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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrSomeBacon

Gangplank... critting down the enemies

MrSomeBacon Last updated on February 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Gangplank - Runes, Masteries, Items, and Skills

Good farmer (crits)
Good pusher)
Good at harassing and zoning
Good support with his global ulti
Heal and self Cleanse
Good at preventing KSes

Mana hungry early game especially
Weak early game due to a small crit chance
Can be focused down quickly

I like to go with mostly critical damage, because TBH after trying crit chance runes they become pretty useless very quickly with the gold you get in game due to 2 or three Avarice blades. Armor pen is obvious: its awesome!! Quints you can go whatever. You might like health if you feel squishy without dorans early game.

For most melee champs I go down defense quite a bit, but for GP I think that the crit chance and crit damage is a must in offense. 21/0/9 or 21/9/0 is your choice; depending on my team comp I build less or more tanky. Go with defense to be safe, go with Utility for the exp gain and the mana regen is quite nice to have while laning. The extra gold mastery is useless: 3x Avarice blades is plus 15 gold!

I won't go into too much detail about skills, but your main source (only source) of damage is from auto attacks and your Q (Parrrley). It might seem like not very much damage but that is why I go Crit GP. Early game crits with your 4 second cooldown Q can do over 300 damage and if you can get a crit early on an enemy champion their health is suddenly much lower and they tend to hug the turret, leaving you with the whole lane to farm.

W - Remove Scurvy
This is the second priority for GP. It basically is a cleanse and a self heal. Self explanatory.

E - Raise Morale
Kills an allied minion and give Gp and nearby allies increased move speed and damage. Passively increase GP's AD and Movespeed.

R - Cannon Barrage
Fires cannonballs in a wide range anywhere on the map. Cannonballs do damage and slow.

Items -
Brawler's gloves as first item, grab pots however you want. The three avarice blades... Well, if you want, you can make it two, but these things are awesome on GP. Some people dislike these, because with these you get your Infinity Edge slower, which is a must on GP and a core item. Avarice blades sacrifice time early game for item after item extremely fast early-mid game. Right after your IE, you'll be surprised at how fast gold is flowing in even if you're forced to tower hug and can't farm. Mainly though, the Avarices are for the crit chance. IE should be obvious; any crit build needs an IE. Phantom dancers are something I like personally. The move speed and crit chance is great when unleashing your Q on a running away enemy. The attack speed is good so that you can crit more often in a teamfight with your auto attacks when your Q is on cooldown. From there on, it's up to you what items to build. I put in banshees and GA as optional choices.

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Early Game:
As GP your best case scenario is farming your heart out and the enemies hugging tower. But as you know this is almost never the case. Lane with someone that can tank a bit of damage and zones well, this would be best. Some like Taric with stun and a heal is an amazing lane partner for almost any champion. Otherwise, since you're melee laning with a caster or ranged champion to zone can help you with your minion kills. Don't worry about laning against someone with a stun; once you hit Lvl 2, you'll have your very own 20 second CD cleanse and heal, making GP's staying power very good.

Before you have one or two Avarice blades, don't spam your Q to harass. If you get a crit, it's well worth the mana, but mostly you won't crit. Use your Q to last hit and focus on minion kills early game as with any champion. When you B, you want to have as much gold as possible. Keep an eye on your mana; don't let it get too low, and always have enough for your W in they try to kill you or you get ganked.

On your first trip back, upgrade your gloves into an Avarice automatically. If you have >350 gold, get a Boots 1. Any leftover gold goes to pots and wards. Wards are well worth the money! Just 75 gold can save you from many ganks. Once you hit Lvl 6, make sure you are map aware to know when to use your Ulti to assist in a kill or help your allies escape. Don't use your ulti to KS if you're positive your allies can make the kill! It's tempting, but it will help the team better if the kills are spread out more evenly. Plus, your team will just get mad at you. Use your ulti to slow groups of enemies or to finish off an enemy recalling behind their turret with 20 hp. In a chase, use the ulti to slow the enemies.

Mid Game
By now you should have your avarice blades and almost finished your IE if you farm well enough. As for boots, you can get any boots you want and it's completely dependent on the enemy team comp. Keep farming and rush that IE. Now the real fun begins: you have around 50% crit more or less, so one out of two Q's will crit. I usually time it so that after a non-crit auto attack I use the Q on the enemy. Crits are supposed to be random, but getting a crit after a non-crit is more likely than getting a crit after a crit.

By now kills on both sides should be coming along, and the first couple turrets should be getting destroyed. Team fights are going to start to happen.

Ward dragon often, and around Lvl 13-15 ward Baron in case the enemies try to Baron before a teamfight. Also ward Blue and Red buff, especially if your team or their team is running a jungler. Tell your team to divide up the ward cost so the money deficit doesn't fall on one member.

In teamfights, put your Ulti down and spam your Q whenever it's up. Use your E on a minion if there is one to buff your team. Your main damage, as I said, is from auto attacks and Q, so don't be afraid to run in. When your Q is up, aim for the squishies or the carry (who usually is quite squishy). If you crit, the nuke will hopefully scare them a little and hinder their attacks and force them to play more defensively. If their carry is running back and their whole team is still there, don't chase, because you will be focused. Help you team mop of the rest of their team. This will be much easier with most of their damage gone. If things are looking bad, DO NOT hesitate to run back with your team and get out of harm. Don't run alone, but don't run and then get killed if it's obvious they're going to ace even if you run. In that case, do as much damage as you can so they can't push after wards as well as they would be able to normally. Whatever you do, don't get separate from your team and your tank.

Late game
If the game lasts this long, teamfights are happening every five minutes really. Here your crits should be doing over 1000 damage, and maybe somewhat less if they get some armor. Almost every Q should crit now and the damage is insane. This will take out their carries fast. Never aim for the tanks, only for the squishies, until the squishies are dead and the casters are dead and the supports are dead. After a teamfight victory, you have three options: Recall, push, or Baron. If your HPs are very high and you were the ones pushing (meaning their lanes are pushed up) definitely push. If your HPs are average, I would Baron buff unless your base is being overrun with super minions and you have just successfully defended your base. If you win a teamfight, then don't surrender, because chances are it's going to happen again and you may be able to turn the game around.

I hope this guide helped!! Sorry for the wall of text, I'll try to get some pictures in if I have free time. Please rate and comment on what you think; I appreciate constructive criticism.