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Gangplank Build Guide by batterY

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League of Legends Build Guide Author batterY

Gangplank KilleMachin3

batterY Last updated on July 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to this build i really just gonna make this build short and put in some cons and pros and that's just about it , this is my first build on mobafire.Added some off my playstyle in early mid and late game.

This is just one of the ways how to build GP and i choosed this way because i think he gonna do sick Amount of damage and can hold agenst some harassing.

- Can 2hit carry's
- Have an Cleanse
- Fast movmentspeed whole game with this build
- Sick range on ulti
- Yarr. is a pirate.

- Squishy early game
- is W ability is on cool down Inst Death if get stunned.

This build focuses on taking down squishy carries without some kind of armor. U can gladly change the critical runes for armor penetration or Phantom dancer for Last whisper because u are getting gladly good Cr-it from IE TF and AI

Flash in my opinion because then u just can go into a fight and say hello kill 2 characters in 2sec and run out. It also help u escape true walls. but go for ghost if u still wanna have that little extra movmentspeed

If ur fighting agenst another AD champion throw Exhaust on them and start killing them. It is also pretty good if u are chased by some really fast champion like Warwick then just lure him into the bushes and 2 hit him to his death.


Ignite: I just don't see the point of having ignite on GP he just needs that Exhaust and Ghost more , but its good agenst life steel opponents and maybe getting that extra damage out.

Heal: hmm.. NO , He has W ability he dont really need another heal , with his lifesteel at the end heal gonna be useless. and its not worth to take ghost/flash or exhaust out for a heal.

Clairvoyance: Let the support handle the Clairvoyance , it's good spell for map control but trust your supporter with that spell.

Teleport: It's a good spell for moving fast to save a teammate or save a turret but with your ulti u can save both early game and STILL exhaust is bether choice.

Cleanse/Revive/Clarity/Promote: No U have an cleanse , U dont need revive its not worth it with an YBER long cooldowon. Go for MP/5 Seals instead of MR if u are using your mana that baddly. Promote : Just Don't.

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Skill And Masteries

I like to go with 27-1-2 this new masteries for maximum crit chance for early and late game plus that extra attackdamge and attackspeed. i just putted 1 on defence becuse i got 1 leftover point . U can go defensive mastery aswell if u feel u don't need that extra offense at begining and wanna be more tanky. Skill is offensive becuse in my opinion u dont need that w for heal only for cleanse and the clenase isn't improving by lvl.

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Choice of Runes

Marks: Greater Mark of Malice . Critical chance runes will give u an big advance early game for some harrasing. u will easily hit an supporters half bar if u crit u can also take armor penetration runes for this but i just like that sick extra damage for early game .

Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Shielding. Magic resistance per lvl is
good for some extra durability agenst casters it doesn't help that much but can be a lifesaver.
another choice can be going MP/5 , but i dont really see that he needs mana when he is criting half bar from the enemy.

Seals : Greater Seal of Resilience . Armor is also good to keep yourself little more protected early game agenst AD characters, u can change this runes for attack speed but i suggest to go fro armor.

Quintessence: Greater Quintessence of Malice
.This is good for that little extra crit but they can be changed for Health/ArmorPene or Armor if u wanna be more durable but that early game harrasing helps more imo.

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Early Game

Okay so grab Brawler's Gloves and 1hp and 1 mp.Try to harass them as much as possible.when u got about 800 u should go back fro Zeal for getting that extra crit and harrasing and maybe Even killing the opponents on lane. And if they don't start getting armor u gonna see the insane damage output your doing.If they start staking some kind of armor go for last whisper or Ghost blade after your boots.

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Mid Game

Now u have reached about 8-10lvl and maybe gotten some kills. And we assume the team are full of idiots an haven't starting stacked armor apart from the tank.So in the first team fight let the tank go in first and try to stay as long from the fight u can but still hit your parley if u see that the enemy are starting running away shoot your ulti and then run after them and take them down one by one. With your E ability and Berseker's greaves and phantom dancer u gonna have pretty insane movement speed and u gonna see how easy it is to caught those free kills.

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Late Game

No its ur Parleys time to SHINE. If u see an enemy carry [Nocturne,Ashe,Caitlyn,] Alone somewhere IT IS A FREE KILL. U go in start with ulti exhaust on and parley , Oh where did they go. If nocturne has the time to fear u somehow just eat and orange and it's k ;). But just watch out for those tanks because they are almost the only one who can defeat u. in team fights take down the carries and let your tank/off tank . take the damage , If u feel that u are squishy u can always sell out phantom dancer for FoN or Thornmail or any other kind of defensive item. Banshees veil is also good item to counter those irritating stuns is your Orange is on cool down.

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I don't say that this guide will help your win all the matches it's just my opinion how u should build GP to get as much damage and still could widstand some damage. Vote up if u liked the guide and take in mind this is my first guide so be nice and my english is not the greatest nether.

- batterY