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Fizz Build Guide by Warf1ck

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Warf1ck

Fizz, wanted to see him AD?

Warf1ck Last updated on November 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Im very sorry i cant implement captures/images of items here, because i simply dont know how to do it :(
Excuse me this misserable failure of mine and sitll enjoy reading my Bild/GUide

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Greetings Summoners, as we all regonized some changes where done during the Update,
such as the little creepy but still cute as hall fishy guy joining the League.
I've seen many guys going ap with him, but now the question, why???
Sure he does a quite nice damage with his ultimate or his Playfull/Trickster in the ap mode,
but what about his Seastone Trident??? isnt it a wonderfull AD ability just waiting to
be used to screw some **** up?
Sure it is! So why not use it in the right manner?
In this build im going to try fusing both, his awesome Ap ability aswell as the not so well
known ad ability of this little guy here.

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As in the Runes build told i chose Greater mark of Insight,

In the beginning Fizz doesnt have much atack damage so instead of buying Atack damage
wich you can easily get in the game itself, why not to buy armor penetration wich you
only find on one item, last wishper, so why not?

Greater Seal of Vitality should be clearly official. He has low hp, he needs hp, on lvl
5 they over hit the normal Hp runes. Questions? none-

At the Glayphs it depens on your playing style, do you want your Seastone Tritend to hit more
dmg with the passiv/aktivated trough ap, or do you prefer some more atack speed wich helps you
to thit faster and apply your passiv/activ more often. You can decide!

Quintessences should be clear also, right? Going along with the masterys its a pretty nice Armor penetration bonus and it helps you like hell when you atack with Your Q Spell, because
that one applies Hit effects (such as armor penetration is also summed in to the dmg)

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So well, here we go with the item Build :)

First item in this build shall be a

Vampiric cepter

Its may not that usefall as first item but we will evolve it into

Emblem of Valor

Why? Well, if youre beeing harrased hard you get some nice Health regen, and if YOUR harrasing hard, then you get some hp drain.

Next up the boots, if you dont have 900 gold in untill than you just take boots of speed
return and go back on your lane till the next recall.
Finish the boots on max lvl 6 and start bulding a


Gives you nice HP and some extra damage aswell as slwoing down the enemys to hit them more
with your activated or unactivated Seastone Trident

Next up is Manamune

Rush it! Because your gonna need the mana it gives your trough the hits/abilitys mana it gives aswell as the mana from the mana crystal.


Next up try doing a


Gives extra Magic pen and atackspeed aswell as some AP wich is good for your w atack
(You should be around lvl 13 here)

Next finish the

Starks Fervor

+Atackspeed and Healtregen, needed! (Around lvl 15)

Finish the

Frozen Malet

next! You need more hp else your to squishy, also the enemys cant run from you anymore!
(lv 16-17)

for the last item its your decision,

want an

Infinity Edge

or rahter a

Black cleaver

or even a

Atmas Impaler

Everyone os this is good because they give either atackspeed/crit/ or atack dmg/crit

i prefer atmas at this point because you have around 2,7k hp here and get another dmg boost aswell as more crit chance, Still infinity edge or black cleaver shouldnt be forget in this,
because they either help reducing the armor of the enemy making it more confy to harras with

Urchin Stirke

or just hit them normally with w on/off

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well in farming our little fishy here is a pretty good fishy.
His w helps doing extra damage and later on he will be able to push enemys back and
take all the creep kills.

A very important thing you have to know if playing after this build is that you can,
NEVER, NEVER NEVER AND AGAIN NEVER.. try hitting for the first blood if your not atleast
3 persons raving the enemys with 2 stunners!

Your hp is way to low at lvl 1 and all you would get is a big kick in the *** sending you back
into the very depths of the sea you came from. So remember:

Stay defensiv untill lvl 5 because your runes will kick in then and start trying to gank
or kill low hped enemys at 6/7!

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Team Work

Basicly Fizz isnt the big deal in team fights.
He may cant ,stun,blind,hold, or anything else, but what he can do is slwoing and just confuse the enemy, aswell as some pretty awesome damage

Lets have a little situation here:

The enemys try to initiate a Gank on you because you fall back from your team and are now
on a distance of your Playfull/trickster. What to do instead of flashing away?
Right, you initiate the fight!
Set your fish where you stanted and get out of the enemy range with palyfullstrickster!
Your team then initates themself with a various ulti while your shark will allready push the enemys upwards slwoing them and your team aswell as you get some nice kills.

Not so hard aint it?

But keep in mind: THere will allmost never be such an dreamfully situation as this.

Have a look out for low hped enemys giving them the last hit with

Urchin Strike, slow them with

Playfull/ Trickster

and hit them till death with your activated

Seastone Trident

Thats it, nothing complicated aint it? :)

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To sum up

I Hope the build suits everyones intrest in playing Fizz ad, if anybody has some informations and/or another Idea what to change or what to do better, Tell me!
I even beg for your intentions and opinions to make the build better and more useable.

Thanks to you and farewell summoners, take care out there and have fun playing fizz my way ;)