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Vi General Guide by metroiddragon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author metroiddragon

Frozen Fist Vi

metroiddragon Last updated on January 4, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is my very first guide on mobafire, so if there's anything that i can improve on in the guide, like layout and other suggestions, please message me or something.

Frozen Fist Vi the must know build of all Vi players. Whats better than punching things? Well punching them while freezing them of course. This build we allow you to wreak havoc on everyone while still being cool. I'm bad at puns >_>

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Go 21/9/0 to deal 'TONS OF DAMAGE' or go 9/21/0 to block 'TONS OF DAMAGE'. By going 21/9/0 you will punch through everything with ease while still being a bit tanky to last long enough to punch stuff.

But all in all, the masteries can be changed to match whatever needs or play style you have. This is just my standard AD melee page.

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These runes will help you beat the living daylights out of everyone while you freeze their butts. The HP quints and the armor seals are there to help you 'last longer' in be....I mean lane, whether its bot, mid or top. The armor pen marks and and attack speed allows you to thrust your fist into the enemies faces faster and leave a lasting impression each time you poke at them.

These runes can be changed to what ever play style you have. But don't be stupid by putting in magic pen, ap and spell vamp runes. Stick with runes like armor, magic res, hp, ad, armor pen, attack speed and etc.

You won't need crit runes or life steal runes though, cause Frozen Fist Vi doesn't need to crit or life steal from people.

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Here is the most important part of the guide. So pay attention to this. Also this is explain why you would get these items and why it's known as Frozen Fist. Also so you can answer a person when they ask 'WHY THE HELL ARE YOU BUILDING THAT?!?!?!?!?!??!?!'

1) By starting off with boots and 3 hp pots you can harass and get away from those stupid enemies with ease. But you're playing as Frozen Fist Vi, everyone should be scared of you the instant they hear that name.

2) Getting a Brutalizer and changing it to a Black Cleaver is obvious, everyone knows Black Cleaver is the most OP item in game. But also that it will lower the opponents armor which is both helpful to yourself and your teammates.

3) The reason why you would get the Zerka Greves is so you can punch faster and more often. And also by enchanting them with Homeguard you can get back into the action quicker and punch more people's faces in.

4) Now the Frozen Fist part comes in, The Iceborn Gauntlet. This item is what makes you the Frozen Fist Vi, when ever you use an ability your next auto attack will freeze the area around the target and deal AOE damage and slow people. It is best when used with your E cause it will make your already cool looking E punch to look even 'cooler'. (I have got to stop with the puns) Also the item grants you more mana and cool down reduction so you can spam your cool looking E punches all do.

5) Next up with the other important component of the Frozen Fist Vi build, The Frozen Mullet. This item will slow what ever you punch and makes them leave a cool looking ice trail behind them. Also gives you lots of HP so you can stay in fights for longer and punch more people's butts.

6) The final real important item of the Frozen Fist Vi build is the Frozen Heart. By having a Frozen Heart you will have no mercy for anyone so you can have more fun punching and killing people, also you will look 10 times cooler. As a cool side effect you get extra armor and mana, plus any enemies near you will be slowed down so you will definitely know your punches will hit.
*side note: this item can be changed to Banshee's Veil if the enemy team has lots of ap casters or if their ap caster is a real threat.

7) The only reason why the last item is Guardian's Angel is because, Frozen Fist Vi is too OP and people will want to kill you first so by getting this awesome item you can come back alive and keep punching. Plus it has a strange side effect where you get extra armor and magic resist, strange right?

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Skill Sequence

Here is one of the more important chapters of the guide.

By Maxing Q out first you can poke you opponents with maximum damage and also to get up close to you enemies with ease. Your Q is your most damaging ability.

Max out your E punch next, the cool down will decrease each level which is good cause you will need to be spamming this sucker. This ability will proc your Iceborn fist thingy and look epic, plus its your other most damaging ability. (not counting your ult)

And max your W thingy last cause its good enough at level 1.

Also don't forget to level you ult at the standard levels of 6,11 and 16. Cause if you don't, you are not worthy of Frozen Fist Vi.

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Farming is very important but punching small fry isn't very fun and I know, so poke at the enemy's champs too to spice things up. Killing them may be a side effect.

What ever lane you go, you should take all the minions unless you want to be nice and let your lane partner get them.

A good Frozen Fist Vi will get lots of minion kills but a Great Frozen Fist Vi will get lots of minion kills and beat the **** out of the opponent. But an AWESOME Frozen Fist Vi will let their lane partner (if adc or apc) get enough minions while themselves getting enough minions and PWN however is vs'ing them.

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Team Work


Super easy, also protect your mvp if you're not the mvp, but if you're not the mvp then there is something wrong.

When in team fights go for the squishies and the people at the back and try to hit as many people each time you use an ability.

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Unique Skills

Freezing people and everything.

Also being super cool and all that good stuff.

Sticking to a person real good, one punch on someone and they can't get away, if they flash away use your ult on them.

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Pros / Cons


    Freezing people
    Punching without feeling guilty
    might be a bit hard to survive against AP casters

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In conclusion, this build is best against close combat people and is usually not so good against ap teams. Remember to have fun and stay cool.

For any suggestions on this build please message me and spread word about this build please :D

Only if you want to that is.


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