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League of Legends Build Guide Author Inlitind1

Gangplank : 3v3 Domination

Inlitind1 Last updated on April 3, 2011
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Gangplank is one of my favorite champions for 3v3's. I've had more than 1 person tell me not to pick Gang while in queue for a 3's because they say he's too farm dependent and he can't develop properly in the time restraints of a 3v3. It's simply not true. They normally figure this out once i carry their non-beliver scrub ***es hard. I'll show you how i build for a quick , deadly, dominate, Carry 3v3 gangplank.

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Pros / Cons

+ Amazing damage output
+ Built in heal / Remove CC
+ Great Farming Ability, Parley makes getting gold easy.
+ Global Ult, which does damage and slows.
+ Parley makes for a nice ranged damage skill.

- Mana issues early, Learn the right times to B and this turns into a surprising non-issue.
- Squishy mid/late game, Make sure to stay mobile, and use remove scurvy well , and this again isnt an issue.

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Runes are pretty self explanatory, I take crit chance marks, seals , quints . And flat CDR Glyphs. The crit chance runes and brawlers gloves off the bat give you a fair chance to crit for a nice first blood. Flat CDR runes are way better than per level CDR runes , because it takes up to level 13 for them to scale passed the Flat CDR runes, And early game is where you want to begin to set up your domination.

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I take a 21-0-09 mastery , to maximize damage output, also take the gold utility at 9 , and the experience utility is also very helpful on outpacing your opponents early.

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Skill Usage.

For my build i rely heavily on the fact that the 3v3 map is so small , and you are able to travel the map very quickly with items like the boots of swiftness and phantom dancer in order to quickly farm minions, escape , get in quick hits and run, Parley is going to be your bread and butter. This skill is so amazing early game , if you can get a crit early game it basically takes your opponent to half health or more instantly, If you follow that up with a Exhaust/Ignite combo and a auto attack followed by another q you can pretty much guarantee your self a kill. I don't really use raise morale much in 3v3's , i seem to not have the time, or mana, or the minions around when it could be useful, so i tend to use it some late game , when its high enough to really have an effect, but for the most part , I don't Really use E.

Q to start , i try to either A: Engage after that if its a crit, or B: if its a normal attack, run around some more till the cool down is off then blast them again, Chances are if you didnt crit them the first time, you're gonna crit them the second time. As soon as you crit , you can engage early-mid game. Late game a little more caution is needed until you get either warmogs or GA.

Remove Scurvy is a life saver, Not only does it remove all crowd control effects, It gives pretty good life in return. Learning when to use your W will help greatly with your survivability , I take speed items so if a gank is on the horizon i can start running, If they use a slow, stun , exhaust, I simply pop my remove scurvy and keep running, Learn your place, Gangplank is not for tanking a 1v3 situation , Hes great at doing massive damage then GTFO.

Gangs ultimate has so many uses, I really can't tell you how many times this has saved my ***, Saved my teams ***, dominated team fights, Saved a turret, blocked escape route, Created escape routes, and picked up kills. Gangs ult is what really makes him such a dominator in 3v3 and makes him so deadly .

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Brawlers Gloves , Avarice, Brawlers Gloves, Avarice. This will make early game yours . People say avarice takes 20 minutes to pay off. I'm not sure where they get this figure. I do the math like this, Brawlers gloves are 400, It costs 350 gold to upgrade them to an avarice, at this point it gives you 4 pct additional crit chance, aswell as 5 gp per 10 sec, so in reality they right off the bat are like an extra half brawlers gloves. So in reality thats 200 gp worth of crit, so the amount of "wait to get back gold
" at this point is 150 gp. at 5 gp per 10 sec so 150 / 5 = 30 x 10 = 300 seconds, So it takes 5 minutes for them to pay for them self, then after that its pure profit. not to mention the 24 pct crit you get just from having two avarice blades, In conjunction with your runes puts you over 40 pct crit EARLY game, which makes you now 1 scary mofo to deal w with. With exhaust ignite i tend to get first blood on the gang about 75 pct of the time. Learning how to gank first blood before minions spawn makes gangplank almost unstoppable early game.

After that i get boots of swiftness , These are another crucial item, It makes you so fast, its so easy to escape ,persue, or maneuver for multiple parleys before engaging . With remove scurvy, chances are , no ones going to catch you.

Build a zeal now for that extra crit chance , attack speed, and move speed, these all synergize perfectly and will be a good steping stone to making your phantom which again , helps greatly.

after zeal you need to use some judgement, is it time to get a BF , start on my Infinities edge ,or is it time to finish my phantom. This all depends on how hard your crits are hitting, If the other team is squishies, go straight into your phantom , if they are tankier, go for the IE. Its up to you.

After this , the games probably already over, If you've played smart and gotten alot of kills, they are probably going to surrender , or youre pushing the nexus anyway. For those rare occasions they last longer than this , You have a few choices.

If you find your self too squishy, get a Guardian Angel. Its so funny to die then revive and pop a remove scurvy and keep fighting. at level 5 remove scurvy heals for 380. Which with GA it puts you at about half health. Warmogs also isnt a bad option.

If your squishines isn't a problem , keep going for damage, get your self a blood thirster or black cleaver if they have alot of armor.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust , Ignite, Its a deadly combo, learn when to use it, if you dump these on an opponent , they're dead.

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Give it a try, Remember to stay aggressive and mobile, The items are there to keep you moving at mach 10 speeds , It's easy to see someone in the lane, run up , pop them with a parley, watch the crit take them to half life, then run up on them drop an exhaust , get a few auto attacks in then finish them off with a parley, its so easy to persue or engage quickly with this much speed, And Remove scurvy makes it so you don't have to worry about getting stunned or slowed while attempting this.

I argue that gang is actually far more dominate on 3v3's than 5v5's , I think if you try this build, you will agree with me.