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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sammsin

Galio - Duke Nukem (AP Build )

Sammsin Last updated on October 17, 2010
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Okay well this is just a build that i thought would work if you wanted to do some uber damage. Also the summoner spells are rlly up to u on what u wanna chose and what ever feels better to you. Also your 6th item i think is best chosen based on what your playing against or what you think you need.

Early Game

Early game you champ will not do alot of big damge till around level 8 when you max out Resolute Smite. Besides that early game basically all yours spells help out anybody around by either slowing a fleeing enemy or shiedling an ally healing u and protecting them or using Rigotus Gus to Flee or Chase and do AOE dmg to enemys

Mid Game

Around level 8 youll start to realize that RS will start to hit very hard and take large chunks of health away from enemys. Usally around these level i will usualy only use that spell to take down enemy champs. Also with this spell it makes ganking much easier because it slows the enemy and if planned right your teamates should be able to take him down because hes been slowed and if they have stuns or slows its almost guranteed that u will get the kill. Not to mention you can use RG to catch up to them. Also around these elvel you will obtain Idol of Durmond wich is a really powerfull skill but can also cost you your life if used at the wrong time. Somtimes ive found this ult to be usful if there chasing a ally and you cast RS first then your ult and since u cant move and u take dmg your gonna wanna run depedning on health.

End Game

At this level i think you can really choose to do anything you can run around ganking enemys or simply just lane. Really up to you for the last item that you buy. But besides that there are many diffrent end game strategys you can have. With this build i always like to try to gank people then push hard.

Thanx for looking at thtis build ive never rlly made a build before so hopefully this build will work for you