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League of Legends Build Guide Author Threezs

Gangplank, critical hitting beast

Threezs Last updated on May 23, 2011
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Introduction to gangplank

Gangplank, the saltwater scourge, the most annoying carry of the game, he has 4 main moves, Parrley, Remove Scurvy, Raise Moral, and Cannon Barrage. His passive ability poisons his target, the way to RAPE with Gangplank/gang/gp/gplank is too stack damage and crit chance. in this build u will see why im serious about that. Most gangplanks stack AD (Attack Damage) and crit chance, and have little or no ability power.

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Bawlers Gloves or Doran's Blade -> Avarice Blade -> Brawlers gloves -> Zeal -> The Brutilizer -> (sell Doran's Blade) Cloak of agility (x2) -> Yomuu's Ghostblade -> Dagger -> Phantom Dancer -> B.F. Sword -> Infinity Edge -> Cloak of Agility -> zeal -> Dagger -> Phantom Dancer -> B.F. Sword -> The Black cleaver -> Bilgewater cutlass -> Hexteck Revolver -> Hextech Gunblade -> Madreds Razor -> Madreds Bloddrazor.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust & Ignite.

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Deadliness x3, Archmage's savy x3, sorcery x4, alarcity x1, burning embers, sunder x3, brute force x3, lethality x3, havoc x1.

good hands x3, perservance x1, awareness x2, expanded mind x3

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armor pen, mana per level

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Skill Sequence

Parrley: 1,3,5,9,13
Raise Moral: 4,8,11,17,18
Remove Scurvy: 2,7,10,14.15
Cannon Barrage: 6,12,16