated on November 18, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PhreaKsOpinion Build Guide By PhreaKsOpinion 2,784 Views 0 Comments
2,784 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PhreaKsOpinion Fizz Build Guide By PhreaKsOpinion Updated on November 18, 2011
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Fizz is a melee-assasing and fighter mid champion. With distraction, speed and by creating combos, fizz can burst down quickly all weak targets. If u prefer to play defensively, u can harass ur enemy with basic attacks and then run back (Fizz's basic attacks, deal magic damage to an anemy for a short time. Also, Fizz, can easily harass his target as soon as he gets level 3). He can become untartetable, dodging spells and basic attacks, so he can easily escape from ganks. In teamfights, it is good to engage first, because when the enemy team start to focus on u, u will be able to escape using trickster. Fizz is not good against melee (In early game). Fizz's spells use ability power. So, ability power runes, will increase the magic damage of ur basic attacks.
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For runes, i take 9 Greater mark of insight, which gives u magic penetration, 9 Greater seal of potency, 9 Greater glyph of potency and 2 greater quintessence of potency. Greater quintessence of insight is my last rune, which u magic penetration. U are starting with 30 ability power and 10% magic penetration. U will be starting with 25 ability power. when u buy doran's ring and sorcerer's shoes , u will have 40 ability power and 30 magic penetration. If u want to play defensively, take magir resist, armor and health regen runes and choose defensive masteries, like like resistance and hardiness.
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My masteries are 9-0-21. These masteries will give u excellent cooldown reduction and magic penetration, with experienced gain and bonus mana, to keep ur abilities flowing.
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In the classic, i beging with doran's ring, if i have a weak opponent in the mid lane (for example kata, miss fortune, brand, talon, xin zhao etc) or with boots and a couple of health potions, if my targets are strong (nasus, jax, shyvana, rumble etc) i recommend u to go mid without buying any items, to see ur opponent and then teleport immidiately to ur base and buy items. i continue with rod of ages and rylais, which will give me a great amount of hp and ability power. additionally i will be able to slow my targets, every time i cast an ability to them. finally, i take rabadon's deathcap and lich bane. deathcap will give u tones of ap and lichbane will increase ur basic attack dmg. Finally, guardian angel will give me a second chance to escape from the enemy in case i die. also, it will increase my armor and magic resist. In domonion, i beging with doran's prospector and a boot, and i take abyssal scepter and zhonya's hourglass insteed of sunfire and guardian angel.
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Skill Sequence

Fizz's passive is Nimble fighter. Fizz, ignores enemy units, pathing through them all times. Additionally, he take reduced damage from basic attacks. Urchin strike damages the target, after he jumps to his location. If u use it, when u are close to ur opponent, fizz will jump behind him. I learn urchin strike at lvl 2 and i maximize it last. At lvl 1 i learn seastone trident. Seastone trident causes physical basic attack to apply a debuff, that deals magic damage + a percent of ur target's maximum health over a few seconds. When it is activated, fizz's basic attacks also deal flat bonus damage and reduce the health regen of an enemy champion. i maximize it immidiately. Playful / Trickster hax 2 parts. First, fizz dashes to a nearby location, becoming untargetable, also dodging enemy attacks and spells. Reactivating This ability will cause fizz to dash again, damaging all the enemies he lands on. If u don't reactivate this ability, fizz will become targetable again, after 1,5 sec, dealing damage to the area and slowing all enemies around him. Finally, his ultimate is Chuam the waters. Fizz throws away a fish. After a short delay, a shark comes out to eat the fish, dealing damage and slowing the first enemy it hits. Additionally, it knocks up all enemies in the area.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PhreaKsOpinion
PhreaKsOpinion Fizz Guide
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Fizz, The ranged's Terror

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