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Soraka General Guide by FriendlySupport

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FriendlySupport

Friendly Soraka Support

FriendlySupport Last updated on October 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I Know i've a Bad english but it's just a guide that You see how to Play a Support btw Soraka. It isn't a Guide that YOU HAVE TO PLAY SORAKA LIKE MY STIL.. Just to Show you how i do it!

I know much people say i'm a Troll with this Build. I know many People say "Soraka don't need Mana regen buy better CD Rune". But I say: The Item's make the game! What do a Soraka without Mana, in a Long Lane Game? If she Heal 4, 5x or more, she don't have any Mana, than the most Soraka Player have go back to Base, in this Time is the AD-Carry alone in the Lane = Freekill for the Enemys. You can bruchase the CD reduction in the Game, what i do.
You can't have a lower CD than 12s on Heal, that's why i just buy the Items...

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Mastery Tree

You have to take the "Suommers Warth" if you need the Right Suommer Spells (like: Exhaust, Ignite, Surge or Ghost). I Take this Point because I take everytime Exhaust.
Why i Have here CD and AP? Because it's Simple. I want that my Heal is a little bit Better. Without AP your Heal / Mana is really low... I Know with 4 AP you don't become Much AP, but it's more than +0 Heal. 4% CD from 20s = 0.8 s = 19s CD.

I don't take Defense Points because it's useless for my Play-Styl. I just stand in grasses or behind Minnions (if Enemys Picked Blitzcrank for Support). I show that the Enemy AD-Carry don't hit me. In a Fight with Jungler, I know, the Supporter is a good Focus for the AD-Carry from enemys because he's fast death. That's why I've in Rune a bit Armor.

Now we are on Utillity.
I Take "Suommers Insight" because i take Flash for Suommerspells (15s CD reduction).
If you Play Support like me, you don't die much, this is why i don't have Points on "Good Hands".
If you saw me playing Soraka u see I need many Mana do have EVERYTIME a Full AD-Carry <- (Full Mana - I know, spend Mana is free for Soraka - Full Life - This cost MANY Mana..) This is why i have here 3 Points on "Expanded Mind".
+0.5% Movement Speed, because i buy most the Boots bit late and I don't buy Fast Boots to be a little bit more Mobil.
You buy many Wards and you want to See much with them this is why you need "Scout" 5% MORE RANGE!
You never kill Minions if someone from your Team is on your Lane, that's why you Need many Gold Per Second and a bit more Start Gold.
In the Time you go Warding, buy new Wards etc. you lost a bit Experience. With this 2 Points you have the most EXP back...
Last Point: Mastermind
You have to "Spam" your Exhaust. But if you have for example: 200s CD for this Spell you can't use it very much. With "Mastermind" you've got: 200s -> 170s CD for this Spell. If you have a Good Jungler he can coming every 3 Min for a gank an than you need this Spell very often.

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Rune Build

You Need very much Gold to Buy Wards. In much games you don't become Much Gold, that's why you need Rune for Gold. I think it's not stupid to Take "Quintessence of Avarice". Every 10s 1 Gold is nice. But you have 3 from this = 3 Gold more in 10s.
Here a little invoice to show you what i mean:

Riot say a Game takes 39min = 2340s
Now you have 234 x 3 Gold = 702 Gold I Know it's not much.. But with the Mastery:
234 x 5 Gold = 1170 Gold. You see it's ~ 450 Gold more. But you see i take MANY Gold Item's, so you don't have Gold Problems (You can Use your Ulti to take Assists but use it Carefull, because he has a big CD and you need it in a Teamfight.)
With just this Gold you Have from Rune and Mastery you can Buy 15 Wards. Normaly you need 2-3 Wards on the Lane Game. 15 Wards (if you need 3) = 5 x 180s = 900s = You can Ward just with Rune and Mastery 15 Min! In the most Game is the Lane Game Ending in the 15 - 20min..

Why i Take AP Glyph? Just the same like in Mastery. I Want to Heal / spend Mana a bit more. But i want to make a bit more DMG with my Silence too.

I Playd now much Games.. (~1.xk Games). And i know that much AD Carrys focus Soraka because of her the Enemy AD-Carry don't die and have every Time full Mana / Life. That's why you need a bit Armor if you are Focust from a AD-Carry. In the Late Game it can be Very Helpfull if you play with a Jax, Lee Sin or something which can Jump to you and the Enemy's can Hit you than.

I Take this Marks because when i Play with my friends my AD-Carry stay a VERY LONG Time in the Lane to become a Higher LV than the Enemy AD-Carry. I just go back after i used my 3 Wards. Than i've got more Wards and can stay longer in the Lane too and than you need much Mana. My friend where he play Ezreal he Farm out till ~4k for Trinity and than you really need much Mana to heal him, because the Enemy AD-Carry has in this time more DMG Items.

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Every Support need a bit Mana at the beginn.
This Item spend you a bit Mana and it's very good for the Stone.
At beginn you need much Gold to buy Wards etc. this is why i buy a 2. Gold Item and not directly Boots.
After if you have Boots you need a bit More CD because you have with Shoes ~18s CD. And you need a bit more HP to tank the Dragon.
Than i want to heal a bit more! That's why i take the AP - Gold Item too! Every Gold Item is after ~ 10 - 15 min = 0 and if you sell it you have just win Gold. But if you wait you can win much more Gold! If you know that the Enemys set much Wards too, you can take a Oracle with Soraka too. Normaly the Jungler buy one and kill them, but if you know that you can kill Many wards and you don't die much you just have to kill 16 Wards and you've got a FREE Oracle. If they have a Good Support they have this 16 Wards..
Than you need to Upgrade your Items because you have many Gold and need now Auras..
Because they want to focus you (Because an Oracle) you have to be a bit more Tanky.. That's why i buy a Rilay's. You are than a bit more Tanky and can heal your mate's a bit more. And if you Spam Q in a Teamfight too, the Passive from this Item is every time here!
Last Item: I know your Mates have Lifesteal and you don't need Lifesteal, but in a Teamfight with example Sion this Item is a OverPowered Item! Much more Lifesteal and your team can't die because you become too much HP with every Hit from Sion!


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Start / Lanegame

At the Start you go with your AD-Carry to protect the Blue / Red Buff. After this you go with him to your Lane..
If the first Minions Fighting you can Ward. You have to Ward The full Lane Game the Trigrass and the River grass. After ~ 5-8 Min (like Enemy Team are LV ~8) You have to Ward the Dragon too, if the Jungler didn't do this. If the Lane-Game a Very Long Time (like 20min or more - i know this is very rare but it can be) You can Buy the Oracle and Kill the Wards from Enemys (alternative you can buy the Expensive Ward if you don't leave your Lane).

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Mid of the Game

Your Lane Game has Endet and you run with your AD-Carry everytime. It's simple but you have to Heal him, Spend Mana.. Or if all Fight in mid (not Teamfight just to try to kill the Tower or which Lane ever) you have to Heal ALL YOUR MATES and spend ALL OT THEM Mana.

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You show that they can't kill you and that they can't Focus you.
A Teamfight is Simple to win if the Area where you fight is Wardet and your Team can see which Enemy stand where.
You try to Spam your Q in the fight, but don't forget to Silence Enemys where use their Ulti like Nunu, Amumu, Katarina etc. But silence them if they are in their Ulti, to end it!
Never forget to Heal your Mates and Spend them Mana! If you see the first mate is going to die and he's a bit a Tanky Player just give Him Heal and after a VERY LOW TIME (1s) you have to use your ULTI! I know if just one go to die it's a bit Stupid but i know much fights where the enemys just focus one and that was their fault becuase the can't kill him and become self to much DMG and lost the fight.

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End of Game

If the enemys or Your team can't lave the Base because the Enemys or You spawn super Minions you have to Ward before the Base to see if they want to Leave the Base or that you and your Mates can see where they stand. this is very important if you go kill the Baron and they stand in their Base taht your Team can see if someone left the Base and want to steal the Baron.

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I know much Players where say "The Supporter has to Ward, to buy an Oracle, to buy this and do that etc". But Warding is a Thing where have ALL TO DO! All have (without AD-Carry) run with 2-3 Wards.

Where which Player need Wards?
We beginn in the Top:
The Topplayer have to Ward his River Grass and his Trigrass
Mid Player:
The Midplayer have to Ward his Top/Bot River Grass to see if they want to coming Gank (same with Top).
The Jungler Have to Ward Baron and Important Walk-Points like on Blue/Red Buff (in Enemy and our Jungle). Some Jungler do Ward the Dragon for you.
I Think the AD-Carry is the only one where don't have to buy Wards, because he has the Supporter.
Now is coming your Part. You have to Ward the Trigrass, and River-Grass and if the Jungler didn't Ward the Dragon you have to do it. You have after the Lane Game to Ward the Important Points and Baron/Dragon to warding too. But good Players in your Team help you with this work because it's very Expensive to have a Wardet Map.

I Think Map-Controll is very Helpfull to pick Enemys where Run alone. Or i said already to Kill Enemys in a Teamfight where run Away!


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