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Gangplank Build Guide by xxgiovannixx

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xxgiovannixx

Gangplank 100% win

xxgiovannixx Last updated on April 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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this is my GP guide

hey my name is xxgiovannixx and this is my gangplank guide,gp is a verry good champ i choose this items for the full 100% critical hits and a little bit tanky try this build and i know u will use it more times

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The story of gangplank

Who is Gangplank

Gangplank was born the son of the dread pirate captain Vincent the Shadow - one of the most wealthy and feared pirates in all of Blue Flame Island. One might think this would have spoiled the boy with a cushioned life of privilege, but the truth is quite the opposite. Growing up in the city of Bilgewater isn't easy; pirates are not known for their compassion, and that most certainly extends to their families. Vincent wanted his son to grow up tough and strong, so he was extremely hard on the young Gangplank. Even as a child, Gangplank was as mean as a snake and is said to have slept with his eyes open. As he grew, the young man rapidly became the most ruthless and feared pirate in all of Bilgewater, and his daddy was never more proud than on the day of his son's eighteenth birthday - when Gangplank stabbed his old man in the back and claimed the famed pirate ship, the Dead Pool, for his own.

The continent of Valoran, however, is a dangerous place for pirates; Gangplank could read the writing on the wall. The den of pirates known as Bilgewater would soon be pulled down by the undertow of Valoranian politics and the Institute of War. It was time for Bilgewater to have their own champion to represent them in the League of Legends, and who better than the fiercest pirate of them all? It is said that Gangplank has enough power and favor to claim the title of the Pirate King back home, but that he is simply biding his time and building his reputation as a champion before he returns to a life of piracy.

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This are my runes

Greater Mark of Strength: i choose this rune for the earlie damage in game and because
you dont need to buy much damage items.

Greater Seal of Strength: this rune is for the extra damage so you can focus your items
more for the critical strikes.

Greater Glyph of Alacrity:this runes have i choosed for the attack speed,it is a fine
rune because you will need the attack speed when u have high critical%.

Greater Quintessence of Strength: and this rune is also for the extra damage,damage is always good to have.

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This are my spells to rule in lane

Exhaust: Exhaust is my way to own in lane (in early and in late game) you can start the fight with exhaust for the extra damage but you can also wait with it till the enemy runs away but if you do that u must have hard damage else it is wasted

Ignite: Ignite is always fine for his extra damage and if you are fighting you could use it from range if the opponent is low health so u still get the kill,you can also wait and use it on the end of the battle so u got more chance for the kill and not the assist

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My item build

ionian boots: this if good for the CD reduction so you can spam your Parrley shot more times in little time.

Phantom dancer: the phantom dancer is good with this item you get quick to the 100% criticals and high attack speed but it is also fine for his movement speed so u can pursue your escaping enemys and finish them.

Warmog's armor: everybody who played Gangplank knows he dies verry fast in a fight so thats why you need the warmog's armor with this item you can survive the fight longer or get away from ganks

Infinity edge: the infinity edge is for giving the extra power to your criticals

Trinity force: the trinity force has from all the things a bit and it is very usefull