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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mayrzeal

For only 2,95 a minute u can kick ***!

Mayrzeal Last updated on December 24, 2010
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For only 2,95 Janna (you) can give your team a hell of a fun time!

As is well known, janna is a great support perhaps better known as:
"Janna the goddes sl*t of assists"

I'll tell you my basic set up of any 5v5 game, before reading on, you should know this is a support build. Now, as i play it, i never, EVER die more than 5 times in a single game.

I pick Clairvoyance and Clarity above everything else, with afcourse the cooldown reduction in the mastery tree, you can use Clairvoyance every 55sec making it harder for your enemies to ambush you or anyone else. Also you can find a missing enemy or aid a teammate in fleeing enemies by revealing bits of the map so he/she knows where to turn to and were NOT to. And if you are a bit well known with jungling u can use it to check on the jungling champions (hard to do, takes some practice, but don’t be shy to give it a try, because when u find the jungling champion, u can check the level and it’s progress and most important, on which side he is, so your team mates are more aware and less likely to be ambushed).

Now, if you are to take any other spell then Clairvoyance or Clarity, dont forget to adjust the mastery tree, if u need more points Utility, put them in "good hands" For the less time spending dead, or the more experience but that is a more personal choice of you, the player.

Should you find Clairvoyance is not the skill for you, i would simply say, either take heal for the extra support or exhaust to aid your teammates in gangking or to flee, something that I have been trying is: Flash. This, I find, is a really good combo in separating enemies so your team can get a easy kill.

What you do is: use howling gale on the person u want to separate from the group, use flash to appear behind him and then use your ultimate spell, Monsoon, if you do this right, and yes it is hard to get it correct, your team gets a easy kill and thanks to you.

Clarity is a MUST have for this build, since Janna is very mana sensitive in the beginning and its needed to stay in the lane for as long as u can, simply for leveling and money. Should you choose not to take Clarity, i suggest u get your team mates to help you so you can get the mana buff, but this takes time etc. Later, Clarity isn't that much needed, but hey, u can then use it even when its not really needed. The "mana buff" or the blue one is really handy, since of the cooldown reduction afcourse and the mana regen extra.

I start with buying Sapphire Crystal, simply to make sure u can stay in a lane for a long period. (i usually go back around 1,7k).

-Note: you have enough money to buy a health and mana potion after the Sapphire Crystal-

Waiting to get 1700gold i don't really do much more than trying to last hit mobs, defend my lane partner the tower and perhaps aid in trying to get a assist. Now, this is very important U are not to go for kills with Howling Gale, it simply costs to much mana to keep spamming. Aiding your lane partner in getting a kill is a entire different thing. Use your own judgment in thinking u can kill a enemy champ or is he/she to close to their tower or perhaps a form of a heal. So, until endgame, i only use it to intercept/stun enemies so my team can finish him (off) and to escape. Nothing more! Now the shield is to defend towers and your teammate(s) so they can go (your) extra mile and kill or repel enemies. So you should not have to many mana problems in the beginning, as you will only use eye of the storm to protect a teammate going in (or out).
again, Howling gale is only to be used to slow/intercept enemies. So again, mana problems should not be of any problems, by the u are out of mana, you can use clarity to gain enough to stay in your lane. What would be awesome is, if your partner has Clarity aswell, then u can spam Howling Gale and such a bit more just to fend of enemies.

Now, you got the 1,7gold, or more, here is what i buy first:

Ruby Crustal - Boots of Speed and Amplifying Tome

This should u get you thru the next minutes.

If for some reason u died with less gold, go for the health and If u can the boots first.
Simply for the more survivability.

Now, depending on who you are fighting and how it is going, you continue from these items to build you're awesome item build. (Zonya's being the last ALWAYS)

I personally upgrade after these 3 times, Spirit visage for the bit of armor and the 30% healing extra (and for the price of it, it is a really good item!). Then Boots of swiftness (in the end you will have a standard speed of 473 and u can move thru mobs with zephyr)

which, in combination of howling gale will make you close to being un-catch-able.

After the boots, i go for Meja's and then for Archangel's staff. Then Guardian angel, should they catch you, you can redo the whole escape route idea being: Shield yourself, howling gale the enemies and run like the wind (hehe, that’s funny and all because she's like wind stuff and all.. ah well).

SHOULD HOWEVER your team NOT kick ***, this happens from time to time :(
Forget medja's, and continue the build and replace the last empty slot with whatever you think is best. Depending on enemies and the damage they do etc. armor for melee or just more Ability Power for a stronger shield and monsoon for the bit extra healing. Use your own instincts on that. It is always a bit of a gamble.

Last tip while playing as Janna, mind the enemy team, meaning:

As soon as they know you are going for support, they might start thinking twice and try to kill you first. Ranked matches I guess they pretty much always do. If they don’t “care” about you, u can take more riscs and persuit enemie champions further, if they do, and you will notice this soon enough and any game, try to stay in the middle on your team so they can be quickly stunned/killed or intercepted by your team. Also a quick warning in the chat for your team mates also helps.
So they know they have to look after you should they want your support.
[*] [*]

Janna, for only 2,95 a minute....

Now this is my first build, so comments and ratings are welcome. I've been playing like this for a comple months, and think it kicks *** (specially with the skin i got).

5kills, 2deaths and 30 ***is Its is a average end score in games i lost. I made this guide because i think there isn't realy a supprt guide focused on aiding you're allies, (if there is, my apologies, i've must have overlooked it).

So thanks for reading my guide, hope you get to try it out and kick *** with it.