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League of Legends Build Guide Author rokk154

Futures Fate

rokk154 Last updated on January 20, 2013
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Ezreal Build

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Hello summoners what you see here is a THEMED team vs team fight i thought up with the skins matching the theme. As you look at the names you ppl that grow up in the 80's MIGHT recognize the team names a bit (hehehe) for you younger folks im sorry you miss out of a cool live action tv show anyways here it is. I have not done test with this but tho would love to sadly getting 10 ppl with all the skin would be a bit hard.. well if you can guess Ez take the role of the Capt Power.. anyways the 2 chapter below will list what i see the champs roles but if anyone tries this its all up to you and if you do let me know how it went and if you have video that be a plus :D

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Captain Pulsefire and the Champions of the Future

Pulsefire Ezreal: AP MID ive place ez mid do to his skill working good on AP and he has the range to pull it off and would be the better of the champs that could do mid

Fullmetal Jayce: ADC BOT i originally had him top bot ive know he can play bot as well and since most of his move work well with Kayle it seemed better

Aether Wing Kayle: SUP/HYBRID BOT Kayle make great supp with the right champ with her and that both and Jayce can go range at the click of a button all the better

Frostblade Irelia: is HYBRID TOP i have her hybrid to make the best out of her move and to not be to much AD her heal on attack make her a better choice then Jayce top with the team

Neon Strike Vi: AD JUNGLE i have her jungle do to her great ganks with her Q and R and since the whole team has high mobility and/or range they are more like to get a kill off

Do to the fact no champ that could tank had a skin to fit this ive change the line up a bit and most of the champs here are tanky and high DPS so it might make up for it

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Rise Of The Machines (still working on)

Full Machine Viktor: AP MID

Mecha KhaZix: AD TOP

Eternum Nocturne: JUNGLE

Full Metal Rammus: SUP BOT

Battlecast Prime ChoGath: ADC BOT


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