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Gangplank Build Guide by Str8

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Str8

Gangplank Pure Crit&Damage

Str8 Last updated on October 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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this is my first ever build on moba fire.
i really wanna help you guys out on this and hope that you like this build ^^.
i did this build bassed on a other build, but did some changes on it.
besides of that i hope you like it.

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Greater Mark Of Furor: in the beginning of the match in lane is always the for your Parrley that you can crit. besides of that GP is a champion that is almost releable on crit runes. when you can crit someone on level 1 or 2 with Parrley you have a great push after that.

Greater Seal Of Alacrity: based on the crit and the attack speed together you have a great combination. that also good in the begin of the match for great attack speed for the minions farming.

Greater Glyph Of Focus: is because in beginning at match and late in match is always nice that you can do your Parrley spawning at other people, or in team fights.

Greater Quintessence Of Furor: is becuase just for the fun of it, rape the **** out off that Parrley!!

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Offense: I did this because of the extra crit you get, the extra exaust, penetration and damage.

Utility: i did a little of this because for the extra Ghost buff and Gold earning.

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at the beginning of the match you start with Brawler's Gloves and 2 Health Potions, the Gloves just for the very very high crit (with the runes) and the Health Pot. for staying longer in the lane.
when you got pushed out of the lane go backfor buying Avarice Blade, this is only for the extra money you can earn early in game.
when you still got enough money then buy Boots Of Speed.

When you got back in lane stay there again as long as you can for the most gold to earn.
buy BF Sword, it got a high damage that is very good early game if you gat that first, still got enough money buy your Boots Of Lucidity.

after all this save enough money to buy in one time Infinty Edge and Seal togheter, then you already have full crit and almost you full damage.

when seal buyed and you got enouht money to buy Phantom Dancer buy it right away, its one of the most needed item for GP.
When that done buy an other BF Sword for again extra damage, when you get enough money buy The Bloodthister,why you buy it so late and not early in game is because you need your Speed and Damage more then the lifesteal.

when that is done you go for the last item and that is Atma's Impaler, you need it if you ar level 18 you need some armor against other champions and then you have some extra crit to, so it's a great item for GP.

when the game is still not finisht then you sell the Avarice Blade and buy the Infinty Edge then you are Legendary

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Skill Sequence

Parrrley: is the first skill you need, it's at level 1 the best you can get for early gank, also you need Parrrley as fast as you can max out!
important! use Parrrley as a last hit on minions for the extra bonus gold you get, to get your item faster!

Remove Scurvy: is when you reach level 2 its good that you can get early health from that skill, after that its good i team fights when you get agro.
besides of that for jungle GP its great to use Remove Scurvy at level 1.

Raise Morale: is usefull for teamfights when you can buff your whole team is they need it, use Raise Morale just before the team fight starts, then you have a great chance to win it!

Cannon Barrage: use it when your team needs it!!
when you see that a enemy gets aways with low health use it on the path of the enemy that he runs on, if you have luck then it will do great damage and you get a kill.
also usefull in team fights when they stand in group or you can use it as a barrage, because if they run though they got slowed and damaged.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost: for the extra movement speed you get to get somewhere very fast and to chance a enemy and slow then off.

Exhaust: exhaust is a great spell for team fights when the enemy start running aways or you get chaced then you can slow them off.
also you can use the comenation of Ghost and
Exhaust very good to slow them and then you can get passed him with Ghost.

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I hope you guys and girls liked my first ever maked build, i hope i can do more, i you like my build.
i wanna thank Guitarhero01, illidian and bicben for this.
i hope i gave you enough information about GP and i hope you guys play well with him ^^