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Ashe Build Guide by Snypher08

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Snypher08

GAME TURNIN' ASHE(updated 3/16/12)

Snypher08 Last updated on May 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is basically a fast killer build...although this build is all about slayin' should kill first other carries...with high atk speed, great damage, and great armor penetration you'll be able to takedown opponents with careful this build doesn't use hp adding items but because of your atk speed, damage and life steal, you'll be able to survive longer...for safety you need to keep your tanks ahead of you while striking!!! :)

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Alternate build

If in the mid noticed that the other team is building a should replace your INFINITY EDGE into MADRED'S BLOOD RAZOR so that you will avoid "Killing yourself" specially if there's a RAMMUS on the other team that will just taunt you reflect your damage and watch you DYING...then replace one of your PHANTOM DANCER into ANOTHER BLOOD THIRSTER so that you'll be able to regain your missing health with each attack to a character wearing a thornmail...or you could replace one of your offensive item and turn it into a BANSHEE'S VEIL...(I'M NOT SAYING THAT YOU SELL AN ITEM YOU ALREADY BOUGHT,I'M SAYING THAT YOU SHOULD OBSERVED WHAT THE OTHER TEAM IS PLANING ON THEIR BUILD THEN COUNTER IT)...I would recommend that you should have 2 DORANS BLADE, BOOTS OF SWIFTNESS AND A ZEAL JUST TO BE SAFE THEN PROCEED TO THE ORIGINAL BUILD OR THIS ALTERNATE BUILD... :) (you can also buy elixirs if you got all your items).

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Summoner Spells

Flash - this skill is your savior...I prefer to use its escaping ability rather than attacking because whenever i use this on offense...I’m prone at ending up use it wisely...

Teleport - this skill is the one that keeps my level equal or above my opponents...if I have enough gold to purchase one or more of my items...I’ll just begin to recall and then come back with teleport so I won’t be lvl gapped...I also use this for changing lanes or I’ll desperately put a ward near their base in the later game so that if we need to back door the opponent...all of my team mates that has the teleport skill can help me destroy the nexus of the opponent...

Ignite - you can use this but trust will become greedy then you'll lose your focus in just waiting for the right time to the early games...but this is useless in the late game especially if the opponent has high HP regen...

Ghost - you don't really need have lots and lots of movespeed...but if you want to have extra survive-ability so go on and use this...

OTHER SPELLS - you don't need those other spells because those other spells are inappropriate for ASHE...and besides i already gave you the top four spells that would help you play as ASHE...believe me those other spells are just not for ASHE...but you can always experiment with you're spells...

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Skill Sequence

For me I would go for a MAXED OUT VOLLEY and a MAXED OUT HAWK SHOT but don't forget to PLACE a POINT in FROST SHOT!!!so here is how it goes first I’ll get VOLLEY then a lvl 1 FROST SHOT then a lvl 1 HAWKSHOT then FOCUS on VOLLEY to be MAXED OUT then FOCUS NOW on HAWKSHOT BUT every time that ENCHANTED CRYSTAL ARROW will appear to be available for a point so grab the opportunity to lvl up your ENCHANTED CRYSTAL ARROW...i decided to have that sequence because you can deal a high damage attack using VOLLEY while slowing the enemy AND reducing its cooldown then you could shoot FROST ARROWS for an added slow (GOOD VOLLEY SPAM IS THE KEY FOR CHASING DOWN OPPONENTS)...then i love to make gold fast and avoid any surprise ganks so i tend to max out HAWKSHOT...then it is normal to put a point on every champion's ultimate skill so every time ENCHANTED CRYSTAL ARROW will appear to be available for a point i always grab the opportunity thus your ultimate is becoming more damaging and it stuns a target champ quite long...

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* High ATK damage
* High ATK speed
* High CRIT damage
* Hihg CRIT chance
* High Armor penetration
* Good Life steal
* Spell shield (Banshee's)
* High mobility
* Has extra gold income

* Squishy
* The opponent will make you at the top of their "HITLIST"
* Ultimate skill has a long cooldown time

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Unique Skills

This build can initiate clashes (with your team have the advantage),save team mates and kill those opponents who are trying to escape with Ashe's 4th'll be able to scout and avoid ganks with her 3rd skill and you'll be able to get your items as fast as you can with her 2nd skill and her 3rd skill's passive combo...And you can also push faster because of your teleport skill... :)

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This build only guides you for taking down opponents as fast as you could...if you are able to kill the tank(much easy if you kill the other carries first) shall the other champs...if you think this build is inappropriate for your playing are always free to GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY ASHE!!!