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Soraka Build Guide by Xanock

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xanock

Full support Soraka

Xanock Last updated on July 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello this is my first guide and I have been reading through these Soraka guides. They are great but they aren't built for full on support. I decided to make this guide on how I play Soraka. I played Soraka as my first support and she is still by far my favorite support/healer to play. While Sona is very fun I always see myself going back towards Soraka. I hope you enjoy this guide and have as much success and fun as I have!

I have to give credit to for the inspiration to my guide. I played "mage Soraka" for a while and it helped me become better at this game by far. If you want to learn how to play a higher damage soon instead of higher heals soon check out her guide here:

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- You can heal and gain back mana so you never have to leave the lane except to buy
- You can do decent damage and have a silence with infuse
- Large heals
- Short cds
- fun as hell
- Heal that hits everyone
- will never die if the enemies aren't that bright
- Can carry a carry to victory

- kinda squishy
- kinda difficult to farm with this build
- no built in escape
- Will most likely be focused if your carries are not doing amazing amounts of damage

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Cheap just use it to farm minions and do some damage to enemies. You can use this to kind of help in team fights and when farming minions. Important thing to note is that this won't activate unless you are in range of enemies.

Great heal. Use it whenever you see some one who needs health. Do not be afraid to use this when you can, it is your main support move. This skill will never fail to save a life unless your partner is really bad or being ganked to an extreme level. Use it to its most!

This move is kind of versatile. You can use this on your allies to give them mana back and you get some back too! But if you use it on yourself it gives you double the mana!!! Whats that why wouldn't you always use it on yourself? Because if your carry needs mana and you cast this on them you will get another assist which means more gold. This can also be used for decent damage and a silence on enemy champions. Use your super awesome mind powers to predict incoming spells and silence them for support and damage!

This is the spell that makes Soraka special. She can heal for this amount to ALL ally champions. This means anyone that is alive and on your team. This is the skill that will make people go "OMG I had you dead ******, Soraka needs a nerf asafasdfsadasd". Use this to save team mates from far away and they will love you.

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This is the build that I almost always go with. It is basically the same as most peoples with one difference. I don't usually take. It is a great item and if you can get the gold for it more power to you! But I don't take it (at least at first) because of the extra gold cost.

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Optional items

Banshee's Veil

This should be bought if you are getting focused down too much and need some survivability

Soul Shroud: This is an OK item for Soraka...the only late game benefit you and your allies will get (unless you use mana like CRAZY, which is hard when you have clarity) is the CDR, and you can build better CDR items. Grab a Shurelya's Reverie instead. It gives a good health boost, so it can be good if you're getting pushed hard due to low health and high mana use.

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I use the marks of insight for the magic pen to harass early/mid game. Now this may not be your personal cup of tea. If it is not I suggest using Marks of Focus. CD reduction is great for Soraka

I use flat mana regen because Soraka's mana problems are only during early game, no reason to have it scale and lose that beginning boost.

I use the AP scale for one simple reason. As you level up your heals will heal more anyway. Why not buff that up with scaling heals and make you even more awesome late game?

I am using Quints for Ap. Cause Ap is great for soraka 'nough said

Thanks to ThundraBolt

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Skill Sequence

I go with this sequence because I like to be able to silence/ gain mana early. I also like being able to heal early too. I takeat 4 for the basic farming ability. More gold=more items=larger and quicker heals. You can switch between your heal and infuse whenever you like in this build. level these up depending on what your team is needing more at the moment. If squishies are dying too quickly get more levels in heal. If they aren't dying too fast and you want to do some damage put your points into infuse. Just try to keep them at least slightly balanced.

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Summoner Spells

Only take clairvoyance if you are confident that your team will know how to use it to their advantage. Start off by putting it right in front of their spawn, so you can know where they are going to lane.

I prefer to use Clarity so I can use Infuse to silence and kill enemies early game. But that is just my preference.

Flash is a must have for all of my characters now. Plus Soraka has no other form of escape.

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Early game

Just sit back with your lane partner and farm away while harassing the enemy. If you see an opportunity for a first blood don't hesitate, run in there and hit the bastard with aninfuse. Just don't get cocky. Sit back and heal your partner and keep both of you in the lane for a long time.

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Mid game

Now team fights should start happening. When you are in a team fight focus on healing your carries, so they can finish off their kills. Doing this I have assisted my teams Malzahar get a pentakill. With good work from your entire team you will have an easy go. Get your carries some of that kill gold so late game they can destroy your enemies very easy. Sorakas that do this almost always make the enemy team surrender around late-mid game.

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End game

You should be working on your deathcap by now. Just keep up that healing and damaging in your team fights. You see a carry getting low at all heal him up. Remember you aren't there to get the kills you are there to support your team mates into getting more kills. you get the assists and you look like a pro for a good reason, not for being selfish.

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In summary Soraka is a badass healer and can do good damage. Silence those annoying carries and let your team mates shower you with thanks. Heal heal heal, this is what you should always remember. You are an amazing healer let people see it!