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League of Legends Build Guide Author amnotanaba

full out healer

amnotanaba Last updated on January 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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k the first tree that im going to go though is the utility tree. the first thing that i put them into is the less spawn time so that when you die your teammate has to live a shorter amount of time waiting for you to come back so that he does not have to stay back by the tower so that he does not get ganked. second is the health and mana regain because your charactor really needs her mana so this mastery will help you early game for sure. then i put it in the experienc increase because the faster you level the more help you are going to be to your teammate with your heals. then max mana so that you can keep those heals flowing for a longer amount of time specially since it works off of a percent it will help your mana get quite a bit higher.

still in progress...

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this is LoL's finest healer. the rest of them on the game is more of a off healer with support or damage. this is the person that should be focused as heals. even though most people will under estimate how much you can do. which is a very good thing since that will give you a advantage on the battle since most people will not try to burst you down fist but your team mate instead that you can just keep on healing till he kills one or two people. tip you will not get a lot of kills with this build but a lot of assists. this character will also make it so that your partner and you can keep pushing that lane for a long time since you rarely ever have to go back unless they have a really good burst team that you have to worry about them instantly killing you or your teammate.

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Team Work

k team work this is going to be a big part of what you do. your goal is to stop the other team get kills and help your teammate get kills since they can fight more then just one person and not be scared of dieing. you are going to be focusing your heals on the person that is losing the biggest percent of there health and if someone is about to die or if more then one person is low during a battle then that is when you pop your ulti. try to save it for the group battles it will be the difference between a win for your team in that battle or a lose. then besides from your healing remember that your infuse can silence people this is great for stopping massive damage from the channeling abilitys that lots of fews have like fiddle and nunu.

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Skill Sequence

the spell set up that i have is based on how your game is going if your game is going according to plan then you might just want to switch back and forth between blessing and infuse instead of the double infuse (it matters how often your teammate in your lane is needing heals you need to make sure your mana is always up and ready for them)this build is made for a healer so the starcall is not important to you at all it is a bonus torword the end of the game to kill some mobs and get some gold that is about it

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the start is all about the cd that you have. since this persons heals do alot with pretty much no ability power at all it is not your focus. with all of these ability cd reductions you will be healing up a storm and keeping your tank up and keeping your teams mana up also. then the ending of the items that i have are just the once i buy if you think that you need armor or different ability power items then go for it.BTW spirit visage will help you so that when the other team focuses on you you will actually have a chance on surviving it (even though people rarely ever focus on you) same thing with the hour glass it is to improve your survivability with you whole team nuking the person down when you cant even be hurt will help you with those rare occasions.

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alternative items

other items that i have considered at the end of the build is rylai's crystal scepter which could be very useful when you use your silence because that would also slow them also with the starcall when you get it you would be able to slow a lot of people really fast.

the other item that i have though about is soulstealer because of the cdr will give you room in your bags for more ability power. dont forget that the cap for cdr is forty percent dont go over if you do sell something and get more ability power.

any other recommended items that you guys have pls post i will try them and if it works out i will give you credit and then change some stuff around in the build

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Summoner Spells

The reason that i picked claraty for the first summoner spell is that it is very helpfull for you at the early game to keep your mana up when you go out of mana. and a bonus is that late game it will help your team just because it will be more for your team then you to get there mana up. and that is the main reason that i put the mastery point in to insight is for your team because lets be honest when should you ever be caught with out a teammate with a healer (the answer is rare to none). then i always like my teleport so that if i see some people having problams in there lanes i can just teleport right over there and heal them up or what ever i have to do. then since your revive time is reduced by ten percent you can use it to get back in the battle if you die fast.

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Pros / Cons


    good healer
    2v2 battles are easy
    have a big advantage in group battles do to global heal
    less cd rates so you can heal more often
    still has nice ability power
    can heal self for more then normal
    decent survivability
    makes you able to silence people more
    cant do much damage
    does not support starcall much
    one on one battles are winnable but takes to long(time to long for a gank to happen to you)

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pretty simple focus on ability power for that bonus healing early game. so that you can feed the person you are with more. and other runes are not really needed like mana regain and maximum mana due to your ability giving you mana. if you guys have any other recommended runes i will be glad to look into it just leave a comment below

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who this character is good with

i noticed that this character lanes best with people that have good health steal, health gain, or health regain. my favorite is irelia but warwick is also a good one because of his life steal is insane with your heals and armor increase. and mid game either one of them dont have to worry about there mana which just lets them go on a burst spree. then tanks are also good with her because you make them pretty much unkillable even though i like the burst damage more do to them being easy to fed and make them the most power full person on your team.

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changes since release

took off some cd reduction do to over capping and added more ability power for stronger heals and more survivability do to the hour glass active ability

rune change because i stopped being lazy

added more chapters for lack of information given about my reasoning