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Fizz Build Guide by Wishback Jumpsta

Fizz, To shark or not to Shark?

Fizz, To shark or not to Shark?

Updated on November 19, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wishback Jumpsta Build Guide By Wishback Jumpsta 2,574 Views 0 Comments
2,574 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Wishback Jumpsta Fizz Build Guide By Wishback Jumpsta Updated on November 19, 2011
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Hey guys welcome to my First ever guide and possibly the best fizz guide on Moba Fire so far.
So im covering Fizz, The Tidal Trickster. He is a unique champion in the sense that he is a melee assassin focused around AP. He also summons a Shark, which in all fairness is awesome!
Hopefully in this guide you will learn a little about playing fizz in a ranked setting or just for fun in Normals, and learn a few TRICKS along the way to annoy your opponents with your trickster type ways :D
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Okay so First lets talk about the Jungle Build. The Runes themselves are designed to make you have some tankiness in combat and when ganking in order to make you get in survive and get out. The idea of the build is to rush to level 4 and gank swiftly and eficiently. There are other choices for runes like ARMOR > HP however i found that HP helps better into the late game as Fizz's HP scales really well.

Marks = Armour Pen - Now you may be thinking "WHY ARMOUR PEN?" well this is because of the rage blade and the fact that it helps fighting creeps in the jungle too, allows for a faster jungle and a very fast Shark if you're lucky. Which is his key ganking tool.

Seal = Vitality - As explained above, allowed you to take more hits against Jungle mobs and when ganking they also help with survivability into the mid/late game.

Glyph = Cooldown Reduction - Allows the use of your W more in the jungle, as it gives you way more damage out put and again a faster jungle. Also with these your sharks CD at rank 3 is a mere 48 seconds. Making yourself able to target the AD carry ASAP in team fights and allows you to spam moves when ganking too.

Quintessense = Flat HP - More survivability early game and when ganking and again Fizz's great HP scaling into the Late game.


Marks - Spell Pen - Basically makes your Shark hit harder and also every move you have at your disposal these are a must have for Fizz.

Seals - Vitality - Your a solo top, your going to be harassed. These allow you to take more hits and help your lane sustain more early game. Also late game HP scaling! REMEMBER THIS

Glyphs- Cooldown - Because the chosen masteries give you plenty of mana regen, cooldown reduction runes are taken, these allow you to use your Playful/Trickster to harass more often and use W to farm quicker. The faster you farm the easier your lane will be.

Quintessense - Flat AP - Gives your E more OOMPH early game to allow for better harassment and farming early game. And also if your Opponent is escaping gives the burn on W a better chance to finnish them off.
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Now for the masteries. Again starting with the jungle build

a 19/10/0 Build is taken specializing in Summoners Resolve, Veterans Scars and Bladed Armour in the defense tree for survival when ganking and jungling followed with arcane knowledge and vampirism in the offensive tree for extra oomph on your spells and jungling suvivability. However you can go 0/9/21 to get the extra gold from smite and Long buff duration, however you do have to cost of losing damage and reducing your ganking capability.

The OTHER OTHER option is to go 9/0/21 like the solo top build and take FLAT ARMOR seals over health to take less damage in the jungle from creeps. It is however down to personal preference, what I have given is In my opinion the best jungle masteries for fizz to abuse that HP scaling.

For the solo top lane I took a 9/0/21 talent approach giving extra mana regen and gold per sec specialisation along with summoners insight for a faster teleport in Uitlity with Summoners wrath in the Offensive tree to make SURGE more effective. This allows for quicker farm and because the build is so exspensive the extra gold does help A LOT!
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This is where a lot of guide for fizz go off the rails a little. However after much play testing with him, I've learned 2 things.

1. His AP scales brilliantly and that his ulti scales 1-1 on AP

2. SPELL VAMP!!! Possibly the most important thing for him after HP runes. Because of his W after activating you just heal and heal and heal. Plus the splash damage from PLAYFUL/TRICKSTER and your Shark is awesome!

So how do we build fizz?

Well jungling - wriggles is a must this is a given for most junglers except fiddlesticks. Because of its passive, the ward the lifesteal etc etc. Then hextech revolver for spell vamp to help ganking, and healing from jungling.

But yeah your core build for fizz should be when jungling:


Then Build your catalyst. Now you are tough enough to survive most fights. Then Finnish your Rod of Ages.

After this go straight for SHEEN. The extra damage after activating W or Q is always good plus the extra mana + AP is too good.

From here you can go wherever the situation takes you. Either go for trinity force if they're carry heavy or doing more damage from your sheen. Or go lich bane if they're mostly doing AP damage. With your revolver ALWAYS MAKE HEXTECH the slow is too good not to have as it allows you to catch and finnish of foes. Finally build a deathcap to top over your AP damage.

Situational items include:

Guardian Angel - this is if you're always getting focussed in team fights, always handy to wait till its used come back and SHARK them to heal yourself.

Frozen Heart - Tankiness vs AD heavy teams and slows attack speeds down, perfect counter for tryndamir players and players of the melee/bruiser variety. Also the cooldown reduction is pretty sweet.

Thornmail - if frozen heart isnt enough.

Banshee's Veil - This is for MORGANA AND ANNIES only. Do not build under any other circumstance. Build earlier in build over Rod of Ages if needed.


For solo top suvivability is everything, as is lane sustain. worst case scenario for top lane for us fizz players is tryndamir, nasus and akali. As they have a quite powerful heal so harassing is difficult. NOT ONLY THIS but they are hard to push out of lane because they dont have mana but nasus with a meki pendant is a *****.

How do we counter this? Well our W of course. Because of its grievous wound ability, we can harass if played right. Because of the reduced healing and burning. If they engage USE THIS FIRST and watch them cringe, follow up with an E and slam to slow em, finish em off with a Q and its GG to them. But more on playing later... the BUILD.

TO ALLOW the above to happen we need survivability and also damage. Your core should look like this.


these give you the survivability needed to stay in top lane. And are gained quickly if you farm well and you have a reliable jungler to help gank.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wishback Jumpsta
Wishback Jumpsta Fizz Guide
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Fizz, To shark or not to Shark?

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