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Not Updated For Current Season

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Gangplank Build Guide by ItsSlippery

Gangplank QandRUN

Gangplank QandRUN

Updated on October 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ItsSlippery Build Guide By ItsSlippery 1,177 Views 0 Comments
1,177 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ItsSlippery Gangplank Build Guide By ItsSlippery Updated on October 22, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Read First

This build mainly focuses on a Q and RUN tactic for early to even late mid game depending on the scores, whom you're up against etc, etc.

Please leave your opinions in the comments below to help me with this build! and your comments on the build itself!

This is my first build on MOBAfire and I'm not really good at explaining things but I'll do my best.

What inspired me to make this build on MOBAfire was I've seen many gangplanks with some ridiculous builds that I would never consider building for obvious reasons when you see their score.. some people CAN pull off a warmogs on GP.. but very few and I wouldnt ever recommend getting one.

I also think I'll kill someone if i see them try to play "tankplank" again.
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I've been playing Gangplank for some time and I used to build him straight critplank where runes and everything was about damage and crit chance not a lot else. HOWEVER I found building a sheen as your first item, and quickly getting the trinity force after your boots makes you a lot more substainable early on and it helps a lot through out the game.
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What you want to take into place is try to face squishier champions early on, once you have your sheen you will destroy their health with a couple of Qs and you can get fed early on, as well as farm gold on minions with your Q after a kill.

hit and run is an easy play style with this build on gangplank because of his high mobility and damage. You shoot, back up, shoot, back up, shoot then when they're low enough you can go in for the kill with flash/exhaust.
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I used to increase crit damage or crit chance with my runes and many other varieties of runes, but I find Armor pen was the way to go. I through in some defense seals and glyphs because I intend to get really aggressive early on and it helps out a lot.
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I only listed the firs four items because I ALWAYS get them now, these four do not change for me. The last 2 will be situational, and I use the Q and Run tactic up until I get lifesteal so I can hold my own against another DPS. I usually grab a blood thirster fifth and as for a last item it is usually one of the four (These items can be purchased fifth if you are having a tough time, or even before you finish your phantom dancer but at least grab the zeal first):
1. Blood Thirster - more damage and more life steal very good
2. Banshees Vail - when there is a heavy amount of stuns that remove scurvy cant keep up a lone with them
3. Last whisper - when the other team is very tanky and has a lot of armor.
4. Thornmail - When they have a lot of AD carries
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Summoner Spells

I use exhaust and flash..

Flash because I LOVE the flash spell and use it a lot more than ghost and I always like to have one of the two so I can chase down that low health enemy or get a way from sticky situations, however late game it isn't AS needed because you have a high movement speed of 502 and 532 when you fire "Raise Morale" (E).

I use exhaust for slowing down enemies so they cant escape mostly at the start, later game it becomes much more reliable against DPS carries. (youd win anyways but with exhaust you can kill them then there teammate coming to help ;) ) It allows you to take less damage so if their teammates are close by and you aren't you can make a quick escape after dealing with them.
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Gangplanks Q is a GREAT way to farm, however with my play style I tend not do so as much unless they are hugging their tower. I like to use my Q to poke at them as often as possible it will slowly take down their health to the point where they have to recall or be killed in a gank or to you.
League of Legends Build Guide Author ItsSlippery
ItsSlippery Gangplank Guide
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Gangplank QandRUN

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