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Gangplank Build Guide by iGzuX

Gangplank o AD

By iGzuX | Updated on September 19, 2011

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Hi, ive recently started to play with gangplank and ive been using my own build since long so i thought that i wanted to share it with you too!.

Now in this build we will be focused on following : Attack speed, Critical Strike's and AD :).
As long as you are following this build you should be good to get an easy 1v3 if you use your Abilitie's the right way :). Moving on to "Pros / Cons".
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Pros / Cons

-Easy Ganking
-Awesome Farmer
-Scary looking xD
-Easy To Play

-Need Team M8's In Early Game
- I Seriusly Dont Think There Is Any More Con's XD

Moving on to "Farming".
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Gangplank is a very good farmer but keep in mind that never use your Abilitie's on creep's except for Raise Morale.

Watch out for last hit's and also play "Defensive" in Early game.

Moving on to "When to use Abilitie's".
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This is the "Ability" Sequence.

To use Gangplank's Abilities effective u will have to combo them together like I'll explain more in a second.

If you have reached lvl 18 then u should always use this ability combo :first use "Raise Morale"
Then "Parrrley" if your opponent is low on hp now then just fininsh him off with normal attacks.

If you have all the items in this build now then u should be Criting 600 and have a very high attack speed so it should not be a problem.


Parrrley is an awesome ability that damages the enemy very much it is also effective when ur chasing someone or being chased as it slow the enemy champion

Remove Scurvy

Remove Scurvy is a life saver who grants a bunch of hp it is very good in combat as it can change the side in Team fight's and so on.

Raise Morale

Raise Morale is a very good ability as it applies to friendly champions, its also very good if your being chased or chasing someone as it increases your movement speed and increase your attack damage.Its very good in team fight's as it applies to allies too.

Cannon Barrage

Cannon Barrage is Gangplank's ultimate wich is a very good team fight ability aswell a life saver as it slows enemies and damaging them very much, it is also very good as you can put it anywhere from where you stand and it is a very good finisher if an enemie champion got low hp and hides behind his/her turret.
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The End

This has been my first guide/build i really hope it helped please vote if it worked :)

My IGN is iGzuX, feel free to add me :).
I will be making more guides/builds as i progress.
Have a nice day!.

Cincerely GzuX
League of Legends Build Guide Author iGzuX
iGzuX Gangplank Guide

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Gangplank o AD
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