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Gangplank Build Guide by MFireWilliam

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MFireWilliam

Gangplank - Gunning for first place (In-depth)

MFireWilliam Last updated on November 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Props once again goes to Nyoike for the lovely banner.

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Hello there and welcome to my second guide, this time once again on another AD carry: Gangplank

Once more this is going to be an in-depth guide on how to play as well as what to do with Gangplank, what to aim for, and what to not aim for.

Comments as well as constructive criticism is as always very much appreciated.

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Contacting me

I made sure there is a number of ways that you could be able to reach me,
first and foremost there would of course be through comments, which I will be checking once a week.

Second is through a PM on this site

Third is through an email setup for Mobafire:

Fourth is through an ingame Private Message, my Summoner name is "MiniWill"

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(Note, it's DAY/MONTH/YEAR, not anything else)

06/09/12 - Released

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Pros and Cons build 1

- Super great farmer
- Awesome single target burst damage
- Great harassment
- Great team wide buff
- Build in cleanse mechanic
- Self heal
- Global range ulti
- Super fast runspeed.

No armor
No Magic Resistance
Next to no HP
Easily focused (can outrun most things though)

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Pros and Cons build 2

(Will only mention things specific to this build here)
- Semi Tanky
- Banshee's veil
- Still pretty darn fast
- Consistent slow every time you use Parrrley making chasing easy for both you and your team.

- Not as much burst
- Less consistent damage

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Pros and Cons build 3

(As you've probably noticed, IT'S A TANKPLANK)
- Super freaking healthy
- Has a good running speed for a tanking champ
- Consistent slow.
- Is a ******* tank.
- Even has a fairly good damage for a tank thanks to E

- Is just not a carry anymore.
- Does not have any hard CC.

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How does it work?

This build works around an early game aggresive minion farm. This means that in the first about 10 minutes of the game, all you should focus mainly on is getting minions kills. If you're good at it, you can have a sheen in the first 4 minutes of the game, which will greatly increase your damage and harassment capability.

If you want a proof that the build works, take a look at this scoreboard.Damn straight, pretty much just across the board the best score.

Some of you may ask now "What are your crits as GP?" well, usually mine lie around atleast 900 damage crits on tanks, and 1500 on carries with Parrrley, try that on for a size for last hitting.

Remember, despite what your team mates say and even if they call you a noob killstealer, try to use Q to finish the enemy (Don't overdo it though, like taking a kill you were just completely no part of. That's just plain rude) to gain a maximum amount of gold. The faster you get just Infinity Edge/Trinity Force the better.

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Early game

Right then, this is where we head onto how you want to playing through out the different phases of the game, right now we are focusing on phase one: Early game.

Your early game priority is to every extend last hitting minions all the time when ever possible. First thing I usually do at this time is to buy myself a mana crystal in order to get more mana for more Parrrley shots, a mana and Health potion and then head into one of the side lanes most of the times together with either a support or a tank, since either of these two should focus on last hitting minions at all and should instead focus on getting gold per 10 sec items (alike Philosopher's stone/Kage's lucky pick etc.), which then allows you to get a much better farm. At about level 3 or 4 you should have the necessary 860 gold to get sheen, tell your lane partner and recall back to get it immediatly. Head back into the lane and from now on, focus on harassment/champion kills to give you a large XP/gold boost, but of course still take every opportunity possible to get a minion kill for more gold. Keep up with this "tango" as long as it lasts, of course, always use your E optimised.

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Mid Game

And now, after some more items, perhaps a few kills/ganks and possibly a tower taken down, it is indeed time for the mid game.

At about this time you SHOULD be running around with:


An avarice blade or two

And boots.

At this time you should excell at ganking. They don't call him "Gankplank" for no reason. HEH. HEH. HEH (bad pun)

In order to do this you should always try to look around for a gank that can be achieved for easy kill and gold for possible a good amount of the team. The way to do this is by doing it very simply, wait in a brush (if possible), wait for enemy(ies) to step too far, use ulti on them for the slow and SOME extra damage, use W for the speed increase, and then just start following along with them and hitting them and using Parrrley every single time possible. This is your main job, along with getting minion kills all around for more gold, and to try and take down every tower possible in order to get as fed as possible for the late game.

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Late Game

And THIS is where you will really start to shine because you are a CARRY. Fed and ready for kills in this last phase of the game.

By now, you should have a good crit chance, damage, and a trinity force for that extra "LOL OWNED" factor with Parrrley criting for **** tons, kicking *** and taking names. Remember, your job as a carry is not to rush in first, but actually as one of the last people to enter to make sure the enemy has fired off all their CCs on your tank and perhaps support giving you the opportunity to go in and smack the snot out of them by critting their faces off with your awesome Parrrley. Nothing more needs to be said.

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Last words

I hope you enjored reading this build as much as a I enjoyed making it. Please spare a vote and with a reason behind it, thank you all :)