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Veigar Build Guide by snukumz

Support Gandalf's Short Evil Brother - VEIGAR SUPPORT GUIDE!

By snukumz | Updated on July 26, 2020
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Brickhammer | May 16, 2020 8:42pm
This is one of the most fun builds I think I've ever used! I used the Uber Single Target Elim build, and I was able to get my ability power all the way up to 1057 by the end of a game! it was hilarious and awesome!
snukumz | May 21, 2020 1:00am
good to hear man, that's awesome :)
Mofonoob12 (3) | May 23, 2019 5:40am
I love this guide. Veigar is one big **** Mofo Champ who can just delete enemy team with one shot in late game. Could You please tell me if I can use Ultimate Hunter with Veigar ?
snukumz | May 23, 2019 9:08am
Lol, I did laugh at the comment about Veigar being a big D mofo.

You can definitely try out Ultimate Hunter, that rune is very good and got buffed recently. Personally, I like the extra movement speed from Relentless Hunter more so that I can get in range to land stuns, but lower CDR on your ult could be good as well.

Try it out and see which you like best :)
Hamstertamer (74) | May 16, 2019 2:05am
Hey, I think your guide is pretty well written, it's a good build and I love Veigar support.

One thing I disagree with is your matchup section. Pyke and Blitzcrank are basically 50/50 matchups, there's no problem picking Veigar supp into those, they can definitely kill you but you can also kill them (Pyke for example relies purely on mobility so he hates being caged).

However Veigar has horrible matchups that are not supports :
- Ezreal. Blinks out of your cage, you can't do anything, and pokes you constantly in lane.
- Vladimir. Pools out of cage. Can also be played bot lane, although rarer than it used to.
- Kassadin. Blinks out of cage, magic damage resistance, oneshots you, pretty much unplayable.

So I think you should ban one of those, or Morgana. Blitz/Pyke you can deal with.
snukumz | May 16, 2019 3:26am
I agree with everything you said.

From experience though I've just had too many super bad lanes where Pyke/Blitz get or set up tons of kills.

Blitz is just too beefy with his passive that killing him in lane in nigh impossible, and the pressure he creates with the threat of being hooked is ridiculous. You can cage him but once it's down (and it's a long cooldown) you & your ADC are basically defenseless. Also, he can hook you or your ADC through the cage.

Pyke is just Pyke. I find that his super high mobility makes caging him very difficult. I haven't played against Pyke in quite a while because I ban him every game, but maybe it's more of an even match up than I'm giving Veigar credit for.
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