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League of Legends Build Guide Author This Guy

Gangplank: aka GANKplank

This Guy Last updated on December 27, 2010
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There's is two ways to play GangPlank, you could go for ganking, or for deny your opponent's experience.

I find the ganking way best for GANKPlank.

If you play as GP is the mid lane highly recommended, but he works also fine at side lane. But matter what lane you go, you always wanna wait by the nexus in the start, untill minions start spawning, then use your Raise Morale skill to take down a minion, which make your opponents experience less. When a cannon minion show up, you always wanna use the raise moral skill on that, because cannon minions gives more expereience than the regular one.

When you play as GANKplank, you always wanna harass your enemy with your Parrley, when you crit, you can crit up to 1/2 of their hp with 1 shot, even at level 3 that's why you wanna get your crit chance up, fastes possible. When your opponent got low hp like 2/5 left, you should be able to kill him, easy. Shot him once with Parrley, then cast ignite on him, and your opponent as good as dead (if you crit, should be able to kill him without ignite). But if your opponent is out of range, so you won't be able to shot him with parrley and cast ignite on him, you wanna use ghost to take him. But you don't wanna waste Ghost, because Ghost is Gangplank most effektiv way to escape. If you got the upperhand, and your opponent is very defensive you should only last hit, and keep your enemy away from getting any experience. But you should not use raise moral often if your going for ganking because it drains alot of mana, and you wanna save your mana for Perrly to proably get kills.

If you play GANKplank the right way, you should be able to deny your opponents experience without wasting any mana on Raise Moral.


When it's late game, you don't wanna go around alone, if your not totally safe, because gankplank will die in few secounds if he get ganked, so you always wanna stick to your team or tank in late game.
When a teamfight stats, you wanna use your ulti over the area your fight on, and keep yourself out of taking any damage, because Gankplank will die exstremly fast when he get the team on him. So should stand a little out of the combat area when the combat starts, then shot your team target with parrley, then go auto attack your target. If you get any agro, you juse wanna run out of combat, while your team is taking them, and shot parrley as much as you can, while running away. Remove scurvy is very helpfull while running away.
When your opponent switch target for you to another, you should turn then attack them. (GankPlank's auto attack will get very powerfull when most of the build is done. If they target you again, you just wanna run, and shoot them with parrley as much as you can.
It's pretty easy, and pretty effektiv for your team, and your own stats.
If there's any friendly minions around, you should use your raise moral spell on it, so your team get a very helpfull buff.

Item explanation

Always take Brawler's gloves in the beggning 2 health potions. So your able to harass with high damage. If you got the upper hand, you should get Boots ASAP, so your able to harass them. But if your opponent got the upper hand, you wanna get Avarice Blade (x2) ASAP, so to get gold without getting any creep kills.

NOTE: If you play 3v3, you wanna go for the Boots of Swiftness so your able to chase your enemy with your gun, and so your able let your enemy chase you in teamfights without taking to much damage. And if 5v5 you wanna go for Boots of Mobility so your ready to gank anytime,and help your team mates if they got any problems. Remember to always use your ulti when their getting away, because when the cannon balls hit them, they'll get slowed and take much damage.

When you got both your Avarice blades and you got your fast boots, you should buy the Cloak of Agility, insteed of even BF Sword, because of it Crit Chance, which will give you more damage crit chance, which hit more than you do with BF Sword. When Clock of Agility is purchased just finish the Ininity Edge.
Then go for Phantom Dance (buy Zeal first, so u'll get more attack speed). After Phantom buy Last Whisper for it's attack speed, and armor penetration.

After you got all the 6 slots taken, you should upgrade Avarice Blade to Youmuu's Ghostblade. When you got Youmuu's Ghostblad, you wanna sell the last Avarice Blade to buy Trinity force. When your done with your build, just buy potions. (Because if you got full inventory and buy potions you'll automaticly get the buff(s) when purchased

When your build is done, your able to crit 1300 with your gun. And take other nukers before they even get chance to do anything.

With this build im able to carry the team get really nice stats myself, so should you been able to do :) I would say that Gang is Medium hard to play. (Sorry if it's much to read btw )